Dell Streak available in late July

Dell has updated their official Dell Streak web page in USA to let you know that the Dell Streak will be available in late July or in a few days because July is about to end, and you can sign up for pre-sale opportunity. The Dell Streak is very big in size, and you will need to buy a jacket with XL pockets to carry this phone. Continue reading “Dell Streak available in late July”

Dell Streak hitting AT&T on July 19th?

A few months ago, Dell CEO Michael Dell confirmed that the Dell Streak will be hitting AT&T later this Summer, but Micheal didn’t gave any further information about the release date, but today BGR did. Folks over at BGR heard from their reliable source that the Dell Streak is going to hit AT&T on July 19th. If you guys know one thing that the Samsung Captivate (AT&T Samsung Galaxy S version) is going to hit AT&T on July 18th. Continue reading “Dell Streak hitting AT&T on July 19th?”

Dell Streak Gorilla Glass gets Tortured

We heard that that Dell Streak uses a special kind of Glass called Gorilla Glass for the display. It is known to be scratch proof. The guys at Engadget torture the Streak Prototype by banging a pen tip on the screen repeatedly. Does the screen survive ? Watch the  video below !

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Dell Streak Android Tablet hits UK

Dell has finally announced the Android Tablet Dell Streak for UK. It was previous known as the Mini5.  It has a 5 inch display and runs on Android operating system. No word on the Android Version its running or the price. The tablet would be launched by O2 in UK and will be released this summer in USA.

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Pics : Dell Aero aka Mini 3

AT&T announced the availability of the Android based Dell Aero on it’s network today . They are calling it the lightest Android  smartphone but the Sony X10 Mini is 20 grams lighter at 88g where as the Aero is 108g . The Aero is being sold as the Mini3 in China and Brazil already Continue reading “Pics : Dell Aero aka Mini 3”