Nokia Lumia 530 Dual SIM vs Lumia 525 Photo Gallery

Nokia Lumia 530 Dual SIM vs Lumia 525_fonearena-001

Microsoft officially launched Lumia 530 Dual SIM in India for Rs 7,349 earlier this month, while the Lumia 525 was launched in January this year. The Lumia 530 is the cheapest dual SIM Lumia smartphone. Lets take a detailed look at both the devices in several photos. Continue reading “Nokia Lumia 530 Dual SIM vs Lumia 525 Photo Gallery”

Nokia Lumia 525 Review


Nokia Lumia 525 Review

When the Nokia Lumia 520 was launched at the Mobile World Congress event last year, not many knew that the company just introduced its first best seller in the Lumia series. It went on to become the most popular Windows Phone ever made, for the fantastic value it offered for the money. But there was one longstanding issue that Nokia had to fix, the small amount of RAM that denied a lot of people new games and apps that were trickling down to Windows Phone.

So, in the series of upgrades that Nokia delivered to existing hardware with small changes, aka adding a 5 to the model number and re-releasing it, we now have the Lumia 525 that fixes the one issue that most wanted fixed. Hence the Lumia 525 comes with 1 GB of RAM and a minor look and feel refresh but overall retains everything else about the Lumia 520 because may be Nokia thought “why fix something that isn’t broke?”. So, how does the Lumia 525 match up to the newly re-invigorated competition, and what does the 1 GB of RAM bring? Let’s find out in our in depth review.


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Nokia Lumia 525 Camera Samples


The Nokia Lumia 525, a newly launched device that we unboxed recently, has been known to be a slightly upgraded variant of the Lumia 520. It carries almost exactly the same spec sheet and hardware except for the RAM, which has been upped to 1 GB for obvious reasons. With an incredibly small change in hardware, one would expect everything else to remain the same. But that is not the case with the 525, because it comes with Lumia Black firmware update out of the box, which brings some algorithm-level changes to the already robust camera interface, the Nokia Camera. So, does this change the 520/5’s camera performance in any way? Lets find out from some of our camera samples.

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Nokia Lumia 525 Photo Gallery


We just unboxed the brand new Nokia Lumia 525 in white and found it look very slightly different from the Lumia 520. While we are still reviewing the device, we thought it would be a fine idea to show you the phone in pictures, so that one can get to know how exactly the phone looks like, in real pictures, rather than renders or the usual promotional material. With white glossy plastic on the back, the Lumia 525 sports a slightly sleeker design and looks great, like most Lumia devices usually do. So here’s a quick run down of the hardware through our photos.

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Nokia Lumia 525 Unboxing


The Nokia Lumia 525 was announced a while back, with the sole intention of removing the 512 MB RAM limit that barred the original Lumia 520 from getting all the games and apps on the Windows Phone store. This is very similar to the 256 MB limit some of the devices had on Windows Phone 7.5, so Nokia made a quick revision by upping the RAM on the 520 and releasing it as the Lumia 525. This is, by no means, a generational successor to the 520, rather just a minor upgrade to the already popular best seller. We just got the retail version in India, which costs Rs. 10,400, as announced, so of course, we bring you the unboxing to see what’s in the box, and a quick hardware overview.


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Nokia Lumia 525 Hands On


Nokia announced the Lumia 525 sometime back last month and basically, it was a Lumia 520 with a very slightly different design and 1 GB of RAM. The Lumia 525 is primarily for addressing the low RAM issue on Windows Phones. Phones with 512 MB of RAM, like the Lumia 520, were not allowed to download some apps and games from the Windows Phone Store because of them demanding more resources. This was partly solved with more optimizations from the developers’ side, but we still see a lot of new apps and games releasing with the limitation, so Nokia simply went the other way and updated the 520 with 1 GB of RAM, and that’s exactly the reason why 525 exists. It was revealed at an event in Goa today that the Lumia 525 will be arriving to India during the first week of January 2014. The Lumia 520 is already the best selling Windows Phone in India and we hope the 525 directly replaces it. That said, we went hands on with the Lumia 525 at the Annual Strategy Sharing Summit in Goa, you can find our impressions below.


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Nokia Lumia 525 Press Image and Specifications leak, sports 1 GB of RAM reportedly


The press image and specifications of the upcoming Nokia Lumia 525 have leaked out, shedding more light on what it might look like and what it might pack inside. Firstly, the press image comes via @evleaks with no additional information while the other leak, from the Chinese network Baidu reveals a lot more than we already know about this rumoured device. Supposedly the successor to the extremely popular Lumia 520, the device looks to sport a slimmer and curvier body from the looks of the leaked image above, and in accordance to the tag of being a successor it also reportedly comes with a 1 GHz Snapdragon 400 processor with 1 GB of RAM among other things.

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