Sony Ericsson: 12MP Cameraphones In 2009, 20MP In 2012

“You want more megapixels? We’ve got more megapixels!” That seems to be the motto of Sony Ericsson nowadays. In the constant war between phone manufacturers to cram higher resolution camera sensors in their handsets, nothing is more enticing than hearing someone like Sony Ericson claim that 20 MegaPixel phone cameras will be available in 2012!

Yes, well that just wasn’t their one and only prediction for 2012. They also stated that we will be running 1Ghz CPUs in our phones, will enjoy full HD for video recording and XGA screen resolution, and will be browsing the web at 100 Mbps. Sweet.

But just today, we received confirmation that their predictions might be well on track. They made a very interesting announcement for their new Exmor CMOS image sensor lineup. The lineup includes a 5MP, an 8MP and the grand finale, a 12MP camera sensor. The best news is that it might just hit the street in mid2009!

Wow, Sony, just wow! Now how about making a wider availability of optical zooms, getting better lenses and coding better imaging software, and implementing HD video recording before 2012 for a change? We love Megapixels, but honestly, after 8MP, it gets silly to keep running after the numbers.

[Source: Sony Ericsson 2012 Predictions and Sony Ericsson Exmor lineup]