Yahoo Mail update makes adding photos, files and GIFs easier

Yahoo Mail has been updated with a new feature that lets you enhance your email conversations. The latest update comes with the ability to add photo, files, GIFs more easily to your messages.

yahoo mail

The new Plus (+) button located at the right bottom corner of the compose window lets users access photo albums, files and links without having to go through the hassle of cutting and pasting. Photos that are sent or received can be viewed in Yahoo Mail more easily as they are sorted by date. Users can even search for photos from the web or Flickr. Moving on files such as documents, presentations or PDFs that you’ve sent or received can be seen in Yahoo Mail. Users can look for a specific file by person or keyword.


Search suggestions for GIFs are included, but you can also do your own search from your favorite sources. A preview is for photos and GIFs is also present when you hover over the image. Finally, you can refer a website without having to leave Yahoo Mail by searching for the restaurant, hotel, movie, etc. right within the panel as the link will appear in your email with an informative link preview. Unfortunately, all these features are coming to Yahoo Mail in the US and there is no word for a global roll out as yet.

Author: Sneha Bokil

Sneha Bokil is a tech enthusiast and is currently using OnePlus 3T but she still treasures her Nokia N70 (M). You can follow her on Twitter @snehabokil and on Google+