Pictures and Impressions: 10 minutes with the iPhone4

Yesterday was my first day on the road again after my accident, that kept me out of everything for 4 weeks. I went to the local E-Store to buy a brand spanking new DSLR camera, and in doing so, i met a friend, who bought my “old” cam from me. What i forgot about was, that he recently bought a brand new iPhone4. Now you might wonder why i write about the jesus phone, when i usually rant against it. Well simple, i still dont like the iOS but designwise, Cupertino has hit the spot with this one. When i saw the pics on Gizmodo leaking, i wished nothing more that they’ll keep it and its not a simple prototype design. and they did. And i’m sorry Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, HTC, etc., but what you see here, is the best looking phone in recent history!


Having the iPhone4 in my hands felt good. really good. its a lot heavier than i thought, with 134g according to the apple website, its almost as heavy as a VW golf. well, not completely, but it really is something. Compared to the iphone3G of my ex girlfriend it feels a LOT edgier, it just looks much more like the apple products now, which i like. Everything is very well built and it looks supersexy. No light spots, no creaks. perfection. yes, i just said that.


A highlight, next to the redesigned hardware, is the Display. Labelled “retina display” has set the bar pretty high with this. 960 x 640 Pixel on a 3,5″ capacitive, multitouch screen. and boy, what a screen it is. very bright, fantastic resolution and it was almost impossible to see a single pixel. the visibility in sunshine was also pretty good. in general, i’d say this thing is nearly up par with the Samsung Galaxy S.


I only had a quick look at the OS, but you can tell that this thing is really fast. i thought the whole operating experience was very fast, with no lags. creating new folders was very nice as well. i didnt try the multitask farce though. the 5 Megapixel camera does a decent job, however i didnt have time to take any sample pictures. i meet my friend again in some days and snap some for your viewing pleasure next time.


And although i absolutely love the hardware of the iphone4, i’m still far away from buying one. why? the OS. it simply turns me off. there is no real multitasking in my opinion and no widgets. i know it can be done via jailbreak and whatnot, but its just not enough. As long as i dont see all my information on one or more homescreens, the iphone just isn’t something for me. sad, but true.

the back isnt damage, its just the protector scratched!

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