Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Moto X hands on comparison

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 3, launched at IFA received much attention mainly for its extensive customization options apart from the top end specifications. These options mainly deal with the back covers, ranging from metal to false stitched leather, and literally anything can be done with respect to the back cover. Guess which other device offers similar or even better customization? You guessed right, it’s the Moto X. One of the few devices in the world that can come with a wooden back, the Moto X is the Googlorola company’s only ticket back to being credible. With increasing competition and their top end specs, can the decidedly mid specced phone match up against the Note 3? We try to find out in a quick comparison video –


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Sony Xperia Z1 vs Xperia Z Ultra Hands on

Sony announced its latest flagship device, the Xperia Z1 here at IFA in Berlin and we’ve already gone hands on with the camera centric device. It competes within its own stable with the Z Ultra that is also a relatively recent launch for the Japanese smartphone manufacturer. While they don’t exactly compete with each other, here’s a quick break down to see how the handset fare when placed next to each other.


The design language of the Z1 and Z Ultra is very similar and they most definitely do appear like they belong to the same family of smartphones. The front of the Z1 has a 5 inch Full HD Triluminous display with Sony’s X-Reality Engine thrown in for good measure.The Z Ultra on the other hand has an absolutely gargantuan 6.44″ screen. The resolution is the same as the Z1 at 1920 x 1080 with the pixel density dropping down to 342ppi versus the 441ppi of the Z1. The screens on both the phones are a much needed improvement over previous gen Sony devices and have fairly wide viewing angles and good color reproduction.

Video demo:


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HTC Butterfly vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The HTC Butterfly is one of the recent 1080p devices that have gone and touched the 5 inch form factor in size, and hence it raises a new question. Is it too big for a smartphone? or is it too small for a tablet? I can already sense a lot of gasps after that question, but truth be told, that category has been invented by none other than Samsung, with its original Galaxy Note, with a 5.3 inch screen. Samsung upped its “phablet” game with the Galaxy Note 2, with the 5.5 inch screen, making it the only device that kinda bridges the gap between a phone and a tablet. Some manufacturers have followed suit, like Huawei, with its Ascend Mate, but with HTC releasing the Butterfly with a 5 inch screen, does it enter the phablet game? And what other differences arise between the Galaxy Note 2 and the Butterfly considering that they are the two of the three costliest devices in the market? Watch our in-depth video comparison to find out –


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Micromax A116 Canvas HD vs Samsung Galaxy Grand specs comparison

It’s been quite exciting for the past few days, especially for the mid range smartphone segment here, in India. All that excitement is largely attested to the launch of two new devices serving the needs of the budget minded Indian Smartphone buyer. Just a day after Micromax launched the A116 canvas HD, Samsung followed suit and revealed the Galaxy grand, with similarities being huge 5 inch screens on both the phones. So, how do they compare with each other on paper? That’s exactly what we are going to see right now.

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