Versace Unique Luxury Phone

A Versace phone yeh , meet the Versace Unique what the maker claims as the first luxuy touchscreen multimedia smartphone.The phone is developed by Versace in colloboration with ModeLabs and powered by LG technology. The phone is hand-assembled in France and built to the standards of all the Versace products.

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Belleperre Nero Gold Luxury Mobile

Here are the shots of a luxury high end mobile phone called Belleperre Nero Gold.

The Belleperre company designs phones in Italy and the phones are handmade in Holland. The Belleperre is on par with luxury companies like Mobiado and Vertu (Nokia). Continue reading “Belleperre Nero Gold Luxury Mobile”

The luxurious Motorola AURA

Stylish and sleek would define the new AURA by Motorola. (Yes…finally a handset that looks different from the box type iPhones and Nokias!)

Discerning feature:

The AURA has the FIRST EVER circular LCD display with colours and 300 dpi resolution and a Grade 1, 62-carat sapphire crystal lens.

Encased in stainless steel housing, the AURA has textures and patterns chemically etched into its surface. The Swiss-made main bearing, gears composed of Rockwell 50-55 hardened steel and 130 precision ball bearings work in tandem to drive the assisted-opening blade. Motorola likens the effect to that of opening a luxury car door rather than accessing a mobile device. Its custom-engineered rotating mechanism is composed of more than 200 high-precision individual parts, and the gears are protected from harsh conditions with the same coatings used in high-performance racing engines. 

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Worlds Most Expensive Mobile Phones

Just out of curiosity I was today having a word with my friend who recently bought a 8800 Carbon Atre which I must say is a thing of pure indulgence. So we sat down to catch up a little and ordered a Tazo Chai Tea Latte. After a while playing with the sexy slider we started to talk on what the most expensive or the costliest phones would be like. So I took out my N95 8GB and searched along sipping my Chai to find out the answer. Well for now we know what they look like and how much they are but the stats are a bit old and if you guys know what the latest is please put in the missing pieces. Till then you can take a look below at the worlds most costliest mobile devices.

We had a lot of cell phone makes in the run from  Vertu, Nokia, Gresso, Mobiado and GoldVish. Other mobile phone manufacturers are also partnering with luxury brands to produce a range of premium mobile phones, such as LG and Prada, D&G and Motorola, and now Tag Heuer and Modelabs. But the Top Spot has been grabbed by none other than Goldvish “Le million” priced appx. at a staggring $1,000,000 (£540,540).


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The Mobiado Camo handset

Exclusive, touted to be stylish and certainly rugged, the new Mobiado Camo handset from their Professional Executive Model collection is all set to attract potential buyers.

Exclusive because only 200 of them will be manufactured. One can only fathom the price of the handset.

Rugged because it has a special DiamondShield coating which makes it resistant to scratches and other tarnishing.

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Levis Red Tab Phone

levis_ultra_limited_edition_red_tab_mobile_phone.jpgThis time Levis has done it again. After launching the Levis Original phone Levis has come up with Levis Ultra limited edition phone. Similar to its Red Tab Jeans this mobile phone will also be called the Levis Red Tab handset and this time it is a limited edition phone with just 100 available. Continue reading “Levis Red Tab Phone”

World’s most expensive iPhone

iphone_diamonds_2_thumb_450x300.jpgThere are some people in this bad world, who, if given a choice between a high-end premium phone and an apartment in a big city, will buy the phone. A designer and jewelery maker from the beautiful country of Austria has come out with an iPhone for people who can go to any limit to buy a phone that is not high on functionality, but is certainly high on the bling bling side. Continue reading “World’s most expensive iPhone”

Tennis Star Jelena Jankovic launching the Blingy Sony Ericsson Phone

Remember the luxurious and stylish 24-carat Precious Gold T650i mobile phone, Serbian star Jelena Jankovic launched the Sony Ericsson T650i Gold mobile phone during the WTA tour. Watch the video.

World’s most Expensive Mobile Handset


Every mobile phone enthusiast has heard of the phone LeMillion. Even Vertu is like, cheap stuff in front of this phone. This phone is ultimate in the category of luxurious mobile phones. And when everybody around the world was speculating, which is the costliest mobile handset in the world, Guinness Book of World Records have come out with its verdict, which nobody can challenge (given Guinness’ reputation and genuine parameters). Continue reading “World’s most Expensive Mobile Handset”

Luxurious and Stylish, Golden T650i

When everybody was thinking that premium phones is only Nokia’s domain, Sony Ericsson has come up with a Golden T650i. This is very rare from a company like Sony Ericsson, who does not focus on coming out with premium phones. Anyways, this T650i is the same phone, which was launched by the company, the only difference being that, now it has 24 Carat pure gold plating, scratch resistant mineral glass display has added a lot of oomph and style to this Sony Ericsson handset. Continue reading “Luxurious and Stylish, Golden T650i”

Need a Christmas Gift idea? The iDiamond Ear is here!

The strains of Madonna’s famous song, “We are living in a material world” have never sounded so real ever before.

Diamond studded jewellery is passé. So are diamond studded watches. The latest ‘jewellery’ to entice the who’s who of the world will be the ‘iDiamond Ear’.

A new earphones set designed by Heyerdahl Jewellery from Oslo, Norway, this diamond studded masterpiece is made of 18 karat gold, set with a total of 204 diamonds, with a total carat of 1.65.

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Gresso enters luxury phone market

Gresso_luxury_phone.jpgVertu, Mobiado and Bang & Olufsen seem to be getting competion. A new company named Gresso, based out of Russia has entered the luxury phone market.The Gresso Luxury Phone is made of gold and African Blackwood.

The case of the phone is made from Gold and African Blackwood, which age is more than 200 years. Every Gresso phone is unique and singular. Two identical phones do not exist, as well as in the nature there are no two identical trees.

Initially, phones will be on sale only in Russia.