12 megapixel Lumia 910 rumor debunked by Nokia

Soon after the announcement of the Nokia Lumia 900 in the USA , rumors started flying that the international variant will be equipped with an updated 12MP camera unit. Recently the rumor was debunked by Damian Dining , the person who heads Nokia’s camera division.

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80 Photos Of The Nokia N8 By The Nokia N8

If you thought “Geek Art” stopped at only piling up Nokia N8s inside each other, then think again. When you have a Nokia N8 in your hands, you realize two things simultaneously: 1. the hardware and design are like nothing by any other manufacturer currently, magnificently well built, and 2. the camera is astonishing, for landscapes, everyday shots, and specifically macro shots. It’s only when you add these two revelations together that you wish you could take a photo of the N8 with the N8, because no other device could capture this much details, and no other device is this beautiful.

Fortunately, if you have two N8s (even for the short period of time that I had them), you are blessed with the amazing opportunity of doing just that: taking a photo gallery of one N8 with another N8. Inverse and repeat.

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Nokia N8 Camera Samples – 12 Megapixel Glory

The Nokia N8 packs a 12 Megapixel Camera and might have the largest camera sensor on a mobile phone ever !  Nokia has shared some amazing untouched , unedited photos straight from the N8’s Camera

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Nokia N8 Vasco Launching in Mid-April ?

Nokia has been rumored to be working on a 12MP Camera phone running on Symbian^3 OS. The rumors got a partial confirmation recently when an XML file was found on the Nokia’s website. Now there is some news about the announcement of this device.

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Camera Samples : Sony Ericsson Satio 12 Megapixel Madness at Night

sony ericsson satio 12mp camera

The Sony Ericsson Satio sports a 12.1 Megapixel Camera and Rita brought you some stunning pictures of the phone some time ago. The phone packs a Xenon flash and we decided to put it to test in the Delhi market. Check out the camera samples below !

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Toshiba Announces 14.6MP CMOS Sensor for Cellphones


Earlier we had reported on mobile processor supporting upto 20 MP camera modules.

Toshiba has announced their new 14.6 Megapixel CMOS sensor for cellphones.This will be the highest megapixel offering witht the current camera phones packing upto 12 Megapixels.
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Samsung launches Pixon12 in India

Samsung has launched the Pixon12 in India – the phone with the most megapixels in the Camera. At 12MP this phone has competition only from Sony’s upcoming Idou/Satio. But the phone runs Samsung’s Proprietary OS with TouchWiz , so you might be stuck to using this handset for nothing more than Multimedia.

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Samsung M8910 Pixon- 12MP Cameraphone!

Samsung has just announced their new phone, the M8910 Pixon which is their first 12MP cameraphone. It will also be the first 12Mp phone to release in the market and will release sometime this month itself! The release is before the Sony Ericsson Satio (Idou) 12MP phone. Continue reading “Samsung M8910 Pixon- 12MP Cameraphone!”

Sony Ericsson: 12MP Cameraphones In 2009, 20MP In 2012

“You want more megapixels? We’ve got more megapixels!” That seems to be the motto of Sony Ericsson nowadays. In the constant war between phone manufacturers to cram higher resolution camera sensors in their handsets, nothing is more enticing than hearing someone like Sony Ericson claim that 20 MegaPixel phone cameras will be available in 2012!

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