Nokia 6700 Slide Gallery, Out In The Nature

After unboxing the Nokia 6700 Slide, we were so much in love with its build quality and aluminum finish that gives it a classy elegant but simple look, that we decided to take it out in the wild for a short photo-shoot session. Here is the result.

One of the things that struck us is the resemblance the 6700 Slide bears with the Nokia 6500 Slide. Although the latter is an S40 phone, the two devices have a lot to share in terms of form factor, materials, and all-round feel.

The 6700 Slide’s front features a 2.2″ screen, flush with the rest of the casing, on top of which you can find the front camera and a light sensor. Below the screen is what may be one of Nokia’s simplest and most beautiful key cluster, with two selection keys, a Call and End Call button, and two protuberant rounded Menu/Home and C/Delete keys. The D-Pad features a black rim, and a huge central button.

While not a super slim phone, the 6700 Slide isn’t chubby either. It features a good thickness that gives it that “it’s not a toy” feel while not really making it too thick to be inserted in a pocket. The left side of the handset is devoid of any buttons while the right side presents a camera key.

The back of the device has a loudspeaker on the lower part, and features more prominently the 5MP Camera with Carl Zeiss optics, Autofocus, and a Dual-LED flash. This puts the 6700 Slide right next to the high-end Nokia smartphones, like the Nokia N97 and X6 in terms of raw camera power.

The sliding mechanism is smooth and spring-loaded. It’s as solid as can be, and reveals a flush keypad that resembles a lot the one found on the Nokia N96. We’re not big fans of the design or usability and much prefer keypads like the one on the N86 8MP with separate keys and great feedback when pressed.

We’ll leave you with a couple more pictures of the Nokia 6700 Slide and its box, out there in the nature, and promise to be back with more thoughts and a review as soon as we’ve fully tested it.

What do you think of this smartphone from Nokia? Do you like its clean design and simple features? Are you interested in buying one?