Apple exits iPhone 4s and 5c from India

Apple has withdrawn iPhone 4s and 5c smartphones from India, as per a report from the Economic Times. The move comes from the company as it bows out of the sub Rs. 20,000 smartphone segment in the country to bolster its falling average selling price (ASP).

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iOS 7 to be available for Apple iPhone 5 and 4S on September 18th

iOS 7

Apple just revealed that the much awaited and critiqued iOS 7 update will be coming over to most Apple devices, but it will reach the iPhone 4S and the 5 on September 18th. The iOS 7 update includes the much awaited user interface overhaul and some extra features like AirDrop and brand new multitasking.

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Apple iPhone 5 Review

The Apple iPhone 5 which is the latest and greatest iPhone ever made by the Cupertino based company is here.The iPhone 5 sports an all new design which reminds us of the first iPhone which had a metallic back. The iPhone 5 also features a lot of new components on the inside. Does the iPhone 5 live up to it’s expectations ? Find out in the FoneArena review below Continue reading “Apple iPhone 5 Review”

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs iPhone 4S Photo Gallery

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 2 in India yesterday and we managed to take some devices from the FoneArena labs to the event for a real life comparison to find out how big the new Note is. While the Note 2 is a lot easier to grip , it is still a big phone. It makes the iPhone 4S look so small when held next to it.

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China Telecom to bring back iPhone 4S in China.

Last time Apple tried to sell its latest iPhone, the iPhone 4S at the Apple stores in China, there was a huge crowd and loads of people, due to which Apple halted the sales, and closed the store on the launching date. Now China Telecom has announced that it will be bringing the iPhone 4S final to China for the consumers on their network starting March 9th.

This is great news as finally all the people waiting to get their hands on this device have to wait no more. Pre-order for the device will start from March 2nd and it will be free on contract and will come in the usual ranges of 16 GB, 32 GB and 64GB.

Source: China Telecom

Now jailbreak iPhone 4S and iPad 2 with Absinthe for Windows

Popular Chronic Dev Team have updated their tool with support for Windows, there was loads of traffic on the Greenpois0n website yesterday which resulted in the server not functioning properly, but finally they have managed to solve all the problems with the server and are back to Jailbreak your iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

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Apple stores in China halt selling the iPhone 4S

Just a few days back we had heard and praised Apple for deciding to sell their latest iPhone 4S in China, but just before the device was going to be launched Apple decided that the doors to the Apple stores will remain shut and the sales of iPhone 4S in all the Apple sotres in China will be stopped temporarily.

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Microsoft OneNote 1.3 Released for iOS

OneNote is an application that is extremely useful to keep a tab on your daily tasks. Microsoft has released OneNote 1.3, just in time for the holidays.

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Instagram coming soon to an Android device near you !

The extremely popular photo sharing iOS app , Instagram is finally coming to Android. In an interview with CNET , CEO Kevin Systrom mentioned that two engineers were already working on an Android port of the application.

Pictured above , Instagram 2.0 for iPhone

Instagram already enjoys over 14million users on the iOS platform ! The application lets users apply filters on captured images giving them  a uniquely retro look. The company plans to generate a revenue stream via advertisements in the application. Continue reading “Instagram coming soon to an Android device near you !”

Airtel iPhone 4S Plans

Airtel has announced the pricing for both the pre-paid and the post-paid plans for the iPhone 4S.  They started pre-orders for the iPhone 4S last week and it is expected to be available from 25th November. The 16GB version comes at Rs.44,500 and the 32GB is available for Rs.50,900. These plans offer free Local Minutes, Local and National SMS and 3G Data. Aircel has already revealed their post-paid plans for the iPhone 4S earlier this week. Continue reading “Airtel iPhone 4S Plans”

Apple’s cult following mocked by Samsung advert

Now who doesn’t love a satire? And a satire it is, the new Samsung Galaxy  SII advert telling customers that “the next big thing is already here”. It is funny, refreshing and tremendously daring as it mocks the die-hard Apple’s cult following. Lines such as “I could never get a Samsung – I’m creative,” to which another customer responds “dude, you’re a barista.” crack me up further. The spoof is wholly obscured by remarks like “uh oh – the blogs are saying the battery looks sketchy,” or “if it looks the same, how will people know I upgraded?” but a quick look of an iPhone can be clearly seen in the footage. The 60-second advert points out to some of the SII’s remarkable features – specifically the huge, vivacious screen and 4G potential.

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Siri can now tweet as Developer creates a Proxy Server

One developer @Plamoni has managed to create a Proxy Server for hacking around Siri – the virtual assistant found on the Apple iPhone 4S. Since he shared the source code on github another developer put together a twitter plugin which lets you tweet using Siri. Watch the video below where the developer of this twitter plugin for the Siri Proxy Server shows how Siri can be used to tweet. Damn Cool !

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Airtel Apple iPhone 4S Pricing 16GB – Rs.44500, 32GB – Rs.50900, 64GB – Rs.57500

airtel iphone 4s pricing

While we got some news about the Apple iPhone 4S pricing  from Aircel ,  we now have the pricing from Airtel. Its not looking very different.The 16GB model is about Rs.400 lesser than on Aircel and priced at Rs.44500.There is a 64GB option at Rs.57500. The 32GB model is priced exactly the same at Rs.50900. Looks like Airtel is taking pre-bookings online . Apple does not directly sell iPhones in India and operators actually procure them and sell it here. The iPhone 4 pricing at Rs.34500 was actually pretty decent. But the iPhone 4S pricing seems very high. There is also news that the iPhone 4 8GB version will cost Rs.37900 and the 3GS will cost Rs.20900. That looks like an increase in the cost of the iPhone 4  as well. Continue reading “Airtel Apple iPhone 4S Pricing 16GB – Rs.44500, 32GB – Rs.50900, 64GB – Rs.57500”

Siri encryption broken down , Android port still not likely

Developers at iPhone development house Applidium have done a thorough investigation into the security encryption behind Siri and have worked out a way to get it running on non – iPhone devices as well ! Now before you jump to conclusions, it is important to note that a valid iPhone 4S identification string is needed to authenticate which might work out for a few test situations but would likely result in a ban if thousands of requests were sent.

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Airtel launching iPhone 4S in India soon

Like Aircel , Airtel India has also announced on it’s Facebook page about it’s plans to launch the Apple iPhone 4S in India soon. As of now only Airtel and Aircel are the official operators authorized by Apple to sell the iPhone 4 in India. So this news is not very surprising. But then for those of you who have been waiting for the iPhone 4S to launch in India, good news ! We are not sure if Apple will get the pricing right though !

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