5 things the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 does better than the Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Apple iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4_fonearena-5

Samsung and Apple have had their fair share of flagship battles over the years. iPhone or Galaxy S? That’s the standard question people asked, for buying a flagship. But this year has been slightly different. In the Note’s third iteration, it was clear that Samsung had not one but two flagship devices. Similarly, Apple now has two flagship devices, the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus. Conveniently, the iPhone 6 Plus and the Note 4 are direct competitors, with similarly sized screens and ambitions. They compete on a lot of things with many commonalities, but some experiences are decidedly better on one, when compared with the other. So, here are five things that we feel the Note 4 does better vs the iPhone 6 Plus.


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NEC Medias W Dual Screen Android Phone Unboxing


You might have seen us getting intrigued by the NEC Medias W Android Phone at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year, but we have finally got it with us, in our hands, the wacky yet innovative dual screened Android Phone. The two 4.3″ qHD screens are definitely the unique selling point of the Medias W. It presents really interesting opportunities and even future-looking ideas for a better implementation. Not to say this is bad, but it is really intriguing for a v1.0. We had gotten hold of a retail unit of this unlocked phone that sells only in Japan with a carrier tie-up(NTT Docomo) for 100 Mbps LTE.The device has the model number N-05E.The box contents are bare, but take a look at the device in action in the video below –


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Nokia Lumia 1020 Yellow & Black headed to O2 UK in September, 64GB variant might be coming too

O2 UK have updated their coming soon page to show they’ll be stocking the Nokia Lumia 1020 in Yellow from next month. The Lumia 1020 will also be available in Black from O2 and will run on their 4G network, which launches on August 29.Another piece of related news is that O2 UK might be carrying a 64GB version of the Lumia 1020 too in addition to the usual 32GB which is currently on sale in the US.

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AT&T to acquire T-Mobile USA for a cool USD 39 billion

AT&T USA is the largest GSM mobile operator in USA and 2nd largest carrier after Verizon Wireless. T-Mobile USA is the 4th largest carrier and is owned by Deutsche Telekom Germany. Today, AT&T and Deutsche Telekom have announced that AT&T will acquire T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom for a price tag of USD 39 billion in cash and stock. This is totally shocking news because both these companies were competing with each other for quite some time. The deal will take the usual legal process and might take about a year to be approved. I don’t know any GSM carrier in USA apart from T-Mobile and AT&T. Now this deal means that there is going to be monopoly in the US GSM market and regulators might really not like the idea. Good luck to AT&T and Deutsche Telekom !

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Smartphone Championship: Nokia N900 vs HTC HD2

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Poll:Which one is better: Nexus One or HTC Desire?

Today I was sitting on my PC, and I suddenly start thinking about the HTC Desire and the Nexus One. Both phones are very good, and known as the one of the best devices ever manufactured by HTC. I was thinking to buy one, and these two phones came in my mind, and I start thinking which one is the best? Android 2.2 for Nexus One is out, and Android 2.2 for HTC Desire will be out before Christmas, as HTC promised. Continue reading “Poll:Which one is better: Nexus One or HTC Desire?”

Light Hands On With The Nokia N97 with Pics – FoneArena Exclusive

We had an early hands on with the Nokia N97 and while we can’t give you much in details in terms of software, we can say that the hardware on this phone is amazing.

The unit was the black one , and we have exclusive pics for your viewing pleasure !

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Worlds Most Expensive Mobile Phones

Just out of curiosity I was today having a word with my friend who recently bought a 8800 Carbon Atre which I must say is a thing of pure indulgence. So we sat down to catch up a little and ordered a Tazo Chai Tea Latte. After a while playing with the sexy slider we started to talk on what the most expensive or the costliest phones would be like. So I took out my N95 8GB and searched along sipping my Chai to find out the answer. Well for now we know what they look like and how much they are but the stats are a bit old and if you guys know what the latest is please put in the missing pieces. Till then you can take a look below at the worlds most costliest mobile devices.

We had a lot of cell phone makes in the run from  Vertu, Nokia, Gresso, Mobiado and GoldVish. Other mobile phone manufacturers are also partnering with luxury brands to produce a range of premium mobile phones, such as LG and Prada, D&G and Motorola, and now Tag Heuer and Modelabs. But the Top Spot has been grabbed by none other than Goldvish “Le million” priced appx. at a staggring $1,000,000 (£540,540).


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Mobile Blogging Guide

Mobile Blogging – You might have heard about this term. I spoke about this topic at Mobile Blogging BlogCamp.In back in September last year.


  • SMS
  • Using a 3rd party Application

Blogging using WAP / XHTML over GPRS / EDGE

In this method we will take wordpress.com for example

Login to m.wordpress.com and you would see the screen below


Type the content of you blogpost here.


Hit publish on your phone and this is what you will see on your PC.Do you notice that the new post is not top ?


Blogging via SMS

This is a costly solution but there are many providers like Reliance for instance which offer blogging via SMS.

You send a SMS to a predefined  number with the post contents and it gets published to your blog.

Using a 3rd party Application

Shozu is a application which is currently free which lets you upload phones / videos to flickr or Youtube

Litefeeds is a free Mobile RSS reader which has blogging support.

Mobile back up for Free!!

zyb logoThe service is free and works with more than 200 different phone models. Its very simple to get started, just sign up on zyb.com, select your mobile phone model and in a matter of seconds you will receive a message (SMS) that automatically configures your mobile to your
ZYB profile.

If you are afraid of losing all the contacts stored on your mobile, try ZYB.com a free and easy to use service that allows you to store and manage your mobiles data online for free.

Once configured, the mobile is now ready to be synchronised with ZYB. No installation of software required. After the first synchronisation the mobiles contacts and calendar can be edited from the users personal profile on zyb.com and all changes can be copied directly to the mobile.

ZYB allows users to store an unlimited number of contacts and calendar entries and access them online from anywhere in the world. As such ZYB also works as a backup, so if a user is unlucky and loses his mobile, all he has to do to get his data back is to sync a new mobile with his ZYB account.

ZYB enables users to:

    – Backup their mobiles contacts and calendar
    – Manage their mobiles contacts and calendar online
    – Share contacts and calendar with friends and family
    – Import public calendars to mobile.
    – Clean up contact list with the unique merge contacts feature

– Synchronize their mobiles data with other devices and services (iPod, Outlook and others)

Some old phones like Nokia 3310 etc. might not allow you to use this service as they dont have the Sync feature.

ZYB – Free Mobile Backup

Also check out the previously mentioned Yahoo SMS backup.