Pics, Pics and more Pics: Nokia E7, C7, C6-01 and C3 Touch and Type!

To continue with my belated Nokia World Coverage, i thought i share you the pictures you aaaall want to see: Devices, Devices, Devices!!

As you read on Fonearena, Nokia launched 4 new Devices at Nokia World. 3 of them are running on Symbian^3, while one of it, the Nokia C3 Touch and Type is running on the new touch-optimized version of S40. I had my hands and camera on all of them, but while i’m preparing impressions of all those Devices, i give you Pictures i did of the brand new Goodies.

Which is your favourite one? Nokia E7, with its FANTASTIC QWERTY? or maybe the C6-01 with the stunning CBD? Or will you go for the slim one? C7? 🙂

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Nokia World 2010 – Video: Damian Dinning and the N8 photobook

And here’s another Video from Nokia World 2010. This Time i met with Damian Dinning (or @phonedaz on Twitter), one of the People who were heavily involved in the AWESOME camera work on the Nokia N8!

What the Guys did, was printing a big photobook, with pictures taken with the Nokia N8. All the Pictures in the Book were absolutely unedited, just as they came out of the Camera. Unfortunately the Video isnt as sharp as i hoped it to be, but you can get the Idea. Nokia has really stepped up the Game here, not only beating all other smartphone camera, but also consumer cams, like pocket point and shoots etc.  Being a hobby photographer like i am, the Nokia N8 is exactly what i want. period.

Damian was a very kind Guy, taking his Time to talk me through the whole book, as well as having a drink with us the day before Nokia World. Enjoy!

Nokia World 2010 – Video: Nokia Plug and Touch

Hi Guys, i’m back home from Nokia World and got immediately struck down by a heavy cold. as is half of Nokia World. To whoever did this to us, step forward to receive your deserved punishment! 😀

Anyways, i’m trying to slowly bring in all the Content from Nokia World, and i wanna start off with the coolest Thing by a long shot. Have you Guys seen Iron Man 2 and Tony Starks awesome Computer? Well, Nokia is currently working on something just as nice. What they did is plug in the Nokia N8 to a flat screen, with the camera pointing to the picture on the TV. The N8 Camera basically then reacts on everything thats happening on the big Screen with Gestures. For now this is only scroll and click, but possibilities are endless. As you can hear in the Video, this could be used on any TV, with any Type of Nokia Phone.

There is no word yet when we can expect this here in real life, but I WANT!! 🙂 Enjoy this little Video guys

What do you think?

Nokia C6-00, C6-01 and C7 Full Specs Comparison

At Nokia World today, Nokia announced the C6. Wait. Isn’t that already available and just right now getting into the hands of people? Yes. But you see, that was the old C6, or C6-00 if you want, with Symbian^1 and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The new C6, or the C6-01, is a Symbian^3 phone with no hardware keyboard. Confused?

Err, yes, so am I. For the record, I simply do NOT get this new naming convention. I thought they changed from their 4-digit 6230 kind of names to avoid confusion. Well, they reached new levels of confusion all-together with this!

Anyway, after the E7 vs N8 specs comparison table we brought you earlier, we thought it would be appropriate to show the differences between the two C6s and the other new Cseries device, the Nokia C7 (or C7-00 I think). Oh well. The full table is below with green highlights for the device that beats the others in some aspects. Continue reading “Nokia C6-00, C6-01 and C7 Full Specs Comparison”

Nokia E7 vs Nokia N8 Full Specs Comparison

Announced just today during Nokia World, the Nokia E7 is being presented and perceived by many people and bloggers as essentially a Nokia N8 with a Qwerty minus the awesome 12MP camera. And to some degree it is, but to some other degree it isn’t. See, Nokia always likes to complicate things, so we had to go spend more than an hour digging around Press Releases, Images, Spec Sheets to pinpoint every single difference between these two new Symbian^3 beasts.

Below you’ll find this full table comparison, highlighting in green the areas where one of the two beats the other. Continue reading “Nokia E7 vs Nokia N8 Full Specs Comparison”

Nokia Launches E7 , C7 and C6-01 Symbian Smartphones at Nokia World 2010

Nokia has launched 3 news phones at Nokia World 2010 in London.The devices announced are the E7 , C7 and C6-01

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Nokia C6 with Clear Black Display announced

Nokia has announced a new variant of the C6 with an 8MP camera and Clear Black Display. Looks like a cheaper version of the N8.

This is the C6-01 which is a slightly modified variant of the original C6.more pics after the jump Continue reading “Nokia C6 with Clear Black Display announced”

Nokia to announce new Symbian handsets at Nokia World , no MeeGo

Niklas Savander,Executive Vice President,Markets, Nokia just confirmed that Nokia will only announce new Symbian devices at Nokia World 2010 this year and that there will be no MeeGo device announcement.

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Nokia betting big on N8 , Over 100 Carriers show interest

Nokia seems to be betting big on the upcoming N8 running on the Symbian 3 operating system. Niklas Savander Executive Vice President,Markets, Nokia in his Keynote and Nokia World  today said that over 100 carriers / operators worldwide have shown interest in the N8

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Nokia gets a new CEO Stephen Elop as Nokia veteran Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo leaves

Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo who is currently the CEO of Nokia will quit from his position and exit the Nokia board on Sept 20 this year. Stephen Elop who is currently heading the Business Division of Microsoft will take up the role of President and CEO of Nokia on Sept 21.It’s kinda shocking to see that OPK is not even in the Nokia board anymore. He only has a non-executive capacity in the board of Nokia Siemens Networks. Looks like he was forced to quit to keep the shareholders happy. We were expecting a new Nokia CEO to be announced at Nokia World but it came in a bit early Continue reading “Nokia gets a new CEO Stephen Elop as Nokia veteran Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo leaves”

Nokia World 2010 – What will Nokia launch ?

Nokia World 2010 is round the corner and we decided to bring you this list of what you can expect Nokia to launch at London next week. FoneArena will be covering the event live from London and we shall bring you exclusive coverage. But for now , this is what we expect to see in London on Sep14th . Continue reading “Nokia World 2010 – What will Nokia launch ?”