Philips Tapster

Philips Tapster

The name should reveal it all. Though Philips is not very prominent in the Indian Scenario, they are really very good in technology aspects. Philips is actually a technology leader when it comes to Audio and the Green technology. And they are also known for their exceedingly high capacity batteries and reliable low featured focussed phones. Coming to the post , as the name suggests yes and as the picture shows we are talking about Philips latest Bluetooth Headset. So what is peculiar, lot of them are being made from almost everyone including Nokia, Samsung, SE, Iqua, etc. So what is its speciality. Continue reading “Philips Tapster”

BSNL 3G Tariffs / Plans Unleashed

Well BSNL Launched 3G Services in Chennai yesterday.

Now BSNL has announced the 3G Tariffs and plans .

The good news is that it will be available both on Prepaid and PostPaid.

You have to purchase a new 3G SIM card for Rs.300 and the website says that migration from 2G to 3G would not be possible.

We are not sure if it means just getting a new SIM card or getting a new number as well. Its most likely that it would be just the SIM.

Just in case if your wondering what kinds of speeds are possible on 3G

2.1 Tariff for 3G mobile service

2.2.4 Initial SIM Charges for both postpaid and prepaid service:



Cost of SIM (Inclusive of Service Tax) in Rs.


Talk Value in Rs.


Initial Validity in days


Migration from 2-G to 3-G

Not feasible at present

Applicable to

Voice & Data plan

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Expansys posts N86 Available for Pre Order

Expansys is a major online retailer in  Europe and have quite some good reputation and if they are to believed, its good news folks!

Yes, they have posted on their website that Nokia N86 is available for pre-order from them. And what is more inviting and mouth watering is that they have also given it a release date which also co incides with the predicted date conformed by Nokia, which is, July 22, 2009, that does lie in the 2nd Quarter doesn’t it.

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BSNL Launches 3G Services in Chennai, India.

Mobile telephony has entered the Third Generation in India with the launch of 3G services in Chennai, India. Today the 3G services were officiated by the first call being made by The Honorable Chief Minister of Tamil Nade, Shri M. Karunanidhi and the call was received by the IT & TELECOM Minister A. Raja.

“Considering the need for faster penetration of 3G, and the need for telecom access to rual areas, the Government policy will allow telecom infrastructure sharing between commercial telcos as well as infrastructure providers,” Mr.Raja said. DoT also plans enable mobile number portability (MNP) in major cities by August, and in other towns by end of this year. Bids have been invited of providing MNP switches

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Pencil key maps itself to Nokia 5800

I often see my cousin and I finding it difficult to actually select multiple sms’s for deletion and also for choosing photos to appear as wall papers or even multiple delete without having to each time choose the mark all, mark options in the option menu every time we wanted to in the Nokia 5800.

Thanks to Juriy Bakunin aka JBAK, who was kind enough to notify the short comings, he has released a wonderful application called the JBakPensil.  It is the key that allows you to do multiple selection. Older S60 Nokias have this, the new one don’t have it anymore. It allows you to select any 1 key to emulate the pencil key to have the multiple selection option so as to be able to do several editing, selecting and deleting actions at once.

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Sony Ericsson launches Entertainment Unlimited with the Idou

We have see the Idou , the 12.1 MegaPixel Camera smartphone from Sony Ericsson . But SE has announced that its going to adopt an Entertainment Unlimited Strategy for its products. Sony-Ericsson-iodu-front.jpg   We have more information now about the phone and that it would be available in Q2 2009

We have see the Idou , the 12.1 MegaPixel Camera smartphone with Xenon Flash from Sony Ericsson

Now theres more information now about the phone and that it would be available in Q2 2009

SE has announced that its going to adopt an Entertainment Unlimited Strategy for its products.


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HTC Magic G2 Google Android phone unveiled

HTC Magic is the successor the first Google Phone. Its a sleeker version of the G1 sans keyboard.

The second Google Android smart phone was unveiled at Barcelona this week jointly by HTC and Vodafone

Its the first touchscreen only android phone . yes its getting closer to the apple iphone .

Its got a great 3.2 inch 320×480 pixel touchscreen display .

It will feature the cupcake version of the android software and will have an onscreen keybord

Well all of you are curious when will the Google Phone a.k.a HTC G1 [specs] would arrive in India.

But the 2nd version of the G1 might come soon to India as the Magic is exclusive to Vodafone for now. Continue reading “HTC Magic G2 Google Android phone unveiled”

Samsung Omnia HD i8910 makes a debut

Samsung has announced the Omnia HD with the model numbe i8910 .. The coolests feature of the phone being a 8 MP Camera and the HD Quality Video Recording.

It was one of the phones samsung announced at MWC 2009.

Another great achievement for Samung is that this is first mobile phone to support 720p video recoding ! Go Samsung ! – nokia might go HD soon

Its got a Full Touchscreen on a stunning 3.7 inch AMOLED Display

Its seen as a successor to the Omnia which ran on Windows Mobile Pro 6.1

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Nokia N86 launches as N86 8MP with 8 MegaPixel Camera

Nokia N86 is finally official and it will be officially called the N86 8MP

Dunno why 8MP is part of the phone’s model number. Perhaps Nokia wants to send its ownmessage to Sony about its 12 MegaPixel Camera

Well who needs a Digicam anymore when mobiles phones can do 5MP 8MP an 12 MP ?

Well for now lets get into the details of the N86

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Nokia Phones to get HD Video Recording soon

Nokia phones might soon get HD Video Recording soon.

If you wonder what HD is , HD – Hi Definition Video – 1080p which is a video resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. This is the quality of video you would experience on a Blu-ray DVD

ST-Ericsson who is a supplier of chips to Nokia announced a partnership to provide next-gen smartphone platform for the symbian foundation.

Nokia DVd Quality Video Recording

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LG Arena KM900 Official Product Video Rocks our Socks

LG Just sent us an email about the upcoming Arena phone also known as the KM900

The phone was launched at the Mobile World Congress yesterday.

This video which is in an Ad for The new LG Arena rocks our socks .

Its just an innovative ad showing the features of the phone with some great music.

Turn on your speakers for this one.

Nokia App Store is officially called as Ovi Store!

It’s got enough lime light more than a billion downloads and enough share of fame and critics choice. Here is Nokia’s attempt and breaking the groundbreaking software trend that won Apple a million hearts. Apple sold more handsets merely for their support of the App store.


Now Nokia have decided to take things in their stride and come this may Nokia are starting their own version which is going to be called the Ovi store. Continue reading “Nokia App Store is officially called as Ovi Store!”

Nokia N97 to be Available for Purchase in June

Nokia Annouced today at MWC that the N97 will start shipping in June and will be available for purchase

We predicted that N97 is coming in the New Year. The date has been post-poned

The highly anticipated handset will be in stores and expected to have a price of Rs. 34000 approx

This phone is the flagship touchscreen phone from Nokia and the announcment of the availability was made

by Nokia’s Kai Oistamo

I dont think Nokia will announce another hi end device such as this for quite some time.

Nokia N86 Confirmed Specs Sheet leaked

Nokia might have forgotten to announce the N86 . Afer you saw the n86 live pics 

The Specs Sheet and a Press Image has been floating around on the web.

The Official launch is very close

View the enlarged image 

The specsheet confirms the existence of the phone and even theres a video of the N86 in action below

From the spec sheet its learnt that the phone will features a 8 Mp camera – no xenon but dual led flash , does video recording 

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