Samsung B200 The new Guru

Samsung have launched the successor to the highly successful B100 (Samsung Guru) model, the Samsung B200. One of the main strong holds for the Samsung model was the attractive series of ads they had promoted the product with. The product itself was meant to be a basic entry level model with no oomph value attached to it. It was a sturdy no frills model. What it did have was a whooping 9 hour continuous talk time battery life.

Coming to the new model, Samsung B200(Guru 200) offers a unique feature which is still unknown at the entry level phones, FM RECORDING. So for this model this could well be the deal breaker. This definitely offers a competitive edge over the previous model and few other entry level handsets.

It also houses a built-in FM radio tuner and recording feature that lets users record live radio shows and use them later as alarms or custom ringtones. Cricket and Sudoku are a couple of pre-installed Java games and there is also a Mobile tracker and Emergency SMS feature. Another important and useful feature is the Call Time Limit feature that allows users to create a monthly limit for hours during calls. An Indian calendar will also be built-in, featuring local holidays and the Hinglish database.

This handset also offers the 9 hours continous talk time feature . I also hope it has similar innovative ad schemes that are really attractive.

The Samsung Guru200 will be available in India for Rs. 2,999.

Author: Team FoneArena

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