Mobile Advertising may offer free mobiles

In a recent statement Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt indicated that he sees a future where mobile phones are free to consumers who accept watching targeted forms of advertising.

This is interesting because the consumer gets to use the handset for free atleast, but there will be strings attached to it ofcourse. You will be expected to view ads on the mobile.

But one good thing is that the future will see the phone prices falling.

Gresso enters luxury phone market

Gresso_luxury_phone.jpgVertu, Mobiado and Bang & Olufsen seem to be getting competion. A new company named Gresso, based out of Russia has entered the luxury phone market.The Gresso Luxury Phone is made of gold and African Blackwood.

The case of the phone is made from Gold and African Blackwood, which age is more than 200 years. Every Gresso phone is unique and singular. Two identical phones do not exist, as well as in the nature there are no two identical trees.

Initially, phones will be on sale only in Russia.


Sony Ericsson M600i

Sony Ericsson M600i is a perfect multitasking phone.The highlighting features are the secure push email,internet and intranet access. The sleek design with 2.8-inch QVGA high resolution touch-sensitive display makes it easy for accessing the internet, watching videos and images. M600i has got a dual form keypad which houses both the QWERTY form and normal keypad apart from the handwriting recognition that makes it easy for writing emails and messages.

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Nokia and Bharti Airtel sign contract for network expansion

Press Release
Nokia and Bharti Airtel sign USD 400 million network expansion, managed services contract

Espoo, Finland – Bharti Airtel Limited has awarded Nokia an estimated USD 400 million contract to expand its managed GSM/GPRS/EDGE networks in eight Airtel circles and deploy a pan-Indian WAP solution across its networks.
As per the three-year contract, Nokia will provide managed services and expand Airtel networks to cover all towns and cities in the eight telecom circles of Mumbai, Maharashtra & Goa, Gujarat, Bihar (including Jharkhand), Orissa, Kolkata, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh (including Chattisgarh). The network monitoring operations will be carried out from Nokia’s state-of-the-art Global Network Services Center in Chennai.

CloneDVD Mobile

clonedvd mobileCloneDVD lets you to convert your dvds into formats compatible with your mobile phones. So that you never miss your favorite movies or tv series on the go.

CloneDVD mobile converts your DVD movies quickly and easily into a format that your portable device (Sony PSP, Apple iPod Video, iAudio X5, Creative Labs ZEN Vision, etc) can play. You can also convert your DVDs to other file formats, such as DivX, XviD, AVI, MP4, etc.

The software has a user friendly interface and is quick and easy to use. Copying a DVD to your mobile video machine is achieved in a few mouse clicks and without the need to rip it to your hard-disk.


  • Convert movie DVDs to play on mobile video equipment like the Sony PSP, Apple iPod Video, iAudio X5, Creative Labs Z, EN Vision, etc
  • Convert movie DVDs to other file formats like DivX, XviD, AVI, MP4, etc.
  • Utilises a high quality picture conversion engine
  • Supports multi-angle movie DVDs
  • Video Preview shows an overview of all selectable DVD titles
  • Target size freely adjustable
  • Supports chapter trimming
  • Very easy to use: Our unique Filmstrip assistant will guide you step-by-step through all settings – easy for beginners
  • Picture snapshots while converting
  • Logging window available
  • Stable, fast and does not require an ASPI driver.

The product can be downloaded for a free trial and if you want to buy it then it would cost you USD 39.

CloneDVD Mobile


hyperscore HyperScore is a free user friendly cell phone ringtone composing software released by MIT media Labs for windows. To create a ringtone, all you need is some basic insticts and a few seconds. The file is small (5.6 mb), with support to lot of instruments. The menu plays a preview of the instrument that you are choosing, to help the musically challenged people. The whole environment is friendly, with color pencils to slash the charts and in the process listen to your creation. A bubble pops out everytime you pause you mouse pointer on a element on the screen, with information about it. Many smaples have been provided to give you a feel of the software.

Hyperscore lets composers assemble music using blocks of melodic or rhythmic riffs, called “motives.” A songwriter assembles a collection of motives, represented as a palate of colors. Then, in the program’s sketch window, the composer literally paints the rhythms across the screen. Moving the brush up or down changes the pitch and user-selected harmonizing levels smooth out the sour notes and chords that emerge in the process.

