Nokia Lumia 525 Unboxing


The Nokia Lumia 525 was announced a while back, with the sole intention of removing the 512 MB RAM limit that barred the original Lumia 520 from getting all the games and apps on the Windows Phone store. This is very similar to the 256 MB limit some of the devices had on Windows Phone 7.5, so Nokia made a quick revision by upping the RAM on the 520 and releasing it as the Lumia 525. This is, by no means, a generational successor to the 520, rather just a minor upgrade to the already popular best seller. We just got the retail version in India, which costs Rs. 10,400, as announced, so of course, we bring you the unboxing to see what’s in the box, and a quick hardware overview.


The Lumia 525 virtually comes with the same box contents as the Lumia 520, here are all the box contents laid out –


Box Contents –

  • Lumia 525 in glossy white
  • User manual with warranty information
  • 3-pin Indian plug micro USB charger
  • Standard 3.5mm charger
  • Short micro USB cable for data transfer


That’s the Lumia 525 from the front, which is virtually indistinguishable from the 520. It has the same display, a 4 inch WVGA IPS unit and from our first look, it feels very similar to the one on the 520. However, the back side –


The back definitely sees one of the small changes that has crept on to the Lumia 525. It looks sleeker now thanks to a curvier design of the cover’s corners, and the overall glossy feel introduces something new. While the dimensions are the same, the phone does feel and look sleeker in the hands, but we have found that the white version collects a lot of weird fiber dust that refuses to go even after constant wiping. We need a case. That aside, the most interesting internal change for RAM is what will dictate how different the Lumia 525 is, in experience. We’ll save that for the review of course. For now, you can watch the video again for a quick overview and more photos of the box contents here –


Author: Bharadwaj Chandramouli

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