Samsung Galaxy Note 510 Review


Samsung has been enabling its tablets with calling functionality ever since the first ever non-Apple tablet released, the company’s own Galaxy Tab. While the original Galaxy Tab didn’t have an ear piece to enable phone-like calling, it did have the support. Tab 2 310, its successor on the other hand had an ear piece to let people use it like a phone. Various other manufacturers then warmed up to this idea and released their own calling tablet much to the critics’ ridicule, but a market was definitely there. On that note, Samsung launched the Note 8.0 at the Mobile World Congress this year, and introduced a WiFi as well as a cellular version with calling.

We had reviewed the WiFi version earlier and now we are going to see how the cellular version is different and what its extra features are. Is the calling version really that useful on a 8 inch tablet? Lets find out.

Note: The Galaxy Note 510 is the cellular version of the Note 8.0, literally everything except the below discussed text is same. Do read the complete review of the Galaxy Note 8.0 WiFi version here before proceeding to the review.



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Samsung Galaxy Note 510 (Note 8.0) announced in India

Hyderabad, March 1, 2013 – Samsung has announced the Galaxy Note 510 (Galaxy Note 8.0) in India. The Galaxy Note 8.0 was announced at the MWC 2013 last week. The Samsung Galaxy Note 510 comes with a 8.0-inch (1280 × 800 pixels) TFT display, powered by a 1.6 GHz quad-core processor and runs on Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean). It has S Pen support with Air View, S Note, S Planner, Email with hand-writing integration and more. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Note 510 (Note 8.0) announced in India”