Nokia N8 Pics from Taiwan

Here are some cool pics of the Nokia N8 Preview event in Taiwan which happened recently. Seems like Nokia is gearing up to launch the handset in Asia soon. It’s launching the N8 in 3 colors in Taiwan initially – silver , black and green. Orange and Blue and White variants will be launched later.

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Nokia N900 Unboxing Pictures

Nokia N900 is in da the house !  We managed to get hold of a Prototype N900 a.k.a RX-51  when the  phone is just about to begin selling worldwide. Here are some unboxing pictures for your viewing pleasure. The N900 box looks very similar to the N97’s but what different is that you find a embossed N900 on the front. This is the First phone running Nokia’s new found love – Maemo 5.

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Nokia N900 Live Pics

You might have seen the official announcement , press pics , leaked photos and even the videos on youtube and vimeo. But nothing can beat Real life pics of a phone. Just spotted these live pics of the N900 linux phone on twitter and it looks awesome for sure. Full screen browser is going to kick ass.

Thanks to this twitter user jurthys for showing off his latest toy !

via twitpic

Another pic from flickr

Light Hands On With The Nokia N97 with Pics – FoneArena Exclusive

We had an early hands on with the Nokia N97 and while we can’t give you much in details in terms of software, we can say that the hardware on this phone is amazing.

The unit was the black one , and we have exclusive pics for your viewing pleasure !

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Nokia N97 Gets Reviewed in Russia

The Nokia N97 is one the most anticipated handsets from the Finnish phone maker.The excitement surrounding the  phone is at the maximum level since the announcement. Even a Making of the N97 Video was released. The phone is expected to be up for grabs in stores in june

If you can’t wait to check out the phone , there is some good news – at a Russian site has reviewed the N97 in detail and have also attached more than 100 pics of N97 comparing it with many recent high end phones like Nokia 5800, N90, E71, Xperia, HTC Touch Pro, and many other phones.

Below are some best pics taken from the Russian Site Mobile-Review

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Images of Palm Pre Box Leaked

Palm Pre is the most anticipated phone in USA and also by touchscreen fans worldwide .

You saw the Pre Unboxed

But here are some pics of the packaging of Palm Pre which are of the original one for sure! Have a look..


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Nokia 6210 Navigator and N82 Black High Quality Pics and Comparison

Rita has clicked some great high quality pics of the Nokia 6210 Navigator and Nokia N82 Black

The Nokia Maps functionality and dedicated maps button is unique to the 6210 ..

We got a review unit from WomWorld

Lets jump into a general comparison of the 2 devices

navigator vs the nseries

newer versions have been added to this family at Barcelona .. The 6710 and 6720 are expected to hit the markets soon.. But for now 6210 is one of the most appealing Navigation focused phones .. GPS is not perfect indoors but still works well outdoors Continue reading “Nokia 6210 Navigator and N82 Black High Quality Pics and Comparison”