Nokia World 2010 – Part1: #NokiaMeet!

It’s more than a week now since i returned back home from London, after 4 days that were the awesomeness of Nokia World. What you’re about to read are some of my personal Impressions, not of the Devices yet as i plan to pack this into a separate post. What’s left of my days in London? a TON of great memories, a bunch of friends who i finally met in person and a huge cold. 😀

Anyways, whenever i heard about the date and location of Nokia World 2010, i was sold. London is roughly 2 hours away from me by airplane, so its an easy deal to fly over. A first WTF moment appeared when Nokia announced that the Ticket for the 2-day event will cost you the fortune of € 700,–. Okay, i get the point that NW would be even more packed when it’s free, but 700?? eesh. Anyways, i was lucky enough to get invited by Nokia Austria directly (thank you so much Stephanie!!), so that was sorted out. Flight booked, Hotel booked, here we go!

My Friend Roman, who runs the austrian S60 Inside Blog scored an Invite from WOM World Nokia, so i didnt even have to fly alone. We met up in Vienna, at an unmercyfully early 3.15 in the morning and drove to the Airport Vienna. Checked in, Bags dropped off, Adapters bought, and we were on our way. Over in London i was lucky, the driver who picked up Roman agreed to take me with them. So I ended up at Roman’s Hotel, with literally no idea which direction my hotel was. When i finally ended up in my Hotel, i directly bumped into my Friend Nirave, who i met already in January this Year, when Hell was in London. lol. The second guy who i met was Dan Carter aka WorldofNokia. Now let me tell you a few words about Dan: I met this Guy for the first time back in Las Vegas, when we were both invited to the CES Event. He was the Guy i spend the most time with over there, and exactly 3 years later, Dan even took the time to travel to London with me and spend some quality time there. Dan Carter has gotten a very very good Friend for me throughout the years, so it was especially nice to meet him again and spend some great days with him. After some chill out time at the hotel room, i met Dan downstairs to have a snack from where we headed directly to the Nokia Meetup.

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Tons of pics from the Nokia Meet at WOMWorld / 1000 Heads

Here are tons of the pics from one of biggest Nokia blogger meetups which took place in London at the 1000 Heads / WOMWorld HQ.This meetup took place on the eve of Nokia World 2010 which is expected to start in a few hours from now. Thanks to Michael Hell for this wonderful images !

NokiaNav Navigation Challenge with Some Exotic Cars

Something Big is going to happen in London in the upcoming days. WomWorldNokia have been sending out some mysterious packages to friends in London. The folks who got the packages are

TheProdigalFool nechbi, itsnoel,macintosh , stobbsc

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What will Nokia announce on April 13th ?


I just received an invite via DHL for a Nokia Event happening on April 13th that is coming Tuesday.  The url on the invite points to the nokia events website which hosts a countdown timer. Nokia is going to announce something during this event for sure. What will it be ?

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Our Quest to Get to The Good Things in London – Day 1

As you know FoneArena is in London for a Secret Nokia Event.I just checked into my hotel room and found a nice surprise on the desk. It was a big arrow shaped box with a nice white Nokia N97 inside. It read GET TO THE GOOD THINGS

nokia good things arrow

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Unboxing the Navigator Package from WOMWorld

I was really surprised when a huge package from WOM World UK arrived today

It was huge boxfrom DHL shipped from UK .. I was surprised by the size but when I lifted , it was kind of light..

world map box

There was a relatively smaller nokia box inside and on the outside was a globe map running through the top and bottom

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Position Art with Nokia N82 GPS by Stavros in Rome

Seems like Nokia is pushing the N82 a lot these days . The latest event for the same is called The World Is My Canvas


Can you spot the famous logo in the drawing above ?

At least the men might be knowing .. The event is about a crazy guy named Stavros who is performing Position Art in the

streets of Rome using his cool Nokia N82

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Thanks WOMWorld for the Cool Barcelona postcard


A big thanks to the folks at WomWorld , Amy,Frank and Robbie  for sending across a Barcelona postcard and memory stick with some promo material and some OVI stickers. I wanted to be at the Mobile World Congress Event at Barcelona this year but unfortunately could not make it . The Mobile World Congress Virtual Event was organized by WomWorld and gave me a glimpse of whats happening over there.

Nokia N82 VS N95 The 5 Mega Pixel Camera phone Battle

As I had promised before , I m bringing you a comparison of the 5 Mega Pixel Cameras from Nokia .. Its the Nokia N82 vs the Nokia N95 .. Both phones carry a 5 Mega Pixel Camera with Carl Ziess Optics and Autofocus .. The Big difference is the flash .. The N82 has a Xenon flash whereas the N95 only a LED Flash ..

Nokia N95 n N82 Camera Lenses

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Nokia N81 8GB Music Playback Hands On Video

The Nokia N81 music playback quality is so good .. Nokia can finally compete with a Sony Ericsson Walkman phones .. The Dual Stereo speakers are the best in its class .. I recorded a couple of videos of the N81 8gb playing music from my N82 .. you can chk them below .. don’t you think the music playback is good enough ? Continue reading “Nokia N81 8GB Music Playback Hands On Video”

Clash of the N Series Titans N81 8GB, N82 and N95

If you were wondering why there are not much activity on this blog ? Then

the Nokia N Series Collection Nokia N81 GB N82 and N95 you see below is to blame .. I have been having a really cool time

playing with these 3 devices over the past 1 week .. Saddest part is that I have to bid adieu to the N95 and the N81 8Gb this weekend ..

The 3 phones are of distinct form factors .. one is a dual slider, other a normal slider and another a bar .. Continue reading “Clash of the N Series Titans N81 8GB, N82 and N95”

Received Nokia N95 and N81 8GB from WomWorld Today !!

I would like to thank Amy and Siobhan from WomWorld

for sending me  the N81 8GB and N95 phones for trialling for 2 weeks.

nokia n81 8gb wom

I was shocked when I got 2 boxes via courier from them. We had some confusion about the shipments initially.. but all was for good  !!

I m already reviewing the N81 8Gb for the benefit of all you mobile music folks out there. Continue reading “Received Nokia N95 and N81 8GB from WomWorld Today !!”