Nokia Lumia 525 Photo Gallery


We just unboxed the brand new Nokia Lumia 525 in white and found it look very slightly different from the Lumia 520. While we are still reviewing the device, we thought it would be a fine idea to show you the phone in pictures, so that one can get to know how exactly the phone looks like, in real pictures, rather than renders or the usual promotional material. With white glossy plastic on the back, the Lumia 525 sports a slightly sleeker design and looks great, like most Lumia devices usually do. So here’s a quick run down of the hardware through our photos.

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White Nexus 7 launched for $269, available in US, UK & Japan

white nexus
Alongside a suite of Google Play Edition devices, Google has today also revealed a brand new variant of the Nexus 7 tablet. The white version of the popular Android tablet will only be sold in the 32GB version. The white color extends only to the back of the tablet with the front remaining black. This leads to a dual tone color finish.

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Special Edition Gold and White Blackberry Q10 now available in Dubai

If bling is your thing then Blackberry of all manufacturers has you covered with their new Gold and White edition of the Q10 handset. Available starting 19th August, this special edition of the handset will only be available to customers in the UAE.

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White Nexus 4 now available from Flipkart

LG announced the white version of its popular Nexus 4 smartphone today and the phone is already available on Flipkart. The specifications of the handset remain identical to those on the black variant with the only difference being the color.

LG Nexus 4 White

LG have opted to go for a two tone finish with a black bezel on the front and a white finish on the sides, back of the handset. Flipkart claims to have the handset available now for sale with an estimated delivery in 6 to 8 days. The phone is priced at Rs. 25,990. Continue reading “White Nexus 4 now available from Flipkart”

Nokia Lumia 920 White and Cyan Photo Gallery

You saw the photo gallery of the Nokia Lumia 920 Cyan earlier this month, here we have the photo gallery of the White Lumia 920 alongside the Cyan Lumia 920. The device feels huge in hand and the 4.5-inch  (1280 × 768 pixels) Pure Motion HD+ IPS display is stunning. Even though the device is quite heavy at 185 grams, it has solid hardware. Continue reading “Nokia Lumia 920 White and Cyan Photo Gallery”

Samsung Galaxy Nexus White Official Pictures Surface

We told you that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus which is actually the best and up-to date Android phone currently in the market is soon going to be available in white.Turns out that the photo we posted in the article yesterday is actually a render as we now the received official pictures courtesy of retailer Clove. If you were looking for a all-white Galaxy Nexus , get ready to be disappointed a little. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Nexus White Official Pictures Surface”

White Nokia N9 now available in select regions

The elusive White Nokia N9 now seems to be available in select regions. The MeeGo powered handset is already one of the more difficult handsets to procure and the white unit is poised to become even harder to obtain !

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Samsung Galaxy S II White Edition Now Available

The White Version of the Samsung Galaxy S II was launched officially in the UK yesterday. But still many shops are yet to receive it. But we have good news for those who want to purchase one.

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Samsung Releasing White Galaxy S II in August

It seems that Samsung is set to release the Galaxy S II in white. It will be the just like the international Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100 but in white colour.

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White Apple iPhone 4 Hands on Photos

I walked into an Apple Store in Miami this morning to get a glimpse of the finally launched White Apple iPhone 4. Here are some photos of the White iPhone 4 which has taken almost a year to hit stores since it was announced.But it certainly looks very attractive.
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Nokia C7 Frosty Metal Picture Gallery – It’s Icy Cool

After announcing it during Nokia World 2010, the Nokia C7 gathered a lot of fans, thanks to its slim profile, elegant looks and impressive features. However, I have to admit that I wasn’t charmed personally. So when I got the first C7 in my hands, the Charcoal Black one, I was anxious to see how the press release picture would translate into a real device, and it simply left me annoyed. The whole device looked like a black rock that has been squished and smoothed, or a Nokia E66 (which I like) that has been thinned by a rolling pin (which I don’t). Plus, the all-black look was so bland with no charm and no character. It’s safe to say that I wasn’t a fan.

But as luck has it, I got to exchange my review unit and the second one ended up being the Frosty Metal version of the C7. And boy does a simple color change make a difference! I love the “white” C7, absolutely love it. It’s classy in all the right ways, and the silver/white mix gives it an incredible icy cool feel. The photo gallery here is to share with you all the beauty of this awesomely crafted device.

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White iPhone 4 too hard to make , post poned till mid-July

Apple has announced that the White version of the iPhone 4 has been more challenging to manufacture than expected.  So users can buy only the black version of the latest iPhone until the 2nd half of July  ! When we unearthed the presence of the white version of the device many of you did not like the idea much and some of you felt that the quality was not great !

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