My Phone is dead because of a fake IMEI. How Do I Reactivate it now?

China Mobiles

We all know that, all telecom operators blocked handsets with a fake IMEI or no IMEI number recently. Well if you are one of those unlucky ones whose mobile phone went dead, there is now a chance to reactivate it. Continue reading “My Phone is dead because of a fake IMEI. How Do I Reactivate it now?”

Nokia X6 Photo Gallery: 5800XM Comparison & BH-505 Mixing

Nokia’s recently announced X6 music device might have failed to gain a lot of attention at Nokia World 2009, due to the spectacular success of the Nokia N900, and its limited availability with Comes With Music service, but it still is a great solution for those who want a nice capactive touchscreen, S60 5th Edition, and 32GBs of built-in memory. The X6 also has a GPS receiver, a good 5MP camera, a nice interactive homescreen with contacts, applications, email and calendar showing up, kinetic scrolling widely implemented, HSDPA internet speeds…

Here are some comparison pictures next to its oldest sibling, the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, showing that the X6 is a bit longer but the same width, and much thinner. Both devices have the same connectors and keys at the same locations in all sides, except for the X6 not having an external microSDHC port due to its already integrated 32GB memory. The X6 also doesn’t come with any stylus, since its capacitive touchscreen doesn’t function with styluses, but only with finger touches.

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Nokia to bring Dual SIM phones in 2010

nokia dual sim

At the Nokia Capital Markets Day yesterday Nokia made a lot of forward looking statements including some indications of their device portfolio in 2010.

UPDATE: This is finally a reality ! Nokia has finally launched Dual Phones

C1 & C2

Nokia made it’s intentions to remain the leader in the handset market and that it’s not taking the competition lightly. Some good news for all of you who are craving for that Nokia Dual  SIM mobile phone. It might actually become a reality in 2010.

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BlackBerry Curve 8520 Lands on Tata Docomo


Tata Docomo has now launched the BlackBerry Curve 8520, adding it to the host of BlackBerry Services it already provides. Priced at Rs. 14,990, the BlackBerry Curve 8520 along with Tata Docomo, will appeal to a wide range of both retail customers as well as business customers who want an exceptional mobile experience with an easy mobile access to email, SMS, social networking and Internet Browsing, as well as multimedia features like a music player, a video player and a camera along with video recording. Continue reading “BlackBerry Curve 8520 Lands on Tata Docomo”

Nokia Releases QT 4.6. Makes things easier for all Symbian and Maemo App Developers

QT 4.6

Nokia today released the latest version of its cross platform application and UI framework, QT 4.6. Featuring support for a new platform and possessing powerful new graphical capabilities and support for multi-touch and gestures, Qt 4.6 makes thing easier for the developers who are developing advanced applications and devices.

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11 Digits Phone Numbers to be soon a reality?

Indian Telecom

With an exponential increase in the Mobile subscribers rate, we might be soon having 11 digits Phone Numbers. Government of India is reportedly now considering to change the numbering scheme from the current 10 digits to 11 digits with an addition of digit “9” to the numbers in order to accomodate more users.

TRAI, the telecom regulator of India, has recorded an increase of 16.67 million during october 2009 itself taking the total number of subscribers to 488 million subscribers. Hence DoT (Department of Telecommunication) has supposedly issued a note to all the telecom operators to start making necessary arrangements for the migration from Jan 1, 2010. Continue reading “11 Digits Phone Numbers to be soon a reality?”

Video Calls come to iPhone with Fring but only one way


The Mobile Messaging and Calling  Application Fring which recently announced support for Video calls on certain Nokia  and Symbian devices has brought video calling to the iPhone and iPod Touch. But the iPhone supports only one way video calls which Fring claims is due to the location of the Camera on the iPhone. Most of us would assume the iPhone had a Video Calling camera but sadly it does not have one. Continue reading “Video Calls come to iPhone with Fring but only one way”

Samsung Sells 50 Million TouchScreen Handsets


Samsung touch screen mobile phone has now crossed the 50 million mark globally in sales this month, which make it one of the competitors to watch out for, in this fast-growing touchscreen market segment.

Samsung has sold approximately around 40 million touchscreen devices this year through November end, compared to around 10 million in the year 2008. The growth in sales of this phone also shows the rapid adoption of touch screen phones by all the consumers who enjoy its intuitive user interface, powerful multimedia features and sleek designs. Continue reading “Samsung Sells 50 Million TouchScreen Handsets”

Millions of Illegal Mobile Phones without valid IMEI go dead

China MobilesMillions of illegal mobile phones without a valid IMEI number have gone dead in India today due a government order that was issued to tackle misuse of mobile phones especially terrorists.  Many users who had left comments in your IMEI Check post have fallen a prey to this incident.  We already warned you about the disconnection yday Continue reading “Millions of Illegal Mobile Phones without valid IMEI go dead”

Nokia sues bunch of LCD Manufacturers including Samsung and LG over price-fixing


Bloomberg is reporting that Nokia is suing a number of LCD Manufacturers including Samsung Electronics and LG Display Co.  Nokia is suing these makers of liquid-crystal displays over conspiracy in fixing prices of panels. Continue reading “Nokia sues bunch of LCD Manufacturers including Samsung and LG over price-fixing”

Motorola on target to sell 1 million Droid phones

motorola-droid_c Motorola – Most analysts had written the company off and some were expecting a take over. Moto even considered selling off its handset business which was posting heavy losses quarter after quarter. And now looks like the Handset maker is back in the game. The same analysts are estimating that Motorola is on target to sell 1 million Moto Droid phones on the Verizon network reports Om Malik Continue reading “Motorola on target to sell 1 million Droid phones”

The Real Google Phone does exist ?

android_logoGizmodo reports that a real Google phone is a certanity and makes us think that the Google Phone does exist. Well if you think the Google phone is already out in the name of the G1 or the HTC hero or Droid , you might be wrong . The source indicates that the Google Phone will be built on  Google-branded hardware running a version of Android we haven’t yet seen. Continue reading “The Real Google Phone does exist ?”

iPhone coming to T-Mobile USA next year not Verizon

t-mobile-iphone The Street is reporting that Apple might be bringing the iPhone to T-Mobile USA next year instead of Verizon. This news comes amidst Verizon promoting the Google Android based MotoDroid in USA heavily . The interesting fact is that Apple is already selling the iPhone on T-Mobile in select markets in Europe. Continue reading “iPhone coming to T-Mobile USA next year not Verizon”