Nokia N97 vs HTC Touch Pro 2 Photo Gallery

Here is a gallery howing the comparison between the Nokia N97 and HTC Touch Pro 2. The pictures have been taken by a good friend of mine, Centrinos. Thanks goes to him.

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HTC TouchPro Unboxing Video

A little while ago we brought you unboxing pictures of the HTC Touch Pro .. Now we have the video for you ..

This phone reminds me a lot of the HTC G1 in terms of design which is the first google android phone .

But this one is tad heavier and can replace your paper weights !

We are excited about this device since its the first Windows Mobile 6 device we are playing with.

HTC Touch Pro Unboxing Pics

We got our hands on the HTC Touch Pro which is a QWERTY Device powered by TouchFlo3D touch screen and is powered by Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro

Here is pic of the phone with the keyboard pulled out ..

The styling of this phone is unique and really classy ..

The only problem is that it collect dirt easily ..

see the awesome keyboard below .. would be great for all you Hardcore SMSes and Email users ..

Interesting features of the htc touch pro include

  • Quad Band GSM and Dual Band 3G network support
  • 2.8-inch touch screen, with four times the resolution of most phones.
  • Inbuilt GPS Receiver
  • Inbuilt 3.2 Megapixel Camera with flash and video recording
  • Wifi, Bluetooth , USB
  • microSD expansion support .. mine din’t have any memory – had to purchase one separately

More pictures after the jump

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HTC’s new launch – Touch Pro with QWERTY keypad

A handset launch from HTC is always interesting. Their handsets are highly technologically advanced and bring generation next business phones within reach.

HTC has unveiled the HTC Touch Pro that is a strong contender for the top slot amongst business phones.

Specs & Features: