Logitech launches keyboard with special dock for smartphone and tablet at $50

Logitech has announced the launch of a new keyboard that can be used for computer, smarthphone and tablet. The Logitech K480 multi-device keyboard has a dock that can handle your smartphone and tablet.

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iPhone 5 dock cable with smaller connector spotted

There have been strong indications that Apple is moving to a smaller dock connector on the next iPhone. Alongside various leaks showing parts of the phone, we now have a photograph of what is believed to be the USB cable of the next generation device. The USB cable comes with said smaller dock connector.

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The definitive Blackberry Playbook accessories roundup

The Blackberry Playbook is one of the most interesting tablets currently in the market. Running on QNX and offering arguably what is the best web browser and the example of gesture based navigation on a mobile OS , the 7″ tablet never really caught on.

However thanks to the recent fire sale a lot more users have got their hands on the tablet which is being given an app boost by the ability to install Android apps. We take a look at some of the must have accessories for the Blackberry Playbook. Continue reading “The definitive Blackberry Playbook accessories roundup”

iPhone 4 USB Desktop Cradle Review

If you are looking nice little 3rd party iPhone 4 Desktop Cradle , you can surely consider the USB Desktop Cradle from MobileFun. You can charge your iPhone 4 through your PC’s USB port or via your AC power outlet using the USB AC Adaptor Continue reading “iPhone 4 USB Desktop Cradle Review”