Gmail App on Nokia E71 – Video Review

Most of us would know about Gmail app for mobile phones.. It came out first as a java application but works smoothly on most phones

The app has evolved a lot over time.

Interesting features in the current version of the application include

  • Multi Account support – you can use the single installation to access gmail and ur google apps for domains email.
  • New Basic Offline feature which lets you read your recent email offline
  • Offline Drafts – Save email as mobile drafts even if you loose connectivity
  • Access contacts with autocomplete
  • Jump to Gmail labels
  • Search email
  • Loads of short cuts
  • View attachments including photos , word and pdf files

Well its one of the applications you MUST have if you are a Gmail user ..

Rita has a video review of the app in action on the Nokia E71

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iPhone 3.0 OS: New Features

Well over the last few years we have grown to love the IPhone and some people questioned whether Apple could really improve on the previous IPhone OS. Today Apple gave us a peek at the new IPhone OS which is schedule for release in the summer.

Below I have listed a number of the big enhancements to the OS.

  • Search your iPhone
    • So the folks at Apple created an app called “Spotlight”. Spotlight is a new home screen that you do all your searching from. Searching your calendar, email and notes are among the few applications you can search through.
  • Cut, copy, and paste
    • Of all the features that people have long been waiting for Copy and Paste is probably one of the biggest. It’s worth mentioning that you can select multiple pictures, copy them and then paste them into a new message.

      Below is a screen shot illustrating this functionality.

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Nokia 6210 Navigator and N82 Black High Quality Pics and Comparison

Rita has clicked some great high quality pics of the Nokia 6210 Navigator and Nokia N82 Black

The Nokia Maps functionality and dedicated maps button is unique to the 6210 ..

We got a review unit from WomWorld

Lets jump into a general comparison of the 2 devices

navigator vs the nseries

newer versions have been added to this family at Barcelona .. The 6710 and 6720 are expected to hit the markets soon.. But for now 6210 is one of the most appealing Navigation focused phones .. GPS is not perfect indoors but still works well outdoors Continue reading “Nokia 6210 Navigator and N82 Black High Quality Pics and Comparison”

SugarSync Mobile for BlackBerry Beta Download is out

SugarSync is a cool File Sharing Service which lets you share files across multiple computers and mobile devices .. if you are that kind of person who works on multiple computers / mobile phones and want to access your files on the move then SugarSync is for you .. They have launched the beta download of the Blackberry version .. currently windows mobile phones and iphone have native apps .. others can use the mobile website version of the app.. I have tried the service and its pretty decent !

SugarSync Announcement Follows

We’re excited to announce the beta of the new SugarSync for Blackberry — the ultimate mobile application for people on the go! Using a BlackBerry, you can access and share all of your files and folders when you are away from your computer.
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Gravity Twitter App for S60 Review with Video

If you are frequent twitter user and want to update your status and use your twitter account on the move, then Gravity might grab your attention.

The app was released on March 30th and its available for download on the website which is the German company behind the app.

Most twitter users use or slandr or dabr to tweet from their mobile phone.

But a native application is always great for any purpose

This app is currently available for S60 3rd Edition and S60 5th Edition phones.

We tested on a Nokia 5800 and Nokia E71

video after the jump .

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Do not get shocked to hear this!! Its obvious that the service provider growing with the fastest pace will definitely be congested. Though, there were confusion about the congestion among the 2 leading players, but its now confirmed via this official reports.

In its report, TRAI says, “Airtel has emerged as the most congested GSM network for the period of Oct-Dec."

So, I am just wondering, what are the guys at Airtel are doing to sort it out and get thing better?

Soon there will be new Mobile Numbering Pattern in India!

mobile number Its a short report for all those guys out there who are worried about the availability of mobile numbers in India. Many of you must have noticed, most of the mobile number series with 9 level (starting with ‘9’) have either exhausted or being pre-occupied by any other services.. For example ‘95’ series in India was being booked only for landline customers, using which a landline customer can make STD calls without dialing ‘0’ instead fixing 95 before the number.

