HTC G1 coming to India, shows up on Univercell’s site

As we had predicted before ,  the HTC G1 which we unboxed earlier is coming soon to India.

HTC might bundle the handset with an Airtel Connection like RIM does for BlackBerry. HTC also offers a few phones exclusively on Airtel. Univercell shows this phone as coming soon and its priced at Rs.25000 or 500 USD

This is an interesting price point as iPhone 3G , Omnia and Xperia are all more costly than G1

G1 is definitely not a phone you would buy for its looks .. But still these are the phones which are making the news these days .

Would you buy the G1 for 25000 ?

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Sony Ericsson Patent shows Camera Zooming using Motion Gestures

Sony Ericsson has filed a patent that allows zooming to be done just by the moving the camera back and forth. According to the patent, a reference object is needed to pre-determine the zoom factor that you want the lens to go. The patent talks about obtaining the output of an accelerometer and utilizing it in the camera zoom function. Continue reading “Sony Ericsson Patent shows Camera Zooming using Motion Gestures”

HTC T8290 WiMAX – handset of the future

HTC recently unveiled the photos of the HTC T8290 that will be supposedly WiMAX enabled. Although the handset looks like the HTC Touch HD, the WiMAX capability is a defining feature.

Specs known so far:

– 3.8-inch WVGA 800×480 LCD display

– WiMAX & WiFi (802.11g)

– Bluetooth 2.0 Continue reading “HTC T8290 WiMAX – handset of the future”

Motorola’s New Touchscreen Handset Krave ZN4 Leaks

We had forgotten about them, we had written them off the list of handset manufacturers, and they come back with a cool new touchscreen device. Motorola’s new Krave ZN4, which is supposed to be released on October the 14th with a Verizon contract in the United States, has just been leaked. from a Verizon user who has had the ZN4 in his hands.

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HP to launch new iPhone-competitor TouchScreen Smartphone

Hewlett-Packard, aiming to grow its device business beyond corporate users, is preparing to release a new smart phone targetted at consumers, reports WSJ.

The new device will have a touchscreen, slide out QWERTY keypad and will use Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system. It will be able to send and receive emails, and access the Internet. The phone is the latest version in HP’s iPaq series. Continue reading “HP to launch new iPhone-competitor TouchScreen Smartphone”

Nokia 5800 XpressMedia -Tube Pictures leaked , launching in October

Nokia might unleash its iPhone and Android competitor next week at London .. Its called Nokia 5800 Tube or

Nokia 5800 XpressMedia

Some reports indicate that Nokia’s Touchscreen phone code named Tube will be unveiled at London on October 2nd .. Touch is the latest market winner – iPhone now HTC Google G1 ..

This handset is project as a media handset and has a large screen Continue reading “Nokia 5800 XpressMedia -Tube Pictures leaked , launching in October”

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 event on September 8

Just got some info that Sony Ericsson is hosting a live Xperia™ webcast on Sep 8th 

The webcast will include a world premiere of Sony Ericsson’s alternative reality thriller and give the first live, in-depth, demonstration of the Xperia™ X1 prior to its global launch. The webcast will air at 1pm (GMT + 1 hour) 8 September 2008. Continue reading “Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 event on September 8”

Palm Treo Pro quick look

 The Palm Treo Pro (christened 850 previously) is a Windows Mobile PocketPC for GSM users.

The handset is not launched yet, but its images have been splashed all over the internet lately.

 Specs &features at a glance (likely changes may occur):

• 400Mhz CPU
• 256MB ROM, 128MB RAM!
• 320 x 320 pixel screen Continue reading “Palm Treo Pro quick look”

What will be the iPhone 3G price in India

The whole world is now getting the iPhone 3g and the still there no word on the pricing information the 2nd largest mobile market in the world – India

So many of you users have been asking about the iphone 3g ‘s price in india . Unfortunately no official info is out but we can make some predictions based on our understanding of the mobile  scene in india.

Read on to get the expected price of the 3g iphone

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BlackBerry KickStart clamshell ?

The first ever clamshell from BlackBerry maker RIM, its dubbed the KickStart. The phone really looks great and awesome. With looks matching that of a Nokia N93i and the Panasonic phones mixed together, the phone surely would appeal to the business folk as well who didn’t have options till date to hold a blackberry that looked insane and so sober. But now things are changing. The plain jane look is being over thrown and cooler blackberry s fast approaching. Kudos guys

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The Transformer Concept phone

One look at it and you might be tempted to ask: Is this a phone? An instrument to communicate?


It has been designed by Shkinder Maxim, the phone works mainly as a cell phone but is also capable of taking photos/video and functions as a multimedia player, a projector, and even supports holographic imaging and 3D scanning.

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Two Camera concept phone by Motorola

Motorola has released pictures of a concept phone being developed by them that has two cameras at the back of the phone, placed side by side.

Designed by Paris-based Lysandre Follet, this unusual dual-camera handset is designed for multi-tasking functionality, claims Motorola. Users can click pictures with one camera while they can shoot with the other one. Also, two separate flashes can be used together at one go.


Other features:

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