O2 Shipping microSIMs to iPhone 4 customers including an Adapter


O2 UK has started shipping microSIM cards to its iPhone 4 Customers who have pre-ordered them. The customers would be getting their iPhones tomorrow. Many users keep asking us if microSIM cards would work with other phones or if they can use normal SIMs with the iPad 3G or iPhone 4.

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Vodafone UK selling iPhone 4 from Today


We just heard from Vodafone UK that they are going to starting taking orders for the Apple iPhone 4 from Thursday 7 am. Seems like this information is for the contract phone. But if you are in UK and a Vodafone customer or if you are travelling in UK, you might be able to check out the iPhone 4 at a Vodafone Store ! While the email states that they are going to start taking orders , its not clear when the phone will land in user hands !

iPhone4 First Unboxing Pics

A lucky Macrumors user got his iPhone 4  delivered 2 days early and here the unboxing pics he posted on his site. The iPhone4 packaging looks much more attractive the one used for previous iPhones. The combination of Black and white looks interesting !  Enjoy the pics below

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Apple has started to ship iPhone4

Apple has started to ship the latest iPhone 4 to customers in USA according to MacRumors. The iPhone 4 is going on sale on June 24th and these new phones are expected to reach users who ordered them online early by June 23rd. The iPad shattered previous sales records set by Apple . iPhone4 Pre-orders crippled Apple and AT&T order systems and some users were unlucky to have their orders canceled. The iPhon4 might beat the sales records set by the iPad. Continue reading “Apple has started to ship iPhone4”

iPhone 4 Camera Samples

Every manufacturer seems to be publishing Camera samples of their upcoming phone to woo users to buy their product.  Apple finally upgrade the camera on it’s iPhone to a 5 Megapixel sensor on the iPhone 4 and also topped it up with a LED Flash. The phone also boasts of 720p HD Video recording. We would have loved to see a video sample but Apple has only shared untouched Camera samples straight from the iPhone 4 and they look amazing. Continue reading “iPhone 4 Camera Samples”

Vodafone to bring Apple iPhone4 to India

In a surprising move Vodafone India has announced that it is going to bring the newly launched Apple iPhone 4 to India.  So we might be right about the India might be one of the 88 countries expected to get the new phone by September 2010

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Watch the WWDC 2010 iPhone 4 Keynote now

Apple has uploaded the complete video yesterday’s keynote session in which the new iPhone 4 was unveiled. This video is not only a must watch for iPhone fans but also for those who want to improve their presentation skills !


Seems like the Video is not edited as all the funny instances like the WiFi connection failing during the demo and Steve Jobs requesting bloggers to turn off their MiFi devices are part of the video.

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iPhone 4 India Launch in September ? Price might be high

During the WWDC announcements today Apple announced that the iPhone 4 – the latest apple phone will be available in 88 countries by September this year. We are not sure if India is amongst the 88 countries listed. But since there are lot of iPhone fans in India , we would love to get our hands on the device pretty soon and not a year later. The iPad is expected to be launched in India soon.

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iPhone 4 Launching on June 24th in 5 countries , Pre-orders begin on June 15th

The newly launched iPhone 4 will be available in 5 countries including USA , France , Germany , UK and Japan on June 24th. Pre-orders will begin on June 15th itself.

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