Acer Liquid Leap Active, Leap Fit and Leap Curve wearables now official


Acer has announced three new wearable devices in its Liquid wearable lineup dubbed the Acer Liquid Leap Active, Leap Fit and Leap Curve. The firm had teased these devices in April.

Starting with the Acer Liquid Leap Active tracker (see above), it comes with three interchangeable bands and has been designed for the “Young-Minded Socially Active” users. The Leap Active can monitor your daily activities and sleep. It also supports notifications alert for incoming calls, text, and social messages, and meetings. Company says that the tracker can double as a remote control for music playback on the smartphone as well.

The second wearable by Acer is Liquid Leap Fit that includes a heart rate sensor and a stress sensor for measuring stress levels. This Liquid Leap is IPX7 certified, comes with interchangeable band with a gold, silver, or black metallic hairline finish, and provides up to five days of battery life on a single charge.


Lastly, the Acer Liquid Leap Curve comes with a 1.40-inch curved touch display and boast of a distinct and premium design than the Leap Active and Leap Fit. The display is surrounded by a metal frame, but other details have not been disclosed by the company. Acer said that the pricing, specs and availability of these three new wearables will differ depending on the region.



Author: Hitesh Arora

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