ZEN Mobiles Launch Triple SIM Phone M111 @ Rs.3499

Zen Mobiles today launched its first Triple SIM GSM Phone called the M111. The M111 supports three GSM SIMs on the go. It is powered by 1500 mAh battery with standby time of  280 hours and a talk time of 300 minutes. Continue reading “ZEN Mobiles Launch Triple SIM Phone M111 @ Rs.3499”

Motorola Launches QUENCH XT5 in India with Aircel

Today Motorola launched their new slim touchscreen Android Handset QUENCH XT5 in India. QUENCH XT5 runs on Android 2.1 and comes with a high-resolution 3.2inch capacitive touch screen and a trackball . The QUENCH XT5 is packed with various Google services and Android Market. Continue reading “Motorola Launches QUENCH XT5 in India with Aircel”

Samsung Super Clear LCD TFT vs Super AMOLED

Do you think Samsung AMOLED is the most awesome display in the world ? Think Again Samsung have released Wave 2 with a Super Clear LCD TFT. Eldar Murtazin has posted picture comparison of Super AMOLED Vs Super Clear LCD TFT.

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66% Performance Based Pay Rise for Foxconn Employees

Foxconn has made it to the headlines for all the wrong reasons till now especially for the suicide of one of its employees. Then Apple, forced Foxconn to open their factories to journalists so that they could know about the working conditions.

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Sony Ericsson Closing Facilities and Laying Off Employees!


After removing 450 employees from the payroll last September, Sony Ericsson is now planning to close down four of it’s facilities and lay-off 2000 employees worldwide.

The facilities that are planned to be shutdown are the facilities in RTP (North Carolina), Small Facilities(Miami, Seattle and San Diego), Sweden and Chennai. 2000 employees will be laid off and some of them will have the option of getting transfers to other places like Atlanta or California. Continue reading “Sony Ericsson Closing Facilities and Laying Off Employees!”

iPhone 3GS India Launch Delayed not coming on August 9th

Sorry iPhone fans. Looks like iPhone 3GS will not be coming to India on Aug 9th. I visited a iStore in the city and from what they told me August 9th seems impossible and 3rd week of August looks more probable .

iphone 3gs india

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Light Hands On With The Nokia N97 with Pics – FoneArena Exclusive

We had an early hands on with the Nokia N97 and while we can’t give you much in details in terms of software, we can say that the hardware on this phone is amazing.

The unit was the black one , and we have exclusive pics for your viewing pleasure !

Everything from the chrome trim to the slide mechanism for the keyboard was fantastic. It truly felt like a phone worthy of it’s price tag. Continue reading “Light Hands On With The Nokia N97 with Pics — FoneArena Exclusive”

Sony Ericsson: 12MP Cameraphones In 2009, 20MP In 2012

“You want more megapixels? We’ve got more megapixels!” That seems to be the motto of Sony Ericsson nowadays. In the constant war between phone manufacturers to cram higher resolution camera sensors in their handsets, nothing is more enticing than hearing someone like Sony Ericson claim that 20 MegaPixel phone cameras will be available in 2012!

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Nokia Supernova Series

Nokia’s new lineup of Supernova handsets is about to see the Nokia 7610 Supernova handset get real in the US. This seems to be Nokia’s attempt of unleashing stylish handsets at affordable prices. Priced around 225 EUR, the Nokia 7610 Supernova offers Xpress-On covers in a choice of a set of Steel Blue and Red covers offset by a muted gray front surface, or Bright Lilac and Steel Blue contrasted against a white front surface.

Additional features include a 3.2-megapixel camera with autofocus, instant

messaging and TV out for image sharing. The Nokia 7610 Supernova also offer a dedicated music key, FM radio, an MP3 player and access to Nokia Music Store (where available) via the Nokia Music PC Client.

There are 3 more Supernova phones lined up for release. These include 7510, 7310 and 7210. While Nokia 7510 is a clamshell design, 7310 and 7210 are candybar phones. Continue reading “Nokia Supernova Series”

Samsung B200 The new Guru

Samsung have launched the successor to the highly successful B100 (Samsung Guru) model, the Samsung B200. One of the main strong holds for the Samsung model was the attractive series of ads they had promoted the product with. The product itself was meant to be a basic entry level model with no oomph value attached to it. It was a sturdy no frills model. What it did have was a whooping 9 hour continuous talk time battery life.

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