Apple iPhone Xs Max Unboxing and First Impressions

The 2018 iPhone is here and we got our hands on the bigger beast the iPhone Xs Max for an unboxing. Apple has managed to cram in much more into a device which has the same footprint of last years’s iPhone 8 Plus.  Until recently India launch of iPhones was plagued with delays but this time, the new iPhones are already up for pre-order here and will be available across the country from today, September 28 at 6PM.

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iPhone 4 available in India on Infibeam , Price revealed, ships soon ?

It’s really surprising that both the Black and White versions of the Apple iPhone 4 are listed on Infibeam as in-stock and shipping in 2-3 days Continue reading “iPhone 4 available in India on Infibeam , Price revealed, ships soon ?”

iPhone 4 India Launch in September ? Price might be high

During the WWDC announcements today Apple announced that the iPhone 4 – the latest apple phone will be available in 88 countries by September this year. We are not sure if India is amongst the 88 countries listed. But since there are lot of iPhone fans in India , we would love to get our hands on the device pretty soon and not a year later. The iPad is expected to be launched in India soon.

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Rumour : iPhone 3GS India Launch on Monday March 15 with 4 Operators

We have some interesting information from one of our sources. Apple is finally planning to launch the iPhone 3GS in India on coming monday March 15. Continue reading “Rumour : iPhone 3GS India Launch on Monday March 15 with 4 Operators”

Apple iPhone Most Selling Phone in USA = Worst in India

Apple iPhone might have broken records with respect to sales , market share USA market over the past 1.5 years since its launch in June 2007 at MacWorld

The first gen phone was launched at 399 and 499 USD including the 16GB version which we unboxed for you.

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Will you get your Vodafone iPhone on easy instalments?

The price of the 3G iPhone stumped those who were eagerly awaiting its launch in India. To counter the ‘non-affordability’ factor doing the rounds among buyers, Vodafone has decided to offer the handset of easy 6 monthly or 12 monthly instalments.

It is rumoured that the company is holding talks with financial institutions to initiate a tie-up.

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Vodafone finally releases iPhone prices , not affordable

I got this email from Vodafone today which released the prices of the iPhone.

Apple products don’t come cheap.

But how many of you will pay 31,000 for an iphone ?

I don’t think its affordable to most people . Also 3G does not make any sense in the indian context.

Vodafone has released the prices but still no news from my provider Airtel

Please leave a comment on your thoughts about the pricing for the iphone in india.

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Should you buy the iPhone – you tell us

As the day draws near, when two leading mobile phone operators in India, Airtel and Vodafone launch the iPhone, here is a low down on the negative aspects of the handset…that we read in an In-Flight magazine of a leading Indian airline.

1. Earphones: The iPhone sports “bland” looking regular earphones that are neither classy not stylish. The sound quality is good but the design is very cheap.

2. Technology: Apart from the touch screen, the handset does not use much technology. Depending on the model released may be missing features such as Java, FM Radio, Bluetooth, GPS, or the ability to forward messages, send business cards etc.

3. Applications: Third party applications must be installed via iTunes App Store and this means that this handset is not really the normal “smart phone”.

4. Touch screen: The touch screen on the iPhone is known to be cumbersome to use due to the scratch guard.

5. Customisation: The themes on the iPhone cannot be changed. So no wallpapers, themes or cover panels etc. Even the ring tones are not changeable!

Now this is what we’ve read. Tell us what you feel!

What will be the iPhone 3G price in India

The whole world is now getting the iPhone 3g and the still there no word on the pricing information the 2nd largest mobile market in the world – India

So many of you users have been asking about the iphone 3g ‘s price in india . Unfortunately no official info is out but we can make some predictions based on our understanding of the mobile  scene in india.

Read on to get the expected price of the 3g iphone

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Apple iPhone 3G Airtel India bookings open

After we saw that Vodafone India opened bookings for iPhone 3G .. Now Bharti Airtel does not want to stay far behind.. I landed on this 3g iphone page on Airtel’s website

The website says Become the proud owner of Apple iPhone3G on Airtel.

They also have a form to sign up for the iPhone

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iPhone 3G in India Bharti Airtel Apple ink Deal

Good news for all of you wanting to buy an iPhone in India.

Airtel and Apple have signed a deal to make the iPhone available in India later this year.

No word on the time or pricing yet.

3G does not make any sense in India. I tried to get in touch with Airtel officials about this . will keep you all posted.

Save your cash and get one of these sexy beauties !!

Apple iPhone is going to change the mobile handset scene in India

Full please release below

Bharti Airtel and Apple to Bring iPhone 3G to India
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