Rumour : Apple might open Retail Stores in India soon

apple store india
Apple might open it’s own Retail Stores in India soon according to a report by LiveMint which quotes an unnamed source in a government body Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion. The Indian government has approved 100% Foreign Direct Investment FDI in Single Brand Retail recently. So such a move by Apple will not be surprising,as they have massive expansion plans for Asia. Apple has not commented much about India in particular in the past but the quick launch of the iPad 2 with decent pricing and iPhone 4S with crazy pricing are indications of things to come.  The most popular tablet I see when I travel in India is the iPad and I have spotted a lot of iPhones as well.Currently Apple products are sold in India by Imagine and iStore who are resellers. Although these stores do a good job , it still lags behind in terms of the shopping experience compared to company owned stores.Also if Apple gets into the game directly, we might see better pricing for the products. Do we need the real Apple Stores in India ? Yes. It’s about time ! and Starbucks please come to India too !


Author: Varun Krish

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