Skype Translator expands to more regions and languages


Communication is meant to bring people closer and that is what Skype does however one of the major barriers that people face in communication is language. Skype Translator was rolled out as a preview app in December 2014 and since then hundreds of thousands of people have been able to circumvent that barrier.

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This is how Whatsapp Calls will supposedly look like

At the MWC 2014 earlier this year, Whatsapp were present and their CEO was just fresh from the 19 billion USD deal with Facebook. At the event, Whatsapp discussed their post Facebook acquisition plans and they also mentioned that they will be introducing VoIP calls in Q2 2014. According to an Italian blog, they were able to get their hands on the latest Whatsapp app with support for voice calls.

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Viber launches ‘Viber Out’ feature on its third birthday

Viber, one of the popular VoIP applications, completes three years as of today. On its third birthday, Viber has announced the rollout of its latest feature – ‘Viber Out’. Viber Out is Viber’s answer to Skype’s ability to call any mobile or landline number.

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Viber for Android and iPhone gets new voice engine, photo and location sharing

Viber VOIP (Voice Over IP) app for Android and iPhone has been updated to version 2.1 that brings new features such as new Voice engine that offers better voice quality, Location sharing, Photo sharing, typing indicator and lots more. Continue reading “Viber for Android and iPhone gets new voice engine, photo and location sharing”

Viber VoIP app now available for Android

Viber VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) app is now available for Android. This app doesn’t need any registration and you can make a VoIP call or send a message using the mobile contacts without adding people. The app is already available for iPhone. Continue reading “Viber VoIP app now available for Android”

BSNL launches Voice & Video Telephony (VVOIP) in India

BSNL today launched it’s Voice and Video Telephony service –  VVOIP in India. IP to IP voice calls within India will cost 40 paise per minute and IP to IP video calls within India will cost Rs.2 per minute. Monthly charges for using this service will be Rs.150. International calls seem really cheap at just 1.2 paise per minute if we go by the release . BSNL has launched this service in partnership with Sai InfoSystem (India) Ltd. (SIS).

While we figure out the exact tariffs and equipment required, you can find the release below.

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Vonage Mobile for Facebook allows you to call your Facebook friends for free!

If you love saving money and your minutes, then here is an application for you. Vonage has launched an app for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android OS which is known as Vonage Mobile for Facebook. The ap Continue reading “Vonage Mobile for Facebook allows you to call your Facebook friends for free!”

Fring launches 1st Video Calling App for Android

Fring has launched the first video calling app for Android phones. It lets you make 2-way video calls over Internet with the power of VoIP. Although we saw Qik running on EVO 4G during its launch, it seems like it will be limited to the particular device and it’s not available to end users till now. Fring for Android makes video calling possible on any android phone with a front facing camera. And the other party in the video call can be using a Nokia phone or even an iPhone incase they just want to see your stream. And the best part is Fring supports Skype, Google Talk Video chats ! Continue reading “Fring launches 1st Video Calling App for Android”

Download Skype for your Nokia Symbian phone now

Nokia and Skype have teamed up to offer Skype to over 200 million Symbian phone users worldwide.  The application works over WiFi and Mobile Networks such – GPRS/EDGE/3G.  Its available for download from the Nokia Ovi Store Continue reading “Download Skype for your Nokia Symbian phone now”

Fring Launches 3G Video and Voice Calls


Soon after Apple allowed VOIP calls on its AT&T network after succumbing to FCC’s orders, Fring, a VOIP client launched its 3G-friendly VoIP app on iPhone. With fring on 3G, users get unrestricted, mobile communication. Now iPhone fring users can call, video call, chat and more for FREE over 3G and Wi-Fi. Fring offers to connect to many IM clients like Gtalk, Yahoo, MSN and more. Continue reading “Fring Launches 3G Video and Voice Calls”

Fring On Android & Symbian Gets An Update

Fring, have released a new version of their IM and VOIP application for Android and Symbian devices. Although, the Android version still lacks features that are already present in the Symbian version but the update has made the app stable. Take a look at the graph:

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What does Skype buying Gizmo Project mean for Truphone and the next Billion

Skype/GizmoWhat does it mean if Skype buys Gizmo Project? This is a huge deal for the VOIP industry.  It is a big deal for something that keeps going thorough my mind “The next Billion” (meaning the next billion people to get mobile phones and get on the mobile web).  The first thing that came to mind when I heard about this potential acquisition is interoperability with Truphone.

If Skype buys Gizmo Pr0ject this means they would start using the SIP standard as far as I understand.  Using SIP means that Skype would suddenly be interoperable with services like Google Chat (including video and voice chat), Truphone, and many of the other VOIP services. Continue reading “What does Skype buying Gizmo Project mean for Truphone and the next Billion”

Skype iPhone App First ScreenShots

The iPhone App for Skype is official !

We got our hands on the Skype App for the iPhone

Its currently available in the Denmark App store on iTunes..

You can now make calls over Wi-Fi or GPRS all over the world ! for free if its withing skype or using skype credits if u want to call landlines ! This move is a great news of ipod users who would like to use their ipod as a phone .. well with the ability to make calls – you ipod is nearly a phone !

you can update your skype profile and even take a photo and attach it !

Check out the screenshots for more !

The App is a FREE download from the iTunes app store ..

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Fring – Its Update Time

FringLand, the company behind Fring, the popular VOIP software have announced an update to their popular product.

They have released two versions, one for their Symbian version and the other for their Windows Mobile Version. There is yet no news as to why they have not released an update for their Symbian UIQ version.

For symbian S60, this in version 3.35 is more stable than ever and also brings all round better sound quality. Speakerphone support is added for devices running on top of Symbian 9.2 (S60 3.1), and file transfer is now enabled for Yahoo! IM and Skype. Continue reading “Fring – Its Update Time”