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Motorola Roped in Rahman for its Global Promotion!

Soon, you will see our own music star – A R Rahman promoting Motorola and that to not only in India but across the globe. And it may not be strange for you to note that Rahman is among the only Indian who is selected for global brand promotion and this may be because the fame he received as he bagged two prizes at the Oscar for composing Slumdog Millionaire music.

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Skype iPhone App First ScreenShots

The iPhone App for Skype is official !

We got our hands on the Skype App for the iPhone

Its currently available in the Denmark App store on iTunes..

You can now make calls over Wi-Fi or GPRS all over the world ! for free if its withing skype or using skype credits if u want to call landlines ! This move is a great news of ipod users who would like to use their ipod as a phone .. well with the ability to make calls – you ipod is nearly a phone !

you can update your skype profile and even take a photo and attach it !

Check out the screenshots for more !

The App is a FREE download from the iTunes app store ..

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Download Gravity – Twitter Client for S60 phones

If you are in the Quest for The Best Twitter Client for you mobile phone then Gravity might be a good solution. Its a cool looking app built for Symbian S60 v3 (E71 etc) and S60 v5  ( 5800 , N97) kind of phones..

You can update your status , read tweets , read direct messages , search twitter and even post pics .

Best part is – it supports multiple accounts

The app is available as a free trial download at the website !

I installed the client on my 5800 and im loving it !

So all you Twitter users ! Give Gravity a try and you might love it

The full version costs $10 which might not be cheap but still the app is indeed impressive ..

Gravity’s Features:

  • Compatible with Twitter and Laconica
  • All functions available on your S60 phone: tweet, reply, DM, follow & unfollow, create favourites, search, auto-update and many more …
  • Tabbed view of your Timeline, Replies, Messages, Friends, …
  • Setup and use as many accounts as you want at the same time
  • Twitter-Search section with multiple search tabs and Twitter Trends
  • Post pictures via TwitPic
  • Open URLs from any Tweet
  • Kinetic scrolling on S60v5 ( Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97 )
  • Theme support on S60v3 ( fixed dark and bright theme )

Download Gravity now

Will Multiple SIM Phones be Banned Permanently in India?

dual sim phones Recently there were speculations that mobile phones supporting multiple SIM cards may be banned in India. Actually, few days ago, a Chennai based 36 years old engineer – Somasundaram Ram Kumar filed a petition at the Madras high court claiming that he owns patent (No.214388) for plurality of SIM cards in a single mobile handset and the various leading mobile phone manufacturers (including Samsung & Spice) is infringing his copy rights.

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MTS to Give Away 1 Million Free Talk-time

mts_logo MTS – The newly launched mobile operator in partnership with Sistema Shyam Teleservices Limited (SSTL) in Tamil Nadu is offering 1 million free talk time to each individual customers under a special offer wherein a customer needs to recharge his MTS mobile with Rs. 499 worth recharge card and he will be given free talk-time of 1 million minutes for calling to its own network limiting to 150 minutes of talk-time and 10 free national SMS each day.

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Opera Mobile 9.7 Coming With Ajax & Flash Support!

Opera is about to upgrade its mobile browser with Version 9.7 and reportedly it will support Ajax and flash browsing though there is no official information about it. As per the rumor floating around the web, opera 9.7 is scheduled to launch in the coming week and we have managed to get some screenshots of the Opera 9.7 mobile browser.

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Nokia N86 8MP Camera Samples from Finland

Nokia N86 was announced at MWC last month.

Its actually called the N86 8MP

they have added the camera megapixels to the model number ..

its the first 8mp camera phone from nokia and is being touted as the successor to the n85

here are some sample pics taken by the n86

click on thumbnails for full size pics ..

this is a 2MB file woot !

thx stefan ..

Note: this picture was taken with a Nokia N86 8MP with Prototype Hardware and software