Nokia N900 Fondle Video

During Nokia World 2009, we had a chance to fondle Nokia’s latest and greatest Maemo device, the N900. The new Maemo interface is still a mystery to many of us, since we only had time to play with it for a couple of minutes, and we’re not really sure how it’ll behave under everyday usage.

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Nokia BH-905 Bluetooth Headset Live Pics

The Nokia BH-905 is a groundbreaking Stereo bluetooth headset and it comes fully loaded for its premium price tag . The headset is compatible with an wide variety of devices and can even be used on the Airplane if you want to ditch the lackluster ones provided by the Airlines who are always on the Cost-cutting mode.  We have already elaborated a lot about this flagship bluetooth accessory from Nokia. Now enjoy the pics after the jump. We have a video coming up soon.
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Nokia XSeries in Pictures

nokia x6 and x3 front

The Nokia XSeries is the latest range of music and entertainment devices from Nokia and was initially leaked in a trademark filing and was officially announced at NokiaWorld. Two phones the X6 and the X3 were announced . The former being a high-end offering and the latter being a low-end offering.  But both  the phones carry the same design story of the X-Series as you can see in the pictures. Continue reading “Nokia XSeries in Pictures”

Video : Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-505

The Nokia BH-505 is a Bluetooth Stereo Headset which brings a totally new design to Nokia’s Bluetooth accessories range. It weighs only 36 grams and fits nicely behind your ear. Its sweat and splash resistant so you can wear it bravely during your daily trip to the  gym or while jogging


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Nokia X6 Hands On Video


Here is a short hands on video of the Nokia X6 which has a capacitive touchscreen. Watch the video after the jump for the proof that Capacitive displays are so much finger friendly and also Nokia is inching closer to the iPhone’s screen in terms of responsiveness. Even Apple fanboys would appreciate the screen on the X6.

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Video : Nokia E72 Optical Navikey

The E72 is a cool upgrade to the E71 and one of the most important features of the E72 is the Optical Navikey which makes scrolling a lot easier. What’s more cool is that you can use the Navikey to focus the camera. This short video was shot last week when we had a chance to interact with Product Manager of the phone Mika



Nokia Mixed Reality – An Awesome Futuristic Concept


This innovative concept introduced at Nokia World ’09 allows to you to experience immersion and effortless navigation in an Augmented Reality environment. New types of interactions involving near-to-eye displays, gaze direction tracking, 3D audio, 3D video, gesture and touch. Through these new types of social linkages people will be connected in innovative ways between the physical and digital worlds.

With Mixed Reality, we would no longer face the ambiguity of having to choose between either the physical world or the virtual world at a single point of time. We could enjoy a virtual chat or to exchange any file with your friends/family when we are outside. Also, we could catch up with the latest updates/tweets/messages from our friends if we are travelling anywhere and still reply to them.

This might also help in building physical connections as well. If a virtual friend/acquaintance is physically close to us, his picture would pop up and start following him as he moves around.

Since its based upon eye movement, Mixed Reality would also make our presence on the internet a much more intuitive experience. When your eyelids are closed and doesn’t reopen for a period of time, the system detects it and goes either offline or into sleep mode automatically and hence would not disturb you while sleeping. It would later retrieve your offline messages when you are awake again, irrespective of the time period.

What do you think about this new concept? Do you think it will revolutionize the way we live and interact now? Do Pass on your comments.

You can read more about “Mixed Reality” at Nokia Research Website.

Video : Nokia N97 Mini vs N97


Most of you might be wondering whats so special about the N97 mini and whats different from the flagship device  – the N97. We had a Nokia representative walk us through the key design differences between the mini and its big brother last week. He said that the mini is for users who want to make a fashion statement and would like to put it on the table show it off as a stylish gadget.  That’s why the mini is being offered in 3 unique colors.Catch the video after the jump and let us know what color of the mini do u like the most !

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Nokia E72 vs E71 in Pics

We had our hands on the Nokia E72 last week and you must have seen the photo gallery . Some good news now for E71 users , we managed to grab some pics of the E71 along with the E72 so that you can start saving for your upgrade right now and also kickstart the E72vsE71 death match in your brain !

the battle of the eseries clan


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Peek at Kinetic Scrolling on Nokia 5230


Had a chance to have a peek into the Kinetic scrolling feature in the 5230. This feature makes scrolling easier in lists such as Contacts , Music, Bookmarks.  While the phone is expected to be launched in Q4 . We have an early video to share with you. Continue reading “Peek at Kinetic Scrolling on Nokia 5230”

Nokia X3 Camera Samples


Nokia X3 is an entry level music phone of the Nokia X-series range. It comes with a 3.2 Megapixel Camera  and I manged to take a couple of pictures during my interaction  with the Music Team at Nokia World. The EXIF info of the pics show the Camera as 7510 Supernova which is kinda interesting. How do you rate these pics coming from a phone priced at approx Rs.8000 ? Let us know Do you think the camera is important in a music phone ?

Nokia Booklet 3G Retail Packaging


While the Nokia Booklet 3G is going to be available for purchase in some markets soon , We got hold of the retail packaging box of the this ultrasmall laptop /netbook at NokiaWorld last week. The box carries the same tradition of the N97 with eco-friendly material. Also the front side carries a embossed version of the product.

I also spotted this carry case for the booklet which looks nice and trendy. But there was not much info on whether this is complimentary along with the booklet or needs to be purchased seperately.


Enjoy these pics and the booklet pics for now while we bring you the video soon.

Interview with Henri Moissinac about Facebook Mobile and India

I recently had an interesting discussion with Henri Moissinac of Facebook Mobile about their Mobile Strategy , their growth in the mobile space and their plans for one of the largest markets in the World – India.


Nokia is the largest handset manufacturer in the world and Facebook is currently the largest social networking site. The partnership between Facebook and Nokia started with Nokia’s popular devices Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97 and the partnership has been quite fruitful till now, with applications and home screen widgets released for Nokia 5800 and N97. That being said, the future possibilities seem endless and quite promising with the recent announcement of the Lifecasting application at Nokia World which ushers in a lot of excitement for the users.

The Facebook app on the iPhone platform is by far one of the most downloaded applications on the Apple App Store and the recent 3.0 version of the app is quite simply one of the best applications developed ever on the iPhone platform. Continue reading “Interview with Henri Moissinac about Facebook Mobile and India”