Nokia 5800 vs the Apple iPhone 3G

After the comparison between G1 and the iPhone we at Fonearena had presented, here is our comparison of Nokia 5800 with the Apple iPhone 3G

As we had mentioned earlier, regardless of the outcome of the comparative study, Apple should sure be proud of its achievement – of the iPhone setting the benchmark for all future super phones.

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How Nokia might win the Touchscreen War in India !

Ever since Steve Jobs rolled out the iPhone in Jan’07 MacWorld, mobile phone manufacturers were highly uncomfortable of missing the touch screen bandwagon.
The Finnish mobile giant is now armouring its artillery with Nokia 5800 a touch screen gizmo code named “tube”.With just three physical buttons and equipped with 8GB microSD memory card it can be further expanded up to 16GB. Unlike the iPhone the 5800 will not zoom out at the finger touch on the screen. Continue reading “How Nokia might win the Touchscreen War in India !”

Nokia N96 Vs Apple iPhone – Indians are the lucky lot this season!

The latest debate is whether the newly launched Nokia N96 is any competition to the Apple iPhone.

While the two handsets are very competitively priced Nokia will be in the range of Rs 32,000 – 36,000 and iPhone through Vodafone will cost Rs 31,000 and Rs 36,000), we think that Nokia N96 wins hands down. Nokia has a proven ability that makes it the market leader in cell phones. And not without reason. Nokia phones are viewed as “reliable, long lasting and technologically advanced.”

The iPhone on the other hand has a technical saleability, but lacks in features especially in comparison with the N96.

The only major difference between the two handsets we see is the lack of a touch screen in the N96. Else, N96 scores over the iPhone on several counts.

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