The Sony Ericsson Vivaz in 160 Characters

Are you following me on Twitter? If not, its about Time, because then you would have known the Sony Ericsson Vivaz a lot better than you already do. I have been test-driving the Vivaz for the past 2 Weeks to find out the Things i like about it and which i hate about this Handset. So this little Overview about the Vivaz is brought to you twitter-style, each random Sentence in 160 Characters or less!

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Top 10 Free Apps for the iPad

The iPad store is open and most of the iPad Apps are a bit expensive compared to the iPhone apps. So we made this list of 10 Free iPad apps to download to your iPad without spending a cent.  Since more apps are coming to the App store , we will try to include any interesting free apps to this list soon.

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iPad will play Flickr Videos in HD in Fullscreen using HTML5 , Who needs Flash ?

One of the major features missing on the Apple iPad is Adobe Flash support .  Apple and Adobe have never reached a successful pact on bringing Flash to the iPhone for 3 years now although talks have been going on. The best thing to happen was Flash runtime support for iPhone apps. Now this issue resurfaces on the iPad. But Apple has been a great believer in HTML5 the new upcoming standard for Web Pages and believes HTML5 can eventually replace Flash. Continue reading “iPad will play Flickr Videos in HD in Fullscreen using HTML5 , Who needs Flash ?”

Samsung Monte S5620 in India at Price of Rs.8850

Samsung has announced yet another phone for the Indian market and no it’s not a Corby series member but the Monte S5620 according to CellPassion . The S5620 is a part of the Monte series and was leaked in January and was formally announced at MWC in February and the price is surprisingly just Rs.8850 for a Touchscreen phone with Wi-Fi and a 3 Megapixel Camera.

samsung monte

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Rumour : Airtel iPhone 3G getting a Major Price Drop in India as Cheap as Rs.18499

UPDATE : It was apparently an April Fools Day Prank.

After a long delay the iPhone 3GS was finally launched in India by Airtel and Vodafone

Now , there are fresh rumors that the iPhone 3G (older model)  getting a major price cut in India . There are some leaked documents which show the new pricing for the Airtel iPhone 3G.  The price of the iPhone 3G is as cheap as Rs.18499 more than 10000 rupees lesser than the current price .

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Apple iPad Review Roundup

Apple iPad is hitting stores on April 3rd and you already saw some ipad unboxing videos from high profile US publications who have been reviewing Apple’s Tablet for over a week now. Here is a round up of the iPad reviews so far and looks like Apple has got most things right on the iPad atleast the reviews say so.  It’s not a perfect device but it creates a whole new digital experience

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Blackberry LinkedIn App now available for Download for free

Professional Networking service LinkedIn which is pretty popular amongst professionals and executives has released the first version of their mobile app for Blackberry phones. Since a lot of corporate users might be using a BB handheld , this app should help them stay in touch on LinkendIn. The iPhone app was launched recently and looked pretty impressive. One of the coolest things about the Blackberry app is the integration with BlackBerry email, calendar and contacts applications. Continue reading “Blackberry LinkedIn App now available for Download for free”