80 Photos Of The Nokia N8 By The Nokia N8

If you thought “Geek Art” stopped at only piling up Nokia N8s inside each other, then think again. When you have a Nokia N8 in your hands, you realize two things simultaneously: 1. the hardware and design are like nothing by any other manufacturer currently, magnificently well built, and 2. the camera is astonishing, for landscapes, everyday shots, and specifically macro shots. It’s only when you add these two revelations together that you wish you could take a photo of the N8 with the N8, because no other device could capture this much details, and no other device is this beautiful.

Fortunately, if you have two N8s (even for the short period of time that I had them), you are blessed with the amazing opportunity of doing just that: taking a photo gallery of one N8 with another N8. Inverse and repeat.

Below is a gallery of the Dark Grey N8 on a pink background taken by the Silver N8. Then you will see pictures of the Silver N8 on blue and pink backgrounds, all taken with the Dark Grey N8. All shots have been taken with Close-Up Mode (Macro) and deactivated flash. The thumbnails are watermarked, but you can click on every image to go to the full 12MP original image, untouched and check the image details. No Photoshop’ing, no enhancement, no changing the background. Everything is in the mint condition it came off the N8’s camera.

I won’t talk a lot more. Check the amount of details the N8 camera captures. Check the beauty of this device: anodized aluminum and how there’s a shiny metallic rim everywhere there’s a cut in the metal (around the camera edges, cam and volume buttons).

I’ll leave you with the best work of art I’ve ever done.