Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs iPhone 4S Photo Gallery

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 2 in India yesterday and we managed to take some devices from the FoneArena labs to the event for a real life comparison to find out how big the new Note is. While the Note 2 is a lot easier to grip , it is still a big phone. It makes the iPhone 4S look so small when held next to it.

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Rumour : Apple might open Retail Stores in India soon

apple store india
Apple might open it’s own Retail Stores in India soon according to a report by LiveMint which quotes an unnamed source in a government body Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion. The Indian government has approved 100% Foreign Direct Investment FDI in Single Brand Retail recently. So such a move by Apple will not be surprising,as they have massive expansion plans for Asia. Apple has not commented much about India in particular in the past but the quick launch of the iPad 2 with decent pricing and iPhone 4S with crazy pricing are indications of things to come.  The most popular tablet I see when I travel in India is the iPad and I have spotted a lot of iPhones as well. Continue reading “Rumour : Apple might open Retail Stores in India soon”

Apple to sell Refurbished iPhone 4 in India at just Rs.22500


Looks like finally India is in Apple’s radar.  The company launched the iPhone 4 pretty late in India but then it also launched a cheaper version of the 3GS at around Rs.19000. As you might know , the iPhone 4S is launching in India in a matter of days on Airtel and Aircel and now there is news that Apple might start selling a refurbished iPhone 4 in India for Rs.22500 according to Refurbished products or open box items are pretty common in the United States and many companies including Apple offer a discount on such products compared to brand new products. While some might confuse a refurb with a stinking , used , damaged product it is not. Refurbs are basically products which have visited the factory or repair center for some defect which is now fixed. It can range from a cosmetic defect to a manufacturing flaw.But Apple still offers 1 year warranty on such products from the date of purchase. Also you can buy Apple Care warranty like you could for any new product. Continue reading “Apple to sell Refurbished iPhone 4 in India at just Rs.22500”

Apple sells over 4 million iPhone 4S devices in 3 days

apple iphone 4s

Apple just issued a press release that it has managed to sell over 4 million iPhone 4S devices in just over 3 days since it’s launch on Oct 14th. The iPhone 4S is available in just a handful of countries such as USA, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and UK. Apple also released the iOS 5 Operating system last week and it claims over 25 million users are already on iOS5. Check out the FoneArena Unboxing of the iPhone 4S.Also we took a quick look at the device Continue reading “Apple sells over 4 million iPhone 4S devices in 3 days”

White Apple iPhone 4 Hands on Photos

I walked into an Apple Store in Miami this morning to get a glimpse of the finally launched White Apple iPhone 4. Here are some photos of the White iPhone 4 which has taken almost a year to hit stores since it was announced.But it certainly looks very attractive.
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Aircel to launch iPhone 4 in India too !

aircel iphone4

Aircel (not to be confused with Airtel ) too will also be launching the iPhone 4 in India the coming months. This is getting interesting. This is the first time anyone apart from Airtel or Vodafone is partnering with Apple for the iPhone in India. Only today morning , Airtel announced that it would be bringing the iPhone 4 to India.

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Airtel bringing iPhone 4 to India

airtel iphone 4

Airtel just informed us they are bringing the Apple iPhone 4 to India. No pricing or exact launch date has been revealed but the note simply says that the Operator will launch the iPhone 4 in India in the coming months. Hope Airtel can pull it off before the iPhone 5 launches this summer. What do you think ?

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iPhone 5 or Verizon iPhone Parts Leaked ?

A company called GlobalDirectParts has shared a video comparing the parts of the iPhone 4 to a unreleased iPhone which they call as the iPhone 5. It looks like it may be the Verizon CDMA iPhone.Watch the slightly boring video below to see the difference between the iPhone 4 parts and the rumored iPhone 5

UPDATE: Video has been pulled from Youtube due to a copyright claim by Apple,Inc..

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iPhone 4 USB Desktop Cradle Review

If you are looking nice little 3rd party iPhone 4 Desktop Cradle , you can surely consider the USB Desktop Cradle from MobileFun. You can charge your iPhone 4 through your PC’s USB port or via your AC power outlet using the USB AC Adaptor Continue reading “iPhone 4 USB Desktop Cradle Review”

iPhone 4 available in India on Infibeam , Price revealed, ships soon ?

It’s really surprising that both the Black and White versions of the Apple iPhone 4 are listed on Infibeam as in-stock and shipping in 2-3 days Continue reading “iPhone 4 available in India on Infibeam , Price revealed, ships soon ?”

iPhone 4 Photos from almost every angle

Here are some amazing photos of the Apple iPhone 4 from almost every angle  thanks to Centrino ! You gotta love the hardware from the folks at Cupertino. Each product is crafted in a way that drives people to spend that extra cash just for the Apple tag.  Enjoy over 40 photos of the iPhone 4 below and tell us which is your favorite pic ! Continue reading “iPhone 4 Photos from almost every angle”

Pictures and Impressions: 10 minutes with the iPhone4

Yesterday was my first day on the road again after my accident, that kept me out of everything for 4 weeks. I went to the local E-Store to buy a brand spanking new DSLR camera, and in doing so, i met a friend, who bought my “old” cam from me. What i forgot about was, that he recently bought a brand new iPhone4. Now you might wonder why i write about the jesus phone, when i usually rant against it. Well simple, i still dont like the iOS but designwise, Cupertino has hit the spot with this one. When i saw the pics on Gizmodo leaking, i wished nothing more that they’ll keep it and its not a simple prototype design. and they did. And i’m sorry Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, HTC, etc., but what you see here, is the best looking phone in recent history!

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The Best iPhone 4 Tear down Video !

This is a cool video in which folks from a  mobile phone repair company Tech Restore tear down  the iPhone 4

Must watch at least for the amazing effects if not for the iPhone 4


Here is what Techrestore has to say about the video

1784 hi-res photos combine to make a stop-motion expose of the iPhone 4, revealing every detail of construction, from packaging, down to the chips on the logic-board. Set to a custom electronic/glitch soundtrack, with fast paced action, this is no ordinary unboxing and take-apart video!

Pretty cool rite ?

Otterbox Defender Case for iPhone 4 shipping now , protects phone and solves antenna problem

otterbox iphone 4

Otterbox has announced that it’s Defender case for the iPhone 4 is now available. It not only protects  your iPhone but addresses the antenna problem also. The Defender case costs $49.95 . The company has two more cases called the Commuter and Impact series which will be soon available for $34.95 and $19.95

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