Nokia highlights Refocus and RAW with great camera samples


Apart from the marquee product launches of the Lumia 1520, the 1320 and the Lumia 2520 Windows tablet, two other announcements stood out from the Nokia World event, and the both were related to Nokia’s forte – imaging. The company announced a new imaging app for its Lumia smartphones called the Nokia Refocus, and also announced that the Lumia 1020 and the upcoming Lumia 1520 will be getting RAW support. With these announcements, the gap between Nokia and other companies in the imaging department became way wider than it is already. Especially with RAW, which is considered a landmark announcement for serious photographers who like to play around with the whole sensor’s data. Refocus too, kindled the “shoot first, focus later” mantra that the Lytro popularized. What you see above is a new sample from Nokia highlighting just that, and here is a fully interactive sample of the same picture above, using which you can change the focus –


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Nokia’s Refocus app for the Lumia 1020 and the 1520 lets you focus after you have taken the photo


Lytro camera made one innovation really popular. It allowed people to refocus a photo AFTER taking one. This provided really nice possibilities for people to not care about focus and just look at composition. But the Lytro had a few drawbacks like low resolution images and proprietary controller, but then we saw news of Oppo planning to release the first MEMS camera with auto focus so fast that it could take 6 full resolution images in a split second with different focus points. But guess who is doing it first, with just an app? None other than Nokia. After launching the Lumia 1520, the Lumia 1320 and the Lumia 2520 devices, the company has let loose a lot of new camera related features for its PureView devices. The Refocus app is one them. Yes, they just announced that the Nokia Refocus app will be able to let you change the focus after you take a photo, or you can keep the complete photo in focus. Just like the Lytro camera.

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Nokia Lumia 1520 Photo Gallery


There is new meaning to the popular “see more” marketing tagline from Nokia, as it aptly applies to the newly launched Nokia Lumia 1520 and its huge 6 inches of screen real estate. As you can see from the image above, you can literally “see more” of our webpage on that massive screen. It helps that it is full HD resolution too, and finally has that much needed upgrade to the faster Snapdragon 800 SoC. This phone aims to be the jack of all trades and aims to offer everything in a huge screen, which is currently the awkward trend in Smartphones. So, how does it look in real? We have got a complete photo walkthrough of the device, in glorious yellow. Read past the break to take a look at them.

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Asphalt 8, Temple Run 2, Danger Dash, FIFA 14 and more games coming to Windows Phone 8

Asphalt 8

Along with the new device announcements at Nokia World, several major apps and games also have been announced as “coming soon” to Windows Phone 8 devices. Instagram, Vien and Flipboard aside, there are a lot of big games coming to the platform too, albeit a bit later than its Android and iOS counterparts. Some of the big names include Asphalt 8: Airborne, Temple Run 2 and Danger Dash. Other notable additions are My Talking Tom, which has been a favorite on iPhones for a long time, and Ubisoft’s Rabbid Big Bangs and the popular platformer Rayman Fiesta Run.

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Nokia World 2012 advanced to September 5-6 , gets new format

nokia world 2011

Nokia just announced on it’s official blog that the it has advanced that dates for it’s annual event from Sep 25-26 to Sep 5-6. The venue has also moved from London to Helsinki, Finland. Looks like a change in strategy at Nokia and according to the announcement , Nokia World 2012 will be smaller event compared to the previous years and will be only for operators and retail partners. Nokia World has always been a very big annual event for all things Nokia with folks from the company, partners, developers ,  analysts , journalists , bloggers and industry observers attending the show. I have attended the show in 2009 and last year when the company announced the first Windows Phones. Continue reading “Nokia World 2012 advanced to September 5-6 , gets new format”

Nokia Lumia 710 hands-on

It’s Nokia World 2011 and all eyes seems to be on Nokia’s new Windows Phone 7.5 flagship, the Lumia 800. But based on my conversations with other tech journalists here, many believe the real show stealer is the understated Nokia Lumia 710. Read on to find out why. Continue reading “Nokia Lumia 710 hands-on”

