Download Facebook for iPhone 3.0 Soon

A new Facebook application has been launched for iPhones running OS version 3.0. The man behind the application is Joe Hewitt. The application has just been submitted to the Apple App Store and should be available for download pretty soon. Continue reading “Download Facebook for iPhone 3.0 Soon”

Orkut gets a Mobile App Finally , Start Writing Scraps on your phone

Orkut has been the most popular social networking website amongst India’s youth.But Facebook has been dominating the mobile social networking space . The Facebook iPhone App is a big hit. They launched a version of S60 phones recently and also mobile web version is usable. Google which released a mobile friendly version of orkut sometime back seems to have understood the need to roll out a dedicated Mobile App for Orkut. Continue reading “Orkut gets a Mobile App Finally , Start Writing Scraps on your phone”

Get Up Close And Personal With Facebook On The Nokia N97: Nokia 97 Members Club Update

Today i got another update from Nokia 97 Members Club via an email. The email delved on the Facebook integration with the N97

Here are its contents

Get Up Close And Personal With Facebook On The Nokia N97

Welcome to the latest update from the Nokia N97 Members Club. In this edition we’ll be showcasing just how easy it is to socialize and stay connected with friends and family via the Facebook application on the Nokia N97. Continue reading “Get Up Close And Personal With Facebook On The Nokia N97: Nokia 97 Members Club Update”

The Nokia N97 Facebook App Walkthrough with Screenshots

If you are following fonearena and posts, then you must have come across various posts about Nokia N97 the upcoming flagship handset of nokia. Recently you saw the Making of Nokia N97. Well, now we have one more update for those of you looking forward to the Nokia N97


Now we have a few more information about the facebook widget app in the Nokia N97. As you can see in screenshots taken by Steve of Last100 , one can perform complete tasks of adding friends, uploading photos and much more. Just have a look on the following cool images.. Continue reading “The Nokia N97 Facebook App Walkthrough with Screenshots”

Facebook Connects with iPhone

Facebook applications will now be available on the iPhone through Facebook Connect. Through Connect, developers can code iPhone OS-friendly Facebook applications, simply by adding a few lines of ‘Objective C’ which is used in App development for iPhone OS.

Henceforth, iPhone or iPod Touch users will be able to log into Facebook directly within an app and share whatever they wish to with friends.

Facebook Connect for users means they’ll have to download/purchase iPhone apps featuring Facebook Connect. From that, users can log in, find their friends and share information with them by publishing stories on Facebook profile. Continue reading “Facebook Connects with iPhone”

Nokia in talks with Facebook Yet Again

We Reported more than a year ago about Nokia connecting with Facebook

Nokia is trying to build a Social Network and has expressed its intentions to become an Internet Company.

Facebook has a ever growing User base and Nokia has so many devices being used in the market.

How do you connect those users using those devices ? A popular Social Network is that Answer. Continue reading “Nokia in talks with Facebook Yet Again”

Chat On Mobiles with Facebook Support

Hi guys,

I’m happy to announce ebuddy just pushed the button; now have a brand new version now available! Want to have a look? No need to wait a single minute, simply open your mobile browser, go to and off you go! The most important new features we’ve added are:

More networks D
As of today, you can chat on Facebook and ICQ from our Mobile Messenger

networks Continue reading “Chat On Mobiles with Facebook Support”

Nokia and Facebook talking partnership again ?

It seems talks are in their earliest stages at the moment, but according to mocoNews, Nokia and Facebook reps are mulling a potential partnership, and there has even been whispers of dollars changing hands in the process. Apparently, the deal could involve making the Facebook icon a prominent fixture on Nokia handsets and product displays, and while it’s far from confirmed, it could also involve Nokia “purchasing a stake in [Facebook].” Continue reading “Nokia and Facebook talking partnership again ?”

JuiceCaster coming to India

Are networking sites Facebook or Orkut banned at your workplace computers?

JuiceCaster to your rescue!

If you have a camera and a Windows enabled phone, you will be able to share your videos from your phone itself.


California-based Juice Wireless is all set to offer Indians this flexibility of publishing multimedia content from their phone to any person, group, Web site, or desktop with the help of JuiceCaster. Continue reading “JuiceCaster coming to India”

Nokia connecting with Facebook??


Facebook is a social networking sire launched in the year 2004. It became very popular with users who were bored of using Orkut and wanted something new. Today Facebook is very popular, especially among users. Paid Content has reported that Nokia and Facebook might enter in some kind of deal. They say that the news is confirmed by their “sources”. Continue reading “Nokia connecting with Facebook??”