What makes it an ultimate tool for ringtone creation, is its ability to share in 3 modes. You can upload it to our community, send it to a friend, or put it on your phone! See the “Share” menu in Hyperscore, or try the three buttons in the bottom right hand corner of the Hyperscore application. You get special benefits from uploading songs to our community – free ring tones, fame, glory, and more.

Download Hyperscore

PixPulse – Share mobile media


PixPulse is a new way to share mobile media using your camera phone. Using PixPulse you can Share-Blog-broadcast :

  • Easily send photos, videos and blogs from your camera phone to all your friend’s phones and mobile devices
  • Receive media from your friends and comments via SMS to your cell phone
  • Works with all WAP-enabled mobile devices on any mobile carrier in the world
  • Free for you and all your friends
  • What amke this service more interesting is that, PixPulse will be sending your sms/mms to all your friends, you will have to pay only for a single message (Thats some good news to people restricted with number of free sms per day.) PixPulse is a free service and they promise it will always be free (I doubt it though, noting the rise in the number of users has tripled in the past few days).

    Note: PixPulse is NOT a photo/video storing website or social network.

    PixPulse – Your own mobile media channel

    BenQ – Siemens Black Box

    benq black box

    BenQ – Siemens have come up with a sleak handset which would define the future of mobile technology. The handset called Black Box is basically a huge screen – thats all. One huge screen which transforms to your needs. In simple words a touch screen which would sport the look of the function you would require to do. benQ black Box

    The above pics show some of the available functions. 1) A calculator 2) FM radio (I like the iPod kinda tuner and volume control) 3) The normal cellphone 4) A game where you find a dolphin escaping a bath tub hole… or something to that effect. This design won the best design award in a Japanese Design contest. Its a pity that BenQ is bankrupt and they cant take this further. I hope Apple takes a cue and goes ahead with such designs. [Via Slashphone]

    Google News for Mobile devices in India

    Google Inc. today announced the availability of Google news for mobile devices in India.

    Mobile phone users will now be able to search and read the latest headlines from Indian news sources quickly and easily on their web-enabled mobile devices by visiting news listed under

    Google news also provides users with the option to browse through quick links to specific news categories such as business, science/tech, sports, health, and entertainment. Only sources whose content has been designed specifically for viewing on mobile devices are displayed, ensuring that users can quickly and easily read the news they want.


    Opera Mini available for Blackberry and Palm Treo

    opera miniOpera Mini, the free web browser for mobile phones, is now available for BlackBerry and Palm Treo smartphones. Opera Mini is a user friendly superior mobile browser.

    Opera Mini™ is a fast and easy alternative to Opera’s mobile browser, allowing users to access the Web on mobile phones that would normally be incapable of running a Web browser. This includes the vast majority of today’s WAP-enabled phones.

    The new version further improves the browsing experience by enabling download of images, MP3s, etc directly to your phone.

    Opera Mini uses a remote server to pre-process Web pages before sending them to your phone. Web content is optimized for your device, ensuring fast browsing and a great user experience.

    Opera Mini offers the same speed and usability as the renowned Opera mobile browser, and uses Opera™ Small Screen Rendering™ technology to provide access to the Web. It has all the features expected of a browser, and more, such as content download, skinning, bookmarks, browsing history. In addition, Opera Mini recognizes your phone and optimizes Web pages accordingly to provide faster browsing.

    There are three ways to get the browser: 1) Point your phone’s current browser to; 2) Send an SMS with the word OPERA to 96077 (SMS charges will apply); 3) Visit the Opera site and use the download wizard.

    Update: It seems like once you install it into your Treo, there is a problem. When you attempt to open it, you receive the message “Please ensure that IBM’s WebSphere Micro Environment Java VM is installed.” The program would not open.
    This is what you have to do: On the Treo 650, you’ll need Micro Environment Java VM. You can get it here:

    Mobile phone use leads to infertility ?

    Researchers in US and India have come up with a shocking new finding. Men who use mobile phones could be risking their fertility, warn researchers.

    The recent study says that Men who use mobile phone face increased risk of infertility.Although scientists say it was too early to advise men whether they should limit their mobile phone use.

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    Free Motorola Q Homescreens

    motorola q theme xbox

    KOOLdezine has got some lovely collection of homescreens for your motorola Q mobile. Most of the themes let you personalize them, by providing you with small tutorials on how to add your name and stuff on the homescreen.

    Few of the themes provided there require you to have some additional plugins installed (Which are available for free download). The instructions are simple and easy to follow. So what you waiting for? Pep you your mobile!!!

    KOOLDezine – Motorola Q Homescreens

    Mobile back up for Free!!

    zyb logoThe service is free and works with more than 200 different phone models. It’s very simple to get started, just sign up on, select your mobile phone model and in a matter of seconds you will receive a message (SMS) that automatically configures your mobile to your
    ZYB profile.

    “If you are afraid of losing all the contacts stored on your mobile, try – a free and easy to use service that allows you to store and manage your mobiles data online for free.”

    Once configured, the mobile is now ready to be synchronised with ZYB. No installation of software required. After the first synchronisation the mobiles contacts and calendar can be edited from the user’s personal profile on and all changes can be copied directly to the mobile.

    ZYB allows users to store an unlimited number of contacts and calendar entries and access them online from anywhere in the world. As such ZYB also works as a backup, so if a user is unlucky and loses his mobile, all he has to do to get his data back is to sync a new mobile with his ZYB account.

    ZYB enables users to:

      – Backup their mobile’s contacts and calendar
      – Manage their mobile’s contacts and calendar online
      – Share contacts and calendar with friends and family
      – Import public calendars to mobile.
      – Clean up contact list with the unique “merge contacts” feature

    – Synchronize their mobile’s data with other devices and services (iPod, Outlook and others)

    Some old phones like Nokia 3310 etc. might not allow you to use this service as they don’t have the Sync feature.

    ZYB – Free Mobile Backup

    Also check out the previously mentioned Yahoo SMS backup.

    Nokia and Oracle team up to deliver mobility applications

    Nokia and Oracle have come up with mobilty applications for sales force and business applications. The Nokia E61 and E62 are the supported handsets as of now.

    Press Release

    NOKIA PRESS RELEASE October 24, 2006

    Nokia and Oracle team up to deliver integrated mobility applications aimed at helping mobile professionals improve their customer service

    Mobile users can now access Oracle® Applications from Nokia E61 and Nokia E62 devices
    New York, NY, USA -Nokia today announced the certification and availability of several Oracle® mobile enterprise applications on the Nokia E61 and Nokia E62 devices. These applications include Oracle Mobile Field Service and Oracle’s Siebel Wireless, which are supported on the Nokia E61 and Nokia E62 devices. The certification enables mobile field service, field sales, and mobile professionals to use one device to access these critical business applications, as well as voice communications, while out of the office.
    Oracle Mobile Field Service enables mobile access to relevant work schedules and job information, allowing field service dispatchers and their service representatives to collaborate more closely as work requests are created, updated and subsequently completed. “By bringing our enterprise application expertise to Nokia Eseries business devices, we are delivering a mobile solution to organizations worldwide that enables mobile professionals to make informed decisions more quickly, offer better customer service, and more importantly enhance the productivity and experience of the mobile worker.” said Anand Subbaraman, Director, Field Service Product Strategy at Oracle.
    Oracle’s Siebel Wireless Applications for Sales, Service, Partner Relationship Management and eService using the Nokia device to connect to the Internet allow mobile users to view, edit and create information in their companies’ Siebel Enterprise database. “Oracle’s Siebel Wireless Applications and the Nokia E61 and Nokia E62 provide a critical market differentiation for enterprises seeking to gain a competitive advantage through mobile CRM deployments” said Guy Waterman, Senior Director, Mobile Product Strategy at Oracle.
    “Nokia and Oracle are now able to deliver essential mobile solutions to professionals: the ability to access real-time customer information. This is critical for executives, sales professionals, and field service personnel that spend a majority of their time away from their offices” said Chris Fletcher, Director of Alliance and Solutions Marketing at Nokia. “The combination of access to critical Oracle applications, combined with the best of class enterprise voice capabilities provided by the Nokia E61 and Nokia E62, make for a compelling mobile enterprise solution.”
    The Oracle and Nokia solutions will be exhibited at the Nokia stand at Oracle OpenWorld this week, October 22 – 26, 2006, at San Francisco’s Moscone Center.