Speedtest.net app for iOS gets huge update including new UI and iPhone 5 support


If you  are a Speedtest.net addict like me, and if you happen to have an iOS device, the internet speed testing app for iOS got a huge update including a all new UI and support for iPhone 5. In the above screenshot you can see the new app UI which shows how the iPhone 5 is clocking crazy fast speeds over Vodafone’s 3G network here in Chennai. You can even share the speedtest result from within the app to Twitter, Facebook, email and SMS.

There is even an option to remove ads if you pay $1 or Rs.55. Much needed update for this app which is very useful when testing network speeds. If you already have the app installed on your iPhone, you must have the update notification within the app store.

Apple cutting down iPhone 5 components due to lower demand than expected

Apple has been dominating the smartphone and tablet market from quite some time, but there seems to be a problem in their camp as there have been reports of Apple cutting down their order for the screens of iPhone 5 by almost half for the first quarter of 2013.

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Google Maps is back on the iPhone as a Downloadable App on the AppStore

Google Maps is finally back on the iPhone after it was removed in Apple iOS 6, it is the now back as a downloadable app on the Apple AppStore. Google Maps for the first time comes with Turn-by-Turn voice guided navigation on the iPhone.There is the much popular Street View mode too !

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Airtel starts taking Pre-Orders for iPhone 5 in India, priced at Rs.45500 for 16GB

Airtel  which is one of the leading mobile operators in India has started taking Pre-Orders for the Apple iPhone 5 on its website. Airtel is promoting the iPhone 5 on its homepage and has requested interested customers to pre-order the device. The date of availability is mentioned as November 11th 2012 which is a good 10 days later than the previous November 2nd date we have been hearing from distributors.The prices seem to be exactly the same as what we had heard prior to this.

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Apple Lightning to Micro USB Adapter for iPhone 5

You can actually charge the iPhone 5 with a regular micro USB wall charger provided you purchase the Lightning to Micro USB accessory from Apple which is sold only in Europe currently. This adapter works only with the new iPhone 5 , iPod nano and the iPod Touch which use the new Lightning connector.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs Apple iPhone 5 Compared on Video

Here is a comparison between the latest and greatest Android phone from Samsung and the latest and greatest iPhone from Apple. FoneArena puts the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 next to the Apple iPhone 5. Both are interesting devices. The Galaxy Note 2 has been launched in several countries including India whereas the iPhone 5 has been launched in few countries is expected to come to India soon.

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Apple iPhone 5 Unboxing

Presenting the first iPhone 5 unboxing in India exclusively only on FoneArena.  While the iPhone 5 is still not officially launched in India , we managed to get one over from Europe just to find out if the iPhone 5 is worth all the hype. The iPhone 5 sports an all new hardware design and the all new Apple A6 chip with 1 GB of RAM under the hood. Here is a slightly long unboxing video of the latest and greatest iPhone in India.

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Instagram updated for iPhone 5, removes live filters

Instagram, the most loved photo app/social network, which debuted on the iPhone, has been updated for the latest and the greatest iPhone, the iPhone 5. It adds support for the taller screen, meaning the resolution of the app is now 1136X640. While you are now able to see more of the app, weirdly, they have removed support for live filters. Continue reading “Instagram updated for iPhone 5, removes live filters”

Apple iPhone 5 Unlocked Prices for USA Revealed

When Apple launched the iPhone 5 yesterday , only contract pricing for the device was revealed for the US market, starting from $199 for the 16GB version ,  $299 for the 32GB version and $399 for the 64GB version. We did tell you about the Unlocked iPhone 5 prices for UK and Singapore . But now the Apple US site is displaying some prices for the iPhone which seems like the prices for the unlocked versions. It might also be a typo as these were the prices at which the iPhone 4S was available previously.

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Apple iPhone 5 Launch Countries and Rollout

Apple will be launching the iPhone on September 21 in 9 countries – Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, the US and the UK.  Apple will begin taking pre-orders in these countries this Friday September 14. Interestingly UK, Singapore and Hong Kong are countries in which Apple sells iPhones at the full price and mostly unlocked.  If you plan to be one of the 1st to own the iPhone 5 and live outside the US, may be you should ping your friends in these 3 countries or may be take an iVacation. Continue reading “Apple iPhone 5 Launch Countries and Rollout”

Apple iPhone 5 Singapore Prices are Revealed , starts from S$948

Singapore is one of the few countries getting the iPhone 5 on launch day September 21 and Singapore is one of those markets where Apple directly sells unlocked iPhones on it’s online store to consumers.  The 16GB iPhone 5 is expected to cost 948 SGD (Singapore Dollars).  Apple will start taking Pre-orders on September 14.

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Apple iPhone and iPad Mini Launch Event might be set for September 12

apple ipad mini
Multiple sources are claiming that the next big Apple product launch is about a month away. iMore is reporting a September 12th date for the event in which the new iPhone (iPhone 5) and a smaller version of the iPad (iPad Mini) will be launched. There have been multiple leaks of parts and cases related to new iPhone in recent weeks and the iPhone 4S is about to turn one this October.So the rumours might be pointing in the right direction.The new iPhone might go on sale on September 21st.

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Apple iOS5 Direct Download Links

Apple has just released the the stable version of iOS5 software for iPhone , iPad and iPod Touch and since downloading the firmware through iTunes can be e tricky affair , we have share the direct links to the firmware files on Apple servers. Make sure you download the right firmware based on your device. After you download the firmware , you would need to grab the latest version of iTunes in order to update your device.

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iPhone 5 or Verizon iPhone Parts Leaked ?

A company called GlobalDirectParts has shared a video comparing the parts of the iPhone 4 to a unreleased iPhone which they call as the iPhone 5. It looks like it may be the Verizon CDMA iPhone.Watch the slightly boring video below to see the difference between the iPhone 4 parts and the rumored iPhone 5

UPDATE: Video has been pulled from Youtube due to a copyright claim by Apple,Inc..

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