Android Press Conference : January 5th

Seems like the reports we gathered the last week regarding Google Nexus One is coming to reality. As reported by Engadget, Google has officially announced a press gathering for Android on the January 5th. While the page doesn’t itself reveal much,  we are expecting the launch of Nexus on this day. Continue reading “Android Press Conference : January 5th”

Android G1 to get official version update

The phone that brought Android to the forefront, T-Mobile G1 gets a second lease of life with confirmed reports of Android 2.0 or 2.1 update over-the-air for an eclair build.

The version of the update has not been clear but its atleast going to be Android 2.0, and if the owners are lucky they will get 2.1, the version which is running on Google Nexus One. Both the updates are to be done Over-The-Air (OTA).

T-Mobile G1 Continue reading “Android G1 to get official version update”

Google Nexus One : Invitation Only?

Here is a device that people have been waiting for, but it seems its going to land up only in the hands of few invites, selected by Google on criteria which is best left to them. Latest buzz on the web world is that Nexus One would be available as an invitation only retail sale from 5th January 2010.

Google Nexus One

Also, this time there has been much more clear picture on the specs of the handset. The handset, developed by HTC, boasts of 3.7 inch AMOLED screen and runs on Android 2.1 . For the internet geeks, they would be happy to know that the handset loads pages even faster than the iPhone 3GS and Motorola Droid. Continue reading “Google Nexus One : Invitation Only?”

Motorala’s Android effort for whole China

Motorola has enjoyed good support in China for a long time, thanks to its support to the nation’s homegrown TD-SCDMA 3G technology, and gorgeous looking Win Mobile SURF. Now it has announced not one or two, but three Android high-end handsets for China’s three big carriers.

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Acer’s big mobile plans – To launch 8-10 handsets in 2010

Acer seems to be on an ambitious plan, charting out a strategy of introducing 8-10 handsets next year. The range of handsets is between low to high end, offering both Android and Windows Mobile Solutions but most likely would prefer Android over the two.Acer Liquid Continue reading “Acer’s big mobile plans – To launch 8-10 handsets in 2010”

Drive with the new Blackberry Application

Never realized that we could have been missing on a feature on one of the finest phones, till I came across Drive . Bluetooth is so much good till the time a call comes through, but here comes an application that sorts out the problem of receiving mails and messages and your hands itching to check it out while driving.

Drive actually reads out your SMS or Mail as it arrives in the mail box, and can auto respond to the same. An excellent application for those busy individuals on the move. Easy to use, just set it to “On” while driving and it will read out your message in Crystal Clear voice.

Drive Safely Mobile Application
Drive Safely Mobile Application

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iPhone 3G and 3GS release on Vodafone UK

While the whole India waits for iPhone 3GS to appear legally and legitimately on our shores, UK users now get another option to purchase iPhone. Vodafone is set to bring the phone to the “classes” on 14th January. After O2 and Orange, that’s the third operator for UK.

Apple iPhone 3GS Continue reading “iPhone 3G and 3GS release on Vodafone UK”

Blackberry Curve 8520 : China, Russia calling

It seems RIM is leaving no stone unturned to capitalize on the phenomenon called Blackberry. After announcing higher than expected Q3 2009 Revenue, RIM has announced its plans for other major markets in China and Russia with new handset launch and reduced price plans.

In both the markets RIM is introducing the new slim Blackberry Curve 8520. Apart from being a quad-band EDGE phone with dedicated multimedia keys and excellent social networking tools, the phone features a highly tactile full QWERTY keyboard for comfortable, accurate typing. The phone is WiFi enabled with 4.5 Hours talktime and 17 days standby.

Blackberry Curve 8520
Blackberry Curve 8520

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OtterBox new Impact and Commuter Series for Blackberry Bold 9700

We all fell in love with the extremely stylish Blackberry Bold, which gets better with Bold 9700. To protect that lovely device of yours, OtterBox has revealed two new set of cases called Impact and Commuter Series which offer an awesome protection for the device.

Impact Series Case
Impact Series Case

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Nokia 5530 XpressMusic – Third touchscreen phone

Nokia is determined to catch up with the TouchScreen phone market in a big way. Rumours have it that a third phone is about to be announced, with price slightly lower than that of Nokia 5800.

The original claims have been made at Daily Mobile, about the 5530 XpressMusic phone. The phone is expected to launch in September.

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iPhone OS 3.0 hints Video Recording

The last of the very basic features missing from iPhone since its inception, seems to have been take care of in iPhone OS 3.0.

MacRumour suggests that the developer’s beta of iPhone OS 3.0 hints at a Video Recording feature in the upcoming iPhone 2009.

Among the other goodies to be present in the new iPhone are voice controls, more settings option, auto Continue reading “iPhone OS 3.0 hints Video Recording”

Download ShoZu for Nokia 5800

ShoZu has released its mobile application for the Nokia touchscreen phones, Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97. For those who are still wondering what Shozu is, its an application that lets you share your photos or videos on mobile to most of the online networking sites, photo galleries, blogs, email, etc. with a simple mobile interface.

ShoZu supports more than sites, including the likes of Facebook, Flickr, twitter, YouTube, etc. It also has support for Ovi, so you do not need multiple clients for your Nokia phone. Continue reading “Download ShoZu for Nokia 5800”

Apple wins Gold Award at Future Mobile Awards 2009.

Juniper Research has announced the winners of the Future Mobile Award 2009. Under the Future Mobile Games category, Apple won the Gold award and Fishlabs won the silver award.

Apple was given the award considering the innovation Apple and App Store provided from the developers and consumers perspective.While the device provides the developers to create compelling and visually attractive games, together with a business model offering a highly competitve revenue share,
for the consumers it has provided the UI which provides a great gaming experience.

chk out the video below which shows asphalt – a 3d racing game by gameloft for the iphone

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AT&T to offer unlocked iPhone 3G without contract

Finally its happening!

Since the launch of first gen iPhone on AT&T network, we were all waiting for this to happen. March 26th will mark the arrival of unlocked no-contract iPhone 3G in US market.
Yes, if the leaks are supposed to be believed, AT&T will offer unlocked iPhone 3G, without any contract obligations. You just need to be an existing AT&T customer, and can purchase the iPhone with no in-store activation required.

The price is 599/699 dollars for 8/16 GB respectively. This is much more than the current contractual price, but gives its customers an option of selecting their best usage plan, unlike the iPhone pre-definced plans.
Also, the price is relatively cheaper than the unlocked iPhone available in Hong Kong and Italy.

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Nokia 5800 Applications and games

There are loads of applications and games floating around for Nokia phones. While Nokia Store will provide an opportunity to download them all from single place, provided directly by the developer, till the time this happens lets dive in to some of the free applications present.

Checkers Image

In this post i will concentrate on Nokia 5800 XpressMusic applications.One of my favorite ones is Checkers, a simple widget based application. Continue reading “Nokia 5800 Applications and games”