Nokia Money Video Demo at NokiaWorld Looks Fantastic !

Nokia Money marked the entry of the handset maker into the financial services market.  There are more mobile phones in this world than bank accounts. Users might have easy access to a mobile phone but not to a bank account. Nokia Money aims to address this problem and give users the possibility to carry financial transactions using just a mobile phone. Consumers can pay utility bills , pay for services and send money to each other using just a mobile and a mobile number. It literally can work on any mobile phone. Obopay is the company which has teamed up with Nokia to provide this service. Watch the Video Demo of Nokia money showcased at Stuttgart , Germany last week.



We really wish such services come to the Indian market soon. We see a huge potential for a mobile payment service in India given Nokia’s brand equity.  Only a mass market player like Nokia can tackle the fears which hinder the adoption of m-commerce.

Nokia Announces Nokia Money- Its Own Mobile Banking Service

Nokia has just introduced its new mobile financial services called as Nokia Money with a primary goal to offer access to basic financial services for all the mobile phone users. This provides every user with the possibility of using just a mobile handset to manage all your finances and also the ability to make necessary payments using only their mobile handset. Nokia believes that this service will be beneficial for many users of mobile phones and will become their first service, finance manager. Continue reading “Nokia Announces Nokia Money- Its Own Mobile Banking Service”