Unboxing The Beautiful Nokia N86 8MP White

The unsung hero of the Nseries family, the Nokia N86 8MP has probably received way less publicity and marketing than the Nokia N97 or N97 Mini. Yet, despite the lack of coverage, the Nokia N86 8MP remains one of the best camera phones out there.

With an 8MP camera sensor and a lens provided by Carl Zeiss, Dual-LED flash, large aperture to capture the tiniest lights in dark environments, and true video zooming without pixelation, it’s hard to fault the N86 8MP at any photography skills. It also features WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, TV-Out, 8GB of internal storage, and runs on the tried and true S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 software. For many people who have handled it, it’s the ultimate successor to the illustrious Nokia N95, pushing the boundaries of the Dual-Slider form factor with dedicated multimedia keys and a kick-stand, and proving that a lot can be packed in a small overall size.

Here, we unbox the white version of the Nokia N86 8MP, a true beauty considering the simple lines, silver ring, and the super clean white color. It also comes with a set of white in-ear headphones that are a nice departure from Nokia’s ear-torturing regular headphones. Enjoy.


Black Nokia N86 8MP Picture Gallery

The say a picture is worth a thousand words, so how about 28000 words? That is 28 high-resolution images of the Nokia N86 8mp. The more I use this phone, the more I love it and it only gets better with time. I will let this great picture gallery of the device speak for itself. You can click on the thumbnails to access the full resolution photo.

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Nokia N86 vs N82 Picture Gallery

After having brought to you a camera comparison between Nokia’s newest camera flagship, the N86 8MP, and its old sibling, the Nokia N82, today we show you a side by side comparison of the 2 device’s hardware and design. As always, you can click on the thumbnails to access the full resolution photos.

Sizewise, the N86 8MP is chubbier and shorter than the N82, due to its dual-slider form factor, as opposed to the N82’s candybar design. The materials used on the N86 are nice classy plastic with metal, and covered with non-scratchable glass on the front, whereas the N82 uses the old cheap and shiny black plastics that we saw on the N81, N96, N78, N85…

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Nokia N86 8MP vs Nokia N82 Camera Comparison

The folks over at Nokia Conversation have put together a Camera Comparison of the Nokia N86 8MP with the Nokia N82.

The subject matter of the Comparison was to compare the low light performance of the Nokia N86 8MP with that of the Nokia N82. the Nokia N86 8MP does not have a Xenon flash but the Nokia N82 does have it. The test was performed in a controlled lighting surrounding in Nokia’s UK headquarters. Continue reading “Nokia N86 8MP vs Nokia N82 Camera Comparison”

Video Review: Nokia N86 8MP Walkthrough

After giving you a very quick video fondle of the Nokia N86 8MP, here we give you a lengthy, almost 8 minute long, presentation of the device. The Nokia N86 8MP is the latest imaging flagship from Nokia, packing up a great wide-angle 8MP camera with a Carl Zeiss lens. It features Nokia’s iconic dual-slider design that was brought by the N95, with dedicated multimedia (gaming, music, video, browsing) keys. The N86 8MP also packs GPS, 3G, Wifi, the latest Ovi services on board, S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2, 8GB of built-in memory, microUSB charging, TV Out, an FM transmitter and a lot more. It also has the famous kickstand design on the back, that pops around the camera and lets you rest it comfortably at an angle on any surface. Continue reading “Video Review: Nokia N86 8MP Walkthrough”

Nokia N86 8MP Coming to the USA with a price tag of $558

After the worldwide launch of the Nokia N86 8MP – the first 8 megapixel from Nokia is going to be available in USA soon.This handset has won the award for the best imaging phone award for 2009 from TIPA

The handset will be available at a price of $558 . No mention about the tax. So we assume this is the pre-tax price.Here are some hands on pics of the indian variant

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Nokia N86 8MP Hands on Pics from India Launch Event

We grabbed some pics of the Nokia N86 8MP at the launch event in India yesterday. The phone fits really well in the hand and the build quality is really good. There was no wobbling even though the phone has a 2 way slider mechanism. The keypad is really nice with large keys. The home screen had a new clock but could not figure out what exactly it was.The design is very similar to the N85 but its not glossy but a matte finish. Here is the monster 8 MP Camera with Carl Zeiss optics on the back.

It has a nice shutter and the keystand is also present around the camera. A nice metallic is present around the corners of the device and even in the menu key.

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Nokia N86 8MP Camera Samples and HD Video from Launch Event

I had the chance to play with the Nokia N86 8MP at the launch event in chennai , india. I took some pics to test the much talked about Camera of the N86. I managed to even take a shot from my old N82 just in case to compare  the improvement in image quality. The above pic was shot with the N86 , they were the Models present at the N86 launch.

This is what the event was promoting See the Bigger Picture

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Nokia N86 8MP is Shipping with a Groundbreaking Camera , Price Unknown

Nokia N86 8MP is the best Nokia Camera Phone till date . Earlier this year the phone won the prestigious TIPA Award for the Best Mobile Imaging Device in 2009 even before it was launched in the market. The Camera phone is now shipping worldwide according to a press release by Nokia.

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Nokia N86 8MP Price and Release Date revealed in UK

The pricing and release date of the Nokia N86 8MP has been revealed. It has been revealed by the UK based trading site Play.

The pre-order price is 399GBP including delivery to the UK. The price is equivalent to 445 Euros or 610 US Dollars. The price is for pre-order so the users who buy it now will receive the first handsets. The final release price should be lower. The price is already quite good and this is for the sim-free black colour Nokia N86 8MP. Continue reading “Nokia N86 8MP Price and Release Date revealed in UK”

Nokia N86 8MP Gets TIPA Award

The Nokia N86 8MP

has just received an award from TIPA as the Best Mobile Imaging Device of 2009.

Well the phone is expected to hit the market soon , but even before that its got a feather on its cap.

Here’s the press release:

GLOBAL – It’s only been a couple of months since the Nokia N86 8MP was unveiled, but already it’s bagged a prestigious industry award from TIPA (Technical Image Press Association). Picking up the Best Mobile Imaging Device in 2009, the N86 has instantly made a splash amongst what is viewed in photography as one of the most influential organisations. Continue reading “Nokia N86 8MP Gets TIPA Award”

Nokia N86 8MP Camera Samples from Finland

Nokia N86 was announced at MWC last month.

Its actually called the N86 8MP

they have added the camera megapixels to the model number ..

its the first 8mp camera phone from nokia and is being touted as the successor to the n85

here are some sample pics taken by the n86

click on thumbnails for full size pics ..

this is a 2MB file woot !

thx stefan ..

Note: this picture was taken with a Nokia N86 8MP with Prototype Hardware and software

Expansys posts N86 Available for Pre Order

Expansys is a major online retailer in  Europe and have quite some good reputation and if they are to believed, its good news folks!

Yes, they have posted on their website that Nokia N86 is available for pre-order from them. And what is more inviting and mouth watering is that they have also given it a release date which also co incides with the predicted date conformed by Nokia, which is, July 22, 2009, that does lie in the 2nd Quarter doesn’t it.

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Nokia N86 launches as N86 8MP with 8 MegaPixel Camera

Nokia N86 is finally official and it will be officially called the N86 8MP

Dunno why 8MP is part of the phone’s model number. Perhaps Nokia wants to send its ownmessage to Sony about its 12 MegaPixel Camera

Well who needs a Digicam anymore when mobiles phones can do 5MP 8MP an 12 MP ?

Well for now lets get into the details of the N86

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