Nokia N86 Camera Around the World – 8MP Awesomeness

We have had the chance to use the N86 around the world in India, UK and Germany and here are some great pictures from the 8MP Camera.From our personal experience , we can proudly say that the Nokia N86 8MP can be your regular travel companion.

Mercedes Benz Museum , Stuttgart , Germany

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Black Nokia N86 8MP Picture Gallery

The say a picture is worth a thousand words, so how about 28000 words? That is 28 high-resolution images of the Nokia N86 8mp. The more I use this phone, the more I love it and it only gets better with time. I will let this great picture gallery of the device speak for itself. You can click on the thumbnails to access the full resolution photo.

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Nokia N82 Vs N86 8MP Camera Comparison

Nokia’s most recent imaging flagship, the Nokia N86, claims to be one of the best camera phones on the market. With an 8MP camera sensor, a wide-angle lens, a Dual-LED flash and an aperture size that should make clear night photos, it is clear that the N86 8MP has the big guns out. But the main question remains about how its camera performs in comparison to Nokia’s tried-and-true camera flagship, the Nokia N82 with its Xenon flash and 5MP sensor


We performed a real-life comparison, and you can see the results below. First up, is a series of images taken on a picnic out in the Vincennes area in Paris, France. The N82’s images are on the left, the N86’s are on the right. Continue reading “Nokia N82 Vs N86 8MP Camera Comparison”

Nokia N86 v20 firmware is out , Camera improvements and bug fixes


The much anticipated v20 firmware for Nokia N86 is out for download and its available in India too. The firmware update v20.115 is available over the air (FOTA) and is about 8 MB in size and takes about 15 mins to download and update. Although this phone supports User Data Preservation aka UDP . Please take a backup of your phone.

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Nokia N86 to have face detection in future firmware update!

AAS is reporting that Nokia’s camera flagship is to have the face detection feature in its next firmware upgrade. This feature, if it is implemented, will enable the N86, as the name suggests, detect a face and increase focus over it. Face Detection has long been available to samsung devices and now for the first time on a Nokia device.  Have a look at the screenshot below for further proof.

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Nokia Music Store is Live in India

Nokia Music Store can be accessed via your desktop and mobile and gives options to choose from over 3 million tracks. Once the Nokia Music client is installed on your desktop, you can access the entire store, browse through tracks, search by artists and genres, create your wish list and download songs from the store.


Other highlights of the Nokia Music Store include the ability to listen to a 30 second clip of any track on the store before downloading it. You can browse for new music, get recommendations or search for their favorite artists, songs or albums all from the palm of their hand. You can download directly to a mobile device without having to download the same song again on their computer. You will also be able to transfer songs via a PC to compatible Nokia devices.

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Nokia N97 vs N86 Picture Gallery

If you’re curious about Nokia’s newest multimedia flagships, the Nokia N97 and N86, and undecided as to which one to get, or how they size up next to each other, then here is a nice picture Gallery for you. Many people have been wondering about the design and material quality of these new Nseries, given how cheap the old N96/N78/N85 family felt, but these images should let you feel assured that the newer line is much more elegant, solid, nice to the touch, and feels a lot more expensive in the hand. Another concern for some people has also been the size of the N97. Showing it next to the N86, a small pocketable dual-slider, proves that the N97 is a whole lot smaller in the hand than it is on the press release images.

The N97 of course is an S60 5th edition handset that boasts a humongous 3.5″ touchscreen with a qwerty keyboard, whereas the N86 is an S60 3rd Edition FP2 device that follows the N95’s dual-slider design, with a relatively small 2.8″ non-touch OLED screen and adds the awesome 8 MegaPixel wide-angle Carl Zeiss lens camera. The N86’s kickstand also allows you to put the N86 on a desk at almost the same angle as the N97’s screen when the hinge tilts, which shows in the pictures

Both handsets come with bluetooth, 3G, an FM-transmitter, GPS, TV-Out, a 3.5mm headset jack and microUSB charging. The N97 prides its 32GB internal memory, whereas the N86 only has 8GB of internal memory, both being expandable with a microSDHC slot.

Anyway, here is the Gallery for you to admire these two handsets side by side. As always, clicking on any image will take you to the full blown 12MP original picture.

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Nokia N86 8MP vs Nokia N82 Camera Comparison

The folks over at Nokia Conversation have put together a Camera Comparison of the Nokia N86 8MP with the Nokia N82.

The subject matter of the Comparison was to compare the low light performance of the Nokia N86 8MP with that of the Nokia N82. the Nokia N86 8MP does not have a Xenon flash but the Nokia N82 does have it. The test was performed in a controlled lighting surrounding in Nokia’s UK headquarters. Continue reading “Nokia N86 8MP vs Nokia N82 Camera Comparison”

Video Review: Nokia N86 8MP Walkthrough

After giving you a very quick video fondle of the Nokia N86 8MP, here we give you a lengthy, almost 8 minute long, presentation of the device. The Nokia N86 8MP is the latest imaging flagship from Nokia, packing up a great wide-angle 8MP camera with a Carl Zeiss lens. It features Nokia’s iconic dual-slider design that was brought by the N95, with dedicated multimedia (gaming, music, video, browsing) keys. The N86 8MP also packs GPS, 3G, Wifi, the latest Ovi services on board, S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2, 8GB of built-in memory, microUSB charging, TV Out, an FM transmitter and a lot more. It also has the famous kickstand design on the back, that pops around the camera and lets you rest it comfortably at an angle on any surface. Continue reading “Video Review: Nokia N86 8MP Walkthrough”

Nokia N86 8MP Coming to the USA with a price tag of $558

After the worldwide launch of the Nokia N86 8MP – the first 8 megapixel from Nokia is going to be available in USA soon.This handset has won the award for the best imaging phone award for 2009 from TIPA

The handset will be available at a price of $558 . No mention about the tax. So we assume this is the pre-tax price.Here are some hands on pics of the indian variant

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Nokia N85 and N86 have their share of Firmware Love, get updates….

The N85 and N86 following the suite of N97, N96, E71, E66, E51 E63 and 5800XM to got a firmware update and the latest version of the firmware for N85 stands at V30.019 and after the first firmware update Nokia N86 stand at  V11.043. The firmware update is always recommended because it usually improves the performance and reliability of your phone but there are times when it’s smarter to wait before taking such step and this is one of them.

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Nokia N86 8MP Hands on Video and Quick Fondle

A quick video hands on with the just launched Nokia N86 8MP.  I just fondled with the phone for a while as i checked out the Camera , Dual Slider keypad and music playback. Watch the video for more info.

The phone is priced at a interesting price point of Rs.27199 but there are shops selling it from Rs.23479 Continue reading “Nokia N86 8MP Hands on Video and Quick Fondle”