Samsung Galaxy Note 5 design flaw detected, could permanently damage your phone

Galaxy Note 5 hands-on-1
The folks over at Android Police have highlighted a key issue that affects the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The issue stems from the fact that the stylus which is perhaps the principal selling point of the phone, is symmetrical all the way through.

While the previous generation Galaxy Note devices had a stylus with a nub on one end and a larger head on the other, the Galaxy Note 5 has a symmetrical stylus that runs the same all the way through. This design allows users to insert the stylus into its slot in either direction. There is no resistance at all from the spring loaded mechanism and all is fine till the time you try to extract the stylus. The spring-loaded mechanism does not allow you to extract a wrongly inserted stylus but with sufficient wiggling, you should be able to take the stylus out from the handset. It is at this moment that you realize the debilitating effect the wrong insertion of the stylus has had on the pen-detection mechanism.


Removing the stylus while the display is switched off automatically activates a note taking application while the S-Pen radial menu gets activated when the screen is switched on. Inevitably this stopped working with the broken mechanism. In all fairness, you really should be careful with your handset and make sure that you place the stylus in the correct manner. That said, the fact that there is practically zero resistance and how it is so easy to wrongly insert the stylus certainly classifies as a design flaw. One that we hope Samsung will sort out through a recall or repairs, sooner rather than later.

[Via – Android Police]

Author: Dhruv Bhutani

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