Nokia C5 Gets Silently Updated

The popular Nokia C5 just got updated by Nokia to bring it more in line with current gen phones. The spec bumps are minor but appreciated nonetheless. The phone physically remains the same and runs the same OS ie S60v3 but now gets to enjoy 256MB of RAM which is double of the previous version. The processor remains the same.

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Nokia C5-03 Available in India for Rs.9250

Looks like Nokia is keeping up it’s promise of launching the C5-03 in India within this quarter. Nokia C5-03 is already available in many retail shops in India. The handset runs on Symbian S60 5th Edition and supports 3G and WiFi and packs a 5 MP Camera . It seems like a successor to the 5800 in terms of specs.
nokia c5-03 india
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MidRange Battle: Nokia E5 vs C5 Specs Comparison And Picture Gallery

The Nokia C5 and E5 are part of the relatively new Nokia line-up of devices, after the naming convention change. Both are middle class in their series, with the C5 being more a classic phone, and the E5 more an Enterprise phone, with a full QWERTY keyboard. Despite belonging to two different categories, both bare a striking resemblance, design-wise, hardware-wise, and software-wise.

On a hardware basis, the C5 has a 2.2″ transmissive screen at a 240×320 resolution with 24bit colors. It has a total volume of 56.2cc and weighs about 89g, with a 600 MHz processor and a 1050 mAh battery that can be charged both by the regular charger and microUSB. The connectivity options are limited to Bluetooth, EDGE, 3G and HSUPA, with no Wi-Fi on board. Storage-wise, it has 50MB of internal memory, 128MB of RAM, and comes with a 2GB hot-swappable microSD. As for the camera, it’s a 3.2MP EDoF camera.

The E5, on the other hand, has a larger 2.4″ transmissive screen at a 320×240 resolution with only 18bit colors. It weighs much more at 126g and has a larger volume of 75cc. It features quick access to a torch and a bluetooth toggle, and has a dedicated Messaging button. It also comes with a 600MHz processor and a much optimized 1200 mAh battery that can also be charged by a regular 3-pin or microUSB. Its connectivity options are the same as the C5, but it adds support for WiFi. As for storage, it has a whopping 250MB of internal memory, 256MB of RAM which should both guarantee a problem-free usage, and a 2GB non hot-swappable microSD. It has a 5MP EDoF camera. Continue reading “MidRange Battle: Nokia E5 vs C5 Specs Comparison And Picture Gallery”

Facebook Integration Shines On The Nokia C5

When the Nokia C5 was announced, one of the features it claimed to have was full integration between your Contacts and your Facebook friends, going as far as showing you the latest status updates from your friends when you browse through the contacts. This feature seemed to be forgotten as we moved on to more device announcements, especially the Nokia N8, but as the Nokia C5 was finally dropped off for us to review, the first thing we set out to discover is if this Facebook integration claim was right. Right it proved to be, and here is the detailed feature explanation.

How to activate the Facebook social phonebook features
After transferring your Contacts to the C5, you won’t notice any out of the ordinary option related to Facebook. You have to head into your Application folder and look for the Facebook application, open it, sign in and hit Settings. From there you get to pick if you want to activate the Social Phonebook option and how frequently it should look for new status updates from your friends.

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Nokia C5 Available in India – Price Rs.8500

The Nokia C5 which was unveiled at CeBit Germany this year is now available in India for Rs.8500

A Nokia Dealer tells us that limited quantities of the phone are going to be available tomorrow and that you can book it today. The C5 is the first C-series phone and runs on Symbian S60 3rd edition

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Nokia C5 Live Pics

Nokia C5 Review

Here are some live pics of the Nokia C5 from a Singapore event. The C5 reminded me a lot of the popular 6233 music phone .Back then that phone was running S40 but now the Nokia folks have managed to cram in Symbian in a similar form factor. The C5 might turn out to be a successful no-frills phone used mainly for calls or messaging. Check out the pics below ! Continue reading “Nokia C5 Live Pics”

Nokia C2 is C5 with a Rotating Keyboard

UPDATE : Nokia C2 is a Dual SIM Phone

Remember we saw a leaked image from a presentation about the Nokia C2 ? Now the same italian site has manged to put a much more credible image of the C2. It looks much more believable now although it’s still classified as a rumor . Looking at the new image the C2 seems like a  C5 at first but its got a rotating keyboard.

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Nokia C5 Photo Gallery

Our very own Michael has been playing with the recently announced Nokia C5. Here are some cool pics of the C5 in this exclusive Photo Gallery. The phone runs on Symbian and looks pretty stylish. It supports 3G and GSM Networks. One of the interesting features is the Facebook integration into the phonebook

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Press: Nokia C5 and Nokia X5 announced for China Mobile

Nokia has unveiled the C5 and X5 for China. While we have seen the C5 already . We are seeing the X5 for the first time !

Update : press shot added – the CDMA C5 looks different from the original C5 announced at CeBit

Nokia extends its offering in the TD-SCDMA market

Announcing two new sleek and stylish devices: Nokia C5 and Nokia X5

Beijing, China – Nokia today strengthens its TD-SCDMA portfolio announcing two new devices: the Nokia X5 and the Nokia C5 for TD-SCDMA. Customized for China Mobile – the world’s leading operator – these two new TD-SCDMA devices which include the first joint mobile application store, the Mobile Market-Ovi Store, are another demonstration of Nokia’s continued commitment to TD-SCDMA as a major standard in China. The Nokia X5 and C5 will debut at the World Expo Shanghai 2010, where consumers can test the Nokia TD-SCDMA devices powerful entertainment features and rich internet experience in the China Mobile Expo area. Continue reading “Press: Nokia C5 and Nokia X5 announced for China Mobile”