Nokia Asha 300 hands-on

The Nokia Asha 300 is one of four new Nokia Asha series featurephones announced today at Nokia World 2011 in London. The Asha 300 is almost identical in featureset to the Asha 303, except apart for a QWERTY keyboard, the Asha 300 comes with a traditional 12-key numerical pad and a portrait touchscreen. Continue reading “Nokia Asha 300 hands-on”

Nokia Asha 303 hands-on

Nokia today announced the Nokia Asha 303, part of the new Asha portfolio of S40 touch and type featurephones designed for emerging markets and part of Nokia’s strategy of getting the next billion people online. Continue reading “Nokia Asha 303 hands-on”

Nokia 603 with Symbian Belle Leaked

Nokia is all set to announce the first Windows Phone devices at Nokia World. But it seems that they will also be releasing a Symbian handset. The phone in the picture above is the Nokia 603 which runs on Symbian Belle.

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Nokia World 2011 Is Happening In London : October 26 – 27

Despite rumors that Nokia might not be organizing its global Nokia World conference this year , the announcement has finally been made regarding the event. Marking the end of Nokia Connections , the company revealed that the event will take place in London between October 26th and 27th.

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Nokia World 2010 – What will Nokia launch ?

Nokia World 2010 is round the corner and we decided to bring you this list of what you can expect Nokia to launch at London next week. FoneArena will be covering the event live from London and we shall bring you exclusive coverage. But for now , this is what we expect to see in London on Sep14th . Continue reading “Nokia World 2010 – What will Nokia launch ?”

Nokia Booklet 3G Retail Packaging


While the Nokia Booklet 3G is going to be available for purchase in some markets soon , We got hold of the retail packaging box of the this ultrasmall laptop /netbook at NokiaWorld last week. The box carries the same tradition of the N97 with eco-friendly material. Also the front side carries a embossed version of the product.

I also spotted this carry case for the booklet which looks nice and trendy. But there was not much info on whether this is complimentary along with the booklet or needs to be purchased seperately.


Enjoy these pics and the booklet pics for now while we bring you the video soon.

Interview with Henri Moissinac about Facebook Mobile and India

I recently had an interesting discussion with Henri Moissinac of Facebook Mobile about their Mobile Strategy , their growth in the mobile space and their plans for one of the largest markets in the World – India.


Nokia is the largest handset manufacturer in the world and Facebook is currently the largest social networking site. The partnership between Facebook and Nokia started with Nokia’s popular devices Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97 and the partnership has been quite fruitful till now, with applications and home screen widgets released for Nokia 5800 and N97. That being said, the future possibilities seem endless and quite promising with the recent announcement of the Lifecasting application at Nokia World which ushers in a lot of excitement for the users.

The Facebook app on the iPhone platform is by far one of the most downloaded applications on the Apple App Store and the recent 3.0 version of the app is quite simply one of the best applications developed ever on the iPhone platform. Continue reading “Interview with Henri Moissinac about Facebook Mobile and India”

Nokia Money Video Demo at NokiaWorld Looks Fantastic !

Nokia Money marked the entry of the handset maker into the financial services market.  There are more mobile phones in this world than bank accounts. Users might have easy access to a mobile phone but not to a bank account. Nokia Money aims to address this problem and give users the possibility to carry financial transactions using just a mobile phone. Consumers can pay utility bills , pay for services and send money to each other using just a mobile and a mobile number. It literally can work on any mobile phone. Obopay is the company which has teamed up with Nokia to provide this service. Watch the Video Demo of Nokia money showcased at Stuttgart , Germany last week.



We really wish such services come to the Indian market soon. We see a huge potential for a mobile payment service in India given Nokia’s brand equity.  Only a mass market player like Nokia can tackle the fears which hinder the adoption of m-commerce.