Nokia Lumia 925 Review


The Nokia Lumia 925 was launched in London a few months back, as the company’s answer to all the issues related to the Lumia 920. Concerns of bulk, thickness and similar looking design were addressed, with the Lumia 925 sporting a new Aluminium based design, a thinner and lighter build, bringing along some needed changes. The Lumia 920 was already a well rounded flagship smartphone, and with Nokia supposedly fixing all of its issues in the 925, does it make it the best Windows Phone currently available in the market? Our detailed review might help answering that question, read on.

Video Review

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Nokia Lumia 925 Blind Test Shootout – Results

Over a week ago, we conducted a quick blind test between the Nokia Lumia 925 and other popular devices. We had also opened two polls for you, the readers, to find out which one of them the Lumia 925 was, and which one of them produced the best results. Having amassed over a thousand votes, it is now time to reveal all the full resolution samples and the respective devices that were used to shoot them. Are you ready?

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Nokia Lumia 925 Blind Test – Flagship Shoot Out

lumia-925-shootout copy

The Nokia Lumia 925 launched just six days back in India with a price tag of Rs. 33,499. It was announced back in May, as a refreshed alternative to people who didn’t like the bulk and design of the good old Nokia Lumia 920. The camera was supposedly improved, along with the build and design, with a six element lens and all new algorithms, while retaining all the PureView OIS goodness that the 920 was known for. While the Lumia 920 was good, it had problems with defocused softer photos and overall unreliable performance, making it a tougher buy when compared to other flagships. But, does the Lumia 925 fix that? Can it produce better pictures than competing flagship devices? Exactly what we are going to see today.

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Nokia Pro Cam on the Lumia 925 – a Walkthrough

Much has been said about the Nokia Lumia 1020 and its amazing camera prowess, but what made it fun was using the camera interface. Yes, the interface, also known as the Nokia Pro Cam, provided the much needed control and versatility for the robust camera hardware that Nokia packed in the Lumia 1020. But the other PureView devices are no exception either and Nokia made sure that 920, 925 and 928 users get the Pro Cam, and eventually they did. We immediately installed it onto the Nokia Lumia 925 and found it to work really well, just like how we found it on the Lumia 1020 earlier. So, we made a video to show you how awesome it is, take a look at the video walk through below and go past the break for a detailed walk through in images and text with bonus samples –

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Nokia Lumia 925 – Smart Camera and Cinemagraph Demo


The Nokia Lumia 925 just launched in India for a price of Rs. 33,499 and has started to arrive in retail stores. While it is slowly trickling down to the end user with a premise of it being good at all things camera, we sought to test out each and every feature of the camera in a series of posts, as announced in the launch post. To kickstart the series, we are testing out the most prominent feature out of the global Lumia 925 keynote, the Nokia Smart Camera app. What is it and what does it do? Dive in and find out.

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Nokia Lumia 920 vs Lumia 928 vs Lumia 925, is the 925 worth an upgrade?


Nokia has launched three flagship models on the three main US carriers, with two models being a global version. The 920 launched first, with the 928 and the 925 following it up with some improvements here and there. The 925 being the latest one with some improvements, the only question that props up is, is it good enough to be an upgrade from the other two? Lets find out. Watch the video for a quick look and jump past the break for some detailed camera comparisons and stills.

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Nokia Lumia 925 vs HTC One Quick Comparison


The Nokia Lumia 925 launched the day before yesterday, invoking various reactions from the internet, including ours, which is detailed in the hands on post here. This new Lumia device with a metal frame loses a lot of weight and has slimmed down, mainly for people who were holding out on the 920 because of its bulkiness. We had explained the differences between it and the 920 here, which would make sense of this device’s release. At the event, once we were done with the Lumia 925 photo gallery, we were looking to compare it with various flagship devices. We initially compared with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and now we are comparing it with the very beautifully designed HTC One. Here is a quick video of the same –

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Nokia Lumia 925 vs Lumia 920, what has changed?


We have been bringing you a lot of Nokia Lumia 925 coverage live from London, including a photo gallery, a Lumia 925 hands on and even a Samsung Galaxy S4 comparison video, so, following that tradition, here is our comparison of the Lumia 925 with its older brother, the Lumia 920. It is an interesting comparison because the Lumia 925 is a natural evolution of the Lumia 920, with it fixing many perceived flaws and shortcomings like thickness, weight and slightly mushy camera. Here is a quick comparison video to let you know some of the changes –

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Nokia Lumia 925 Hands On

Nokia Lumia 925 Hands On
I am here in London , United Kingdom for the Nokia Lumia event where the handset maker announced the latest addition to its Lumia line up of Windows Phones. I got some hands on time with Lumia 925 and here are my first impressions. The Lumia 925 might be the best Windows Phone device to be announced till now. It is also one of the most well made phones we have had a chance to play with in the recent times like the HTC One or iPhone 5. Nokia decided to use an aluminum frame for the 925 and the phone has a premium feel to it because of this. The back is not made of metal but uses plastic, polycarbonate material. The main highlight of the Lumia 925 is the Camera with supposedly best-in class low light camera performance. Watch the hands-on video below

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Nokia Lumia 925 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 quick comparison


As you know by now, we are live from the Nokia Lumia 925 launch event in London, and we have had some hands on time with the device today. After we were done with the Nokia Lumia 925 photo gallery, we thought it might be fun to compare it with the other leading flagship devices like for example, the Samsung Galaxy S4. So, yes, we did compare the Nokia Lumia 925 with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and this is how it turned out –

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Hipstamatic brings Instagram sharing to the Nokia Lumia


We are live from the Nokia Lumia 925 event in London, and Nokia just announced, along with the Lumia 925 that Hipstamatic, a popular photo sharing app on iOS, is coming to Windows Phone and it is going to be one of the first official apps on the Windows phone store that can share directly to your instagram account. The app is called Hipstamatic Oggl and has various filters and a beautiful camera UI, with features you would expect from a photo filters app. This app recently launched in iOS and it is now on Windows Phone already. It has its own community and that’s the term “Oggl” refers to, you can share, like and comment on pictures.

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Nokia Lumia 925 with aluminum build announced, coming in June for EUR 469

Nokia Lumia 925

At an event in London, Nokia has just announced its next Lumia phone. Called the Nokia Lumia 925, it provides the features of the Lumia 920 in a slimmer shell. The phone has a metal band running around the body of the phone. The back plate ships in two colors, silver and grey. Over at the back you can spot an OIS capable camera at the back of the phone with an LED flash.

To build on the camera experience, Nokia has added in a new camera lens that tacks on a range of new features. It can take 10 images at one click for powerful new creative possibilities, such as Best Shot,  Action Shot, and Motion Focus. This camera app will be rolled out to the entire Nokia portfolio via an update called the Nokia Lumia Amber update. The phone doesn’t support wireless charging internally but will be compatible with charging covers.

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Nokia Lumia London Launch Event Live Blog


FoneArena is live from London and reporting from Nokia’s press conference titled “See What’s Next”.We are here in London at Victoria House – the venue for Nokia’s May 14 Lumia Launch event where Nokia is expected to launch the much anticipated Lumia 925 which has been in the news a lot lately.  Follow our live blog for second by second updates live from London and for post event coverage later. Continue reading “Nokia Lumia London Launch Event Live Blog”