Levis Phone, Inspired by Denim

Levis_Phone.jpgLevis is always associated with jeans and cowboys getting hold of their cattle on the countryside. The company has recently ventured into other men and women accessory. With mobile phone becoming an important accessory of today’s urban individual Levis doesn’t want to be left behind on this front. Continue reading “Levis Phone, Inspired by Denim”

Thanks WOMWorld for the Cool Barcelona postcard


A big thanks to the folks at WomWorld , Amy,Frank and Robbie  for sending across a Barcelona postcard and memory stick with some promo material and some OVI stickers. I wanted to be at the Mobile World Congress Event at Barcelona this year but unfortunately could not make it . The Mobile World Congress Virtual Event was organized by WomWorld and gave me a glimpse of whats happening over there.

More Mobile offerings at Mobile Asia 2008 from Samsung – F490, SGH i550, SGH i780, F250, J210, SGH i450 and D880

Its party time for all Samsung phone fans in India . They recently unleashed more phones at Mobile Asia 2008 Samsung – F490, SGH i550, SGH i780, F250, J210, SGH i450 and D880


A multimedia phone with a 3.2-inch TFT screen with a complete touch user interface, a 5MP camera and HSDPA connectivity with killer good looks and svelte lines.

F490copycopy.jpg Continue reading “More Mobile offerings at Mobile Asia 2008 from Samsung — F490, SGH i550, SGH i780, F250, J210, SGH i450 and D880”

Airtel launches Mobile Payment Services

In the wake of growing mobile VAS (value added services) market in India, Airtel has launched a range of mobile commerce solutions in India. For this Airtel has partnered with companies like HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, SBI, Corporation Bank, VISA and mChek. Continue reading “Airtel launches Mobile Payment Services”

LinkedIn for Mobile

People who are professionals and are working with different companies are very much familiar with LinkedIn, the professional network. LinkedIn has become popular in the last two to three years and is helping people to connect with professionals, find answers to questions, join professional groups, search jobs and what not. Continue reading “LinkedIn for Mobile”

Sony Ericsson launches Neat and Tidy T303

T303_Front_Open_Shadow_Black.jpgThe CeBIT 2008 is in progress in Germany and the mobile handset players are showcasing their gadgets. Nokia launched the 6650 and 6124 at CeBIT for T-Mobile and Vodafone customers. Following Nokia’s footsteps Sony Ericsson today launched a neat and tidy slider phone, T303.

Continue reading “Sony Ericsson launches Neat and Tidy T303”

Samsung showing at Mobile Asia 2008 – Soul, Metal series, SGH G800, Serenata, Armani

Samsung showed off a lot of handsets from their platter, from lifestyle phones, to basic and low-end handsets at the Mobile Asia 2008

Samsung Soul

A slim, lightweight, stylish phone with features that adapt to the user depending on the application, the Soul is pure eye candy. With Magic Touch by DaCP, navigation indicators on the keypad change according to the user’s needs.


This 3G handset is equipped with professional photographic functions including a 5MP camera. It features music library navigation and a digital power amplifier.

Measurements of the Samsung Soul are 105.9×49.5×12.9mm. Continue reading “Samsung showing at Mobile Asia 2008 – Soul, Metal series, SGH G800, Serenata, Armani”

Virgin Mobile now in India

The British communication group Virgin Mobile launched its Indian operation in India in collaboration with telecom operator Tata Teleservices Ltd (TTL), heralding a new era in mobile telephony.

Richard Branson, chairman of the Virgin Group, launched the Virgin Mobile brand by flying down the façade of popular hotel in south Mumbai and unveiled its logo in mid flight.

“The deal brings a tie-up between two of world’s leading business leaders – Ratan Tata of the Tata Group and Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin conglomerate” quotes tech2.com

Virgin Mobile will be launched in 50 cities initially and will subsequently be launched in more than 1,000 cities by the end of 2008.

2008030351290101.jpg Continue reading “Virgin Mobile now in India”

Samsung D880 Dual SIM phone

The Samsung D880 is a Dual SIM phone from Samsung .. I was trying out this phone at a local cell phone store called in Chennai

The Coolest feature about this phone is that you can actually select the SIM when you actually make a call ..

Imagine being able to switch between Airtel and Hutch sorry Vodafone when you are in the city and inside a building where no network is having the best signal . The phone looks cool and some great features

samsung-d660-box.jpg Continue reading “Samsung D880 Dual SIM phone”

Nokia shows N96, Nokia 6210 Navigator, Nokia N78, Nokia 6220 classic, Nokia 3120 classic at Mobile Asia 2008

At the Mobile Asia 2008 showing, Nokia displayed most of its superb GPS handsets.

Nokia N96

Touted to be the successor of Nokia N95, N96 is a slider phone with 16GB storage and the option to further enhance it with a MicroSD slot as well!!!


For more details on the handset, read Fonearena’s coverage here.

There is no word on how much the handset will cost in India. The European price is Euros 550, i.e. Rs 33,700 approx. Read on for more .. Seems like Nokia demoed most of its last month’s Barcelona launches here ! Continue reading “Nokia shows N96, Nokia 6210 Navigator, Nokia N78, Nokia 6220 classic, Nokia 3120 classic at Mobile Asia 2008”

Nokia N82 VS N95 The 5 Mega Pixel Camera phone Battle

As I had promised before , I m bringing you a comparison of the 5 Mega Pixel Cameras from Nokia .. Its the Nokia N82 vs the Nokia N95 .. Both phones carry a 5 Mega Pixel Camera with Carl Ziess Optics and Autofocus .. The Big difference is the flash .. The N82 has a Xenon flash whereas the N95 only a LED Flash ..

Nokia N95 n N82 Camera Lenses

Continue reading “Nokia N82 VS N95 The 5 Mega Pixel Camera phone Battle”

Mobile Phones to cost more in 2008 in India

The Union Budget 2008 is announced, it has brought smiles to the faces of salaried class people but it has disappointed mobile phone lovers a bit as mobile phones will be costing more from now. The government proposing to levy one per cent excise duty on mobile handsets. Continue reading “Mobile Phones to cost more in 2008 in India”