Android M to bring vastly improved SD card support

Android M Developer Preview

A pet peeve of practically every Android smartphone user has been the amount of free storage available on the handset. Manufacturers are notorious for stuffing bloatware on devices with already limited storage and then skimping out on the SD card slot as well. The Nexus line set this standard for increased software stability but it looks like Google has taken a proper about-turn on their stand.  Continue reading “Android M to bring vastly improved SD card support”

SD Card functionality to feature on Android 5.0 Lollipop

Android 5.0 Lollipop will leverage the SD Card functionality on Android devices. Google has introduced new APIs which were specially designed to enable one to access SD memory cards in an easy and secure manner.

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Google Play Music All Access can now store music on SD cards

Avid users of Google’s Play Music All Access service have long lamented the lack of ability to set a download location for offline music. With the latest update, Google’s Spotify Competitor lets you store the tracks on the SD card instead of eating up valuable internal storage. Google Play Music All Access is a service by the search giant that lets subscribers stream music from a 16 million track library and also lets you keep tracks offline.

google play all access sd card

If you just stream music or have a device that lacks a card slot then this won’t affect you much. However, if your use case scenario is similar to ours where you end up saving playlists offline over WiFi to avoid going over your data limit then you’d know how quickly all those tracks can eat up space. Simply head to the settings option in the app and click storage location. A pop up will let you decide between internal storage or an SD card if you have it installed in your phone. In the brief amount of time we spent with the updated version of the application, we couldn’t spot an option to move already existing tracks over to the SD card so you might have to redownload those.


Instagram for Android gets tablet , SD card installs support

Instagram finally made its way to the super popular Android platform earlier this week and attained over a million downloads in a single day. The photo sharing app has now received an update to include support for Android tablets , SD card installation and even WiFi handsets.

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