Facebook buys mobile data firm Pryte

In a bid to further enhance its Internet.org initiative, Facebook has acquired mobile data startup Pryte for an undisclosed sum. Facebook’s Internet.org is a global project which aims to provide mobile internet access to users in underdeveloped parts of the world.

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Mobile data usage nearly doubles in India, thanks to a 3x increase in 3G usage

According to a MBIT index study conducted by Nokia Siemens Networks, the 3G infrastructure provider for most of the networks in India, it has been revealed that the mobile data usage in the country has almost doubled in the period of December 2011 – 2012. The main reason for the increased usage in mobile data is attributed to 3 times increase in usage of 3G mobile data by consumers, mainly from, what operators call, the “A” circles. Apparently, a regular 3G user consumes an average of 434 MB per month while the average amount of data consumed by the 2G user is 115 MB per month. Ultimately, there has been a 92% total increase in the usage of mobile data, with a whopping 196% increase in 3G usage and a 66% increase in 2G usage.

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Google Chrome to bring server side compression for faster browsing?


Opera Mini’s been doing it for a long time, with Amazon Silk and the Nokia S40 Xpress Browser chiming in with similar functionality over the past years, all aimed at reducing the amount of mobile data consumed while browsing on the go. It may seem like a not-so-great idea considering the ubiquity of mobile data today, but the problem is still real, with carriers getting choked on one end, and people unwillingly spending their valuable data on the other end. Like other, Google too is now looking at fixing this using server side optimization of websites using a proxy server. This was spotted by Google Plus user Francois.

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