Nokia Drop v1.1 update brings support for map views and RSS feeds

Nokia Drop launched this April in Nokia Beta Labs, that lets you push images and links to your Nokia phone. The new update for Nokia Drop version 1.1 adds support to push maps and rss feeds to the phone and some improvements. Continue reading “Nokia Drop v1.1 update brings support for map views and RSS feeds”

Nokia Messaging for Social Networks Beta Adds Support for Nokia E63, E71 and E72

Nokia Beta Labs has now extended support of Nokia Messaging for Social Networks Beta to 3 more devices namely, Nokia E63, Nokia E71 and Nokia E72. Continue reading “Nokia Messaging for Social Networks Beta Adds Support for Nokia E63, E71 and E72”

Nokia Launches Custom Dictionary for Predictive Text

Have you ever wanted to change the words the S60 Predictive Dictionary had? Then, Nokia Custom Dictionary is the app you must have!

The new Nokia Custom Dictionary app from Nokia Beta Labs, allows you edit the list of words used by the phone for text prediction and also transfer it between phones. Continue reading “Nokia Launches Custom Dictionary for Predictive Text”

Nokia Braille Reader by Beta Labs

Welcome Screen

Nokia Beta Labs has always been known to produce some very interesting and technologically advanced software for Nokia phones. This time Nokia Beta Labs in collaboration with the University of Tampere (Finland) has come up with a new software for the visually impaired.

The new software is called Braille Reader and it will help the visually impaired to read messages. The signals are set using vibrations. The different symbols could be understood by the strength of the vibration. Continue reading “Nokia Braille Reader by Beta Labs”

Nokia Lifecasting – Broadcast your life now


Along with many services Nokia launched at the Nokia World 2009, one of the most interesting thing Nokia released was the Nokia Ovi Lifecasting.

It is basically an application which lets people publish their status updates, share photos etc directly onto their Facebook account along with their location with the help of Ovi Maps, right from the home screen of their phone.

However, the only devices that currently support Ovi Lifecasting are Nokia N97 and the new Nokia N97 Mini. So if you have a Nokia N97 or N97 Mini, rush now to download this application, since there is a limited entry for the beta testers of this exclusive application.

Here is a video preview of Ovi Lifecasting and how it works:


To know more about Ovi Lifecasting and How to Install it, check here.

So did you try Lifecasting? How is it? What can be done to make it better? Do Pass on your comments.

Nokia Beta Labs Mobile Site Launched

Even though it was possible to browse Nokia Beta Labs on mobile devices earlier, it was a tough task. So the folks at Nokia decided to launch a mobile optimised Nokia Beta Labs Website.

The Nokia Beta Labs Blog has also been renewed. The mobile version of the site although with minor bugs is not perfect and they are working on fixing all the problems. Continue reading “Nokia Beta Labs Mobile Site Launched”

Nokia launches Nokia Magnifier Magnifying Glass

Well if you have a Nokia smart phone options are that you can well go ahead and dump your magnifying glasses as Nokia have launched a new application in the Nokia beta labs , called, Nokia Magnifier.

In short its a magnifying glass for your smartphone.

Nokia Magnifier application utilizes the existing camera functionality on your Nokia S60 phone. It can be used to improve readability in every-day life situations such as reading “fine print”. Anyone who has difficulty seeing “fine print” or small objects can benefit from using this application readily available on their S60 phone. Nokia Magnifier  has a built in stabilizer to reduce the effects of a shaky hand and negative filter enabling users  to switch from light to dark backgrounds improving readability. By using the existing camera technology, users can also snap a picture of the enhanced image for later reference.

Continue reading “Nokia launches Nokia Magnifier Magnifying Glass”

Nokia Contacts on Ovi Database Fails User Data Lost

Well when a Service is in Beta , anything can happen be it a big company’s product or small company.

Incase you are using Nokia’s Contacts on Ovi (Nokia Chat) Service , bad news is that the Contacts Database has failed and Data after Jan 23rd 2009 is Lost .

Nokia posted a brief explanation on its blog about the database crash

via Nokia Beta